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John Edwards coming to Greensboro next week

I, for one, am excited about John Edwards' Campus Tour appearance at Bennett College next Tuesday, March 13. Just wish I knew more of the details - can't seem to find them on his website. If anyone knows details, would you please comment? I might even take the day off work to see him.

I really enjoyed reading his interview at Beliefnet. You should check it out. I believe this is a man worth supporting for President.

The REAL Way to Support The Troops

Ok, here's the real way to help. A whole lot better than putting those yellow ribbon magnets on your car.

I'm asking everyone I know to please write your U.S. Senator in support of S-713, a bill introduced Wednesday that would require the Veterans Administration to increase inspections of military hospitals, create a timeframe for repairs and improve access to mental health services. Under the bill, the amount of paperwork that veterans must complete in order to receive disability benefits also would be simplified. The bill has bipartisan support. A companion bill will be introduced in the House within the next few days, according to Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.). The House and Senate next week will hold hearings on how the Department of Defense and the VA are caring for U.S. troops who return from war. Several legislators recently have said they will introduce bills aimed at increasing aid for veterans and their families.

Support the Troops by Demanding Better Veteran Care!

I just read this heartbreaking article in Newsweek about veteran care (or lack thereof) by the Veterans Administration. As the former wife of a Vietnam veteran, I know the difficulty he went through when trying to obtain benefits; he was told that he was classified as a "peacetime" veteran because he served in the U.S. Navy on a destroyer, even though he saw plenty of combat. I'm hoping that presidential candidates like mine will make this a topic at the forefront of their campaigns; in the meantime, I urge you to send this link with a note to your senator and representative demanding immediate action on this issue if they expect your vote the next time around. That's what "Support the Troops" REALLY means!

Click here for the article in Newsweek.

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