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ACCESS DENIED. "X Insurance" is (not) always on your side

ACCESS DENIED. (Health Insurance). For a healthy 17 year old college student who runs 5 miles a day, doesn't smoke or drink. Really.

This blog is about my phone call today to my local "XXXX-XXXX Insurance" Agent to get health insurance for my 17 year old daughter. She is a 1st year college student. (Her school does not offer health insurance.)

I thought that "XXXX Insurance Co" would always be on my side, just like in the TV commercials. "XXXX-XXXXX covers my house, cars for me and teenager, so it seemed logical that they would love to provide health insurance for that teenage driver too. (Silly me.)

Here's rough notes of the call - it didn't work out as I had hoped. The irony appears at end.

Me: I need a health insurance policy for my daughter, she's 17 and this is her first year of college. Can you help us?

Gene Messick Rants on NC DEMS Go National

Gene Messick has found a way to reach a national audience with his rants against the NC Democratic Party. OpEdNews, a national news blog - is unwittingly serving as a platform for Gene. Thanks to OEN, Gene can now do what even his email cloaking and repetitive spamming efforts could not - reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands of readers.

Gene attacks the Progressive Dems, the NC Dems, Jerry Meek

Saturday, May 2, 2009
The Rise of Anti-democratic Democrats

Heath Shuler Stabs Democratic Leadership

...In the back.

I thought that Blue Dog Democrats were still Democrats, uh at least that they had enough sense to either support their leadership (who helped their sorry asses get elected) or keep their fracking mouths SHUT.

BUT NOOOOOOO! Not Heath, that crazy guy:

Shuler hits Democratic leaders on bipartisanship
By MIKE BAKER - Associated Press Writer
Published: Mon, Feb. 09, 2009

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler said Monday that his party's leadership on Capitol Hill has failed to pursue a bipartisan compromise to a costly economic stimulus package, arguing that a lack of Republican support is eroding the program's credibility.

Bank Heist in North Carolina?

Last week, Citibank offered a paltry $2.16 billion for Wachovia bank, a former giant. This offer relied upon government aid, i.e taxpayer money. The deal would likely include massive layoffs in North Carolina and crush stock holders who would get almost nothing for their stock.

Then comes Wells Fargo, a stronger bank with mostly a west coast presence, offering $15 Billion for Wachovia.

The Wells Fargo offer would mean that Charlotte NC could be the east coast office of

But the Federal Reserve and Treasury will have none of that!

Citigroup, Wells May Carve Up Wachovia in Compromise, WSJ Says

By David Mildenberg and Patricia Hurtado

Sen. Clinton (D-109 Million$) tells of her hard knock life, she's just like us Tarheels

While her latest endorser is out making slurs against the gay community, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-$109 Million)employs a southern accent (so we'll understand her) to tell an audience in North Carolina what a tough life she's had.

Jed, over at the Jed Report, has made a video of Hillary's speech showing how she is just like all of us.

Watch the VIDEO of If you'd had my life, you'd be tough too click HERE
Trust me, its well worth clicking on.....

Jed says:

Top Dems warn Clintons about negative tactics, Clintons "Robo Call" North Carolina anyway

I guess the Clintons haven't heard the old country saying that "you don't crap where you eat"....Or when you've dug yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Dems addressed alarm and concern about Clinton’s negative campaign to the press.
Its funny how Bill Clinton can turn on the charm and swagger to get people to forget his "transgressions". Its like being married to a wife beater and inviting them back after the bruises heal. But top democrats are not being taken in by the old Clinton charm... A key dem launches a shot across the bow:

Patrick McHenry, His Green Zone Video and the Deaths of a Colonel and 2 Troops

On Saturday, March 22, Congressman Patrick McHenry insulted the troops by berating a guard working in the Green Zone.
On Friday, April 4th, McHenry endangered the troops by posting a video on his website that gave actual distances of how close rockets came to hitting the building that lawmakers were sleeping in.
On Sunday, April 6, a Colonel and two other troops were killed in the U.S. Embassy's fitness facility Sunday when a mortar round crashed into the building.

Pentagon tells lawmaker not to air Green Zone video again
By Lisa Zagaroli | McClatchy Newspapers

Sniper Fire Over North Carolina

Sniper Fire over North Carolina - Hillary Clinton tells media Obama doesn't want NC to Vote

Hillary Clinton's latest tall tale is that Obama doesn't want North Carolinians to vote. She went on TV obfuscating to local media and North Carolina Voters. The Wall Street Journal, owned by Clinton's friend and fund raiser Rupert Murdock, further spread the Clinton fairy tales.
She claimed that she just didn't understand "why Senator Obama and some of his supporters didn't want you to be able to vote."

Another reason to vote for Jim: "Neal Stuns James Carville into silence"

Jim Neal was at the Young Democrats convention, where James Carville, frequent CNN guest and husband of Mary Matalin, a republican operative - was the "keynote" speaker. Neal called Carville out ...

"pamindurham" at Daily Kos writes:

Blue America-endorsed North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Jim Neal was there as Mary Matalin’s husband got up to shill for Neal’s opponent and Chuck Schumer/DSCC-backed candidate State Senator Kay Hagan.

Ryan Teague Beckwith at The News & Observer's Under the Dome has the skinny on what happened, and there's a photo of it at Pamindurham's diary

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