Keever v. McHenry

It's hard to find a soul in North Carolina who thinks Congressman Patrick McHenry is much of an asset to the human race. Sure there are many riding his coattails to personal advantage, and many more who count on him to be a shill for right-wing extremism. But I've yet to meet a single person who considers him to be a person of honor. Few mothers want their kids to grow up to be like Pat McHenry.

Fortunately, the new 10th Congressional district has an excellent Democratic candidate challenging McHenry this fall. Patsy Keever is a straight-thinking woman of integrity and decency. She deserves our support.

From her campaign manager:

Keeping an eye on Social Security and Medicare

AARP establishes a new resource for probable benefit changes:

When elected officials talk about the future of Social Security and Medicare, it's usually a lot of "Washington-speak." AARP is working to change that by making sure everyone in North Carolina understands what's being discussed in Congress and has opportunities to express personal points of view. We've enlisted a broad range of experts from all political views to share their ideas so you can understand the pros and cons of leading proposals on the table in Washington.

Here's a link to the AARP page talking about this, but I think there's supposed to be a whole different website. I'll keep looking when I get a chance.

Wake County PSS accused of violating rights of disabled students

Alicia Neal claims her 12-year-old son was denied the right to an education. "You can't sit a child in front of a computer that has a learning disability and think that he is going to learn," she said. "That's what they did to my son.

This is a concern that has been around a long time. I am glad someone from the media is bringing it to the attention of the African American community. Kudos to the writer Triangle Tribune writer, Sommer Brokaw.

Wake up the media with a Cup of Joe: Who Pays Pat McCrory?

Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory has been given a free ride by the media for far too long. If you are just an average voter, you might believe that Pat McCrory is who he pretends to be: a champion of ethics who never had a conflict of interest while Mayor of Charlotte, because the media hasn’t given you the whole story.

Open thread: MittAmerica

The future under McRmoney could only be described as butt ugly.

Kissell and McIntyre vote with Republicans today

Just a quick note to say Mike McIntyre voted with the GOP today...essentially to not extend tax relief for the middle class and to promote tax cuts for the wealthy. Nuff said. DINO's.

Romney demonstrates (again) his cluelessness on international issues

Trying to repair racist comment with stupidly incorrect metaphors:

During my recent trip to Israel, I had suggested that the choices a society makes about its culture play a role in creating prosperity, and that the significant disparity between Israeli and Palestinian living standards was powerfully influenced by it. In some quarters, that comment became the subject of controversy.

We're going to set aside the racist aspects of trying to inject culture into this debate, so we can focus on (what should be) the really troubling aspect of Romney's article: His inability to recognize the difference between freedom and not freedom:

NC Wendys franchisee gets Chicky

If you're looking for another corporate bad actor to boycott, consider steering clear of Wendy's restaurants owned by the homophobes at Tarheel Capital. They recently posted signs declaring that they stand with Chick-Fil-A against equal rights for gay human beings.

What is with these people?

More misinformation from the Pope machine

In response to this "scary" Tweet:

JohnLockeNC 7:17am via HootSuite
John Hood ruins the day of anyone who thought N.C. had a fully funded state pension system. #ConsNC #ncga #ncpol

For the most part, John Hood is correct in this article. State pension funds across the country have been improperly estimating earnings based on pre-recession data, and there will be some stricter reporting coming soon. But there is no connection between this article and NC's Pension Fund, since not only has Janet Cowell been reporting conservative earnings estimates, the actual earnings have been huge:

Action Alert: Call Congress and tell them to end tax breaks for the top 2 percent

Please call or write your representative today about Bush tax cuts. Below the fold is an explanation cross-posted today from the Progressive Pulse.

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