Wednesday Fracking

With apologies to scharrison, I thought that today would be a good time to make an observation about the horrors of fracking that are so blatantly obvious that they should be evident even to the dimwits in charge of the Jones Street House of Pain.

Arkansas legalized fracking a few years back. After the drilling started, Arkansas experienced hundreds of earthquakes. Even the unfair and unbalanced Faux News admitted that fracking was the likely cause of the earthquakes.

Right Wing Nutcase Watch: Gun March on DC Morphing into 50 State Call to Dissolve the Union

Some of you might recall Adam Kokesh, the right-wing gun rights advocate and conspiracy theorist who called for a Million Gun Owners March on DC a few weeks back on his radio show.

Now, he's really gone off the deep end, calling for gun owners to march on their state capitals, rather than DC, and demand "dissolution of the Federal government".

You can read more about it at Media Matters.

Currently, his Facebook page for the DC March has 5,000 people that have said they'll attend. It could just be hot air, but I think this is worth keeping a close eye on.

Chapel Hill ramp up for Mega Moral Monday

In downtown Chapel Hill today, there were at least 100 people out to "ramp up" the action on Moral Monday. Many wore orange armbands to show that they had already been arrested. Many more were organizing themselves to carpool to Raleigh on Monday. I'm betting Pat McCrory and the Tillisberger find a convenient excuse to be out of town.

TODAY: NC Teen Democrats Host 50th Annual Political Summit

Teen Democrats Hold 50th Annual Convention in Browns Summit

Raleigh, May 25, 2013: The North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats will hold their 50th Annual Convention at Haw River State Park, accompanied by the first annual North Carolina Youth Political Summit. Groups from Asheville to Nags Head will be coming to hear from prominent political leaders as well as to elect officers of the state-wide organization.

The event begins on Friday, May 31 at 6 PM with dinner and orientation to acquaint new and old members from across North Carolina. Saturday morning, North Carolina Representatives Marcus Brandon and Pricey Harrison will conduct an open forum. This leads into a reception open to the public at 11:00 AM with College Democrats of America President Tori Taylor, Greensboro City Council Candidate Jamal Fox, and former US Senate Candidate Jim Neal speaking on the many achievements of the Teen Democrats.

When it comes to hypocrisy, McCrory leaves the competition in the dust....

Pat McCrory

PEOPLE FEEL BETRAYED: Pat McCroy won election as our Governor by managing to stand for nothing. He successfully became all things to all people -- then promptly showed his true colors by throwing in his lot with the far right and proving he was unafraid to indulge in blatant political hypocrisy. But people don't like being misled, and when they turn on you for it -- they really turn on you. All of which is probably why Pat McCrory leads the pack in voting at Hypocrisy NC. He's raised hypocrisy to an art.... Check out the site at It will debut a new entry every day -- plus it allows you to nominate people for inclusion. Large graphic after the jump in case you want to share..... and we hope you do.

Moving beyond what we normally do: Mega Moral Monday on June 3rd

Please take a few minutes to read this article by Duncan Murrell. And if you can possibly do so, please arrange to be in Raleigh this coming Monday. If you can participate in the civil action, you'll need to be at Martin Street Baptist Church at 3:00 for a briefing. If you can come as a supporter for those getting arrested, the assembly time is 5:00.

No justice movement that I'm aware of has flourished for long without being joined by the sorts of people who don't normally protest. The vanguard leads the way, and eventually people like me come trotting along behind when the injustice at hand finally outweighs our own dearly held ideas about who we are and the sorts of things we don't normally do.

Mr. Murrell is too modest by a wide margin, but the sentiment nonetheless applies. I hope you will join me in being one of those joining the cause on June 3rd to do something you don't normally do.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a look at confused elected officials:

All the "rights" people have are supposed to be enumerated in the NC and US Constitutions. We don't live in a theocracy, even if some (plainly unqualified) Legislators believe we do. If Rep. Jones wants that right codified, he should be familiar with the process, because they used it to stifle the rights of LGBT citizens to marry the ones they love. More on this subject:


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