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Yard Signs

It appears someone in Cabarrus County is vandalizing Nancy Shakir for Congress campaign yard signs. Hope it's just some kid pranks.


Faces For Reform

Just finished a video that my good friend and long time collaborator Rick Fitts and I shot earlier in the fall. North Carolina residents speak to their elected representatives on health care reform. "Faces For Reform" a film by Rick Fitts and John Autry.

Please view, rate and share. Use the share features on YouTube to share on your Facebook, My Space or Twitter accounts. Use your email lists to send people directly to the YouTube page with the above URL. Use the embed code on YouTube to put the video on your web page or blog.

Please assist in getting this seen far and wide.

Peace and Justice


My dear friends and supporters,

My dear friends and supporters,

Rebecca and I have spent the last year traveling across the 8th district in North Carolina. We’ve met voters, made new friends and had a wonderful time. Rebecca and I are grateful for the hospitality that has been extended to us by you, our new friends.

My ambition was to campaign for the democratic nomination and be elected to the US House of Representatives to represent the working people in NC-08. But, this year, that is not to be.

Justice for Smithfield

My name is John Autry and I am a progressive running for congress in North Carolina's 8th District.  There are numerous reasons I am running.  The main one is to represent working people and make sure they have a voice in government.

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