Public property giveaway: NC charter schools to enjoy one dollar leases

What was that Republicans were saying about the Dix deal?

A state Senate committee on Wednesday discussed legislation that would make charter schools more aggressive competitors for students and the taxpayer money that follows them. The measure would cancel the current requirement that at least half a charter school's teachers be certified. Charter school directors could decide whether to check job applicants for any criminal history. Local school boards would be required to lease available buildings or land to a charter school for $1 a year.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. It's bad enough to siphon off taxpayer dollars to subsidize schools that don't even require certified and vetted teachers, but to force local governments to give them real property, which the local school board will have no jurisdiction over, is tantamount to theft on a massive scale. Adam Smith would not approve, I'm fairly certain.

State elections board chief fires back at new GOP board member

The outgoing chairman of the state elections board fired a parting "shot across the bow" at one of Gov. Pat McCrory's new appointees.

Chairman Larry Leake, a 20-year veteran, took offense to what Paul Foley, the general counsel for the N.C. Republican Party said hours after he was named to the new board by the governor. “I think it would hard to be more partisan than the current board," Foley told The News & Observer.


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