Voter Integrity Project strikes out, again

Fishing expedition comes back empty-handed:

Perry, who has been registered to vote in North Carolina since at least 1975, according to election records, was dismayed to receive a letter this month from the Wake County Board of Elections suggesting she may no longer be qualified to vote because she might be dead. "My initial reaction? I was mad as hell," Perry said Monday morning.

I would be mad as hell, too. What if she had been on vacation, or the letter got mixed up with some junk mail and accidentally tossed in file 13? Would her failure to respond have caused her name to be purged? And as far as this is concerned:

Is Walker's Wisconsin really what we want for NC?

Last week, with much fanfare, the NC GOP announced that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was coming to our state to campaign for Pat McCrory. McCrory was extremely enthusiastic about the endorsement, saying “That’s the kind of leadership North Carolina needs.”

But is it the kind of leadership we need? A look at Scott Walker’s legacy in Wisconsin shows he managed to cripple virtually all the strengths that have made North Carolina great while rejecting the values that have allowed our state to prosper. If McCrory pursues the same vision for North Carolina, this is what you can expect: see an infographic you can share after the jump, along with a link to more information and sources.

Motsinger calls on Foxx to explain Welfare-to-Work reform

(Winston-Salem) Elisabeth Motsinger has called on her Congressional opponent to explain why she co-sponsored a bill that would gut welfare work requirements, while simultaneously criticizing President Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services for welfare reforms that she mistakenly claims would do the same thing.

Virginia Foxx co-sponsored HR 118, the Workforce Investment Improvement Act, which would allow states to combine moneys from state-federal employment and training funds into a single fund. According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the nonpartisan analysis arm of Congress, the bill would nullify federal eligibility requirements for those programs, including the work requirement.

“I am confused why Mrs. Foxx puts forth a bill that directly contradicts her criticisms of the president,” Motsinger said. “Citizens back here in the district have the right to an explanation.” Motsinger is running to unseat Foxx in North Carolina’s 5th District.

Civitas polling inaccurate, intentionally bent

Direct from the horse's er...mouth:

“If I had to do it over, I probably wouldn’t have released this poll because it allows people … to try to taint all of our polls. If you do as many polls as we do, some of them are going to be bad...I will acknowledge that we ask questions with a bent on our monthly polling,” he says. “We’re trying to find out when politicians frame things in certain ways how they will be perceived by the general public.”

Translated: "When an elected Democrat makes a statement that can be taken out of context and twisted into sounding like something bad, we take advantage of that and put it in front of 600 people at a pop."

Voter Integrity Project uses invalid form of address

If the Voter Integrity Project were a registered voter its vote could be successfully challenged on the basis that it uses forms of address not recognized as valid by the US Postal Service, which can cause mail to be returned to senders as “Undeliverable”. This anomaly serves to highlight the dangers to voter access posed by various gratuitously strict matching requirements that have been proposed for forms of identity verification for in-person voting.

The right wing Voter Integrity Project, which has been challenging voter registrations in NC, uses an address form that gives the illusion of a physical address but which is actually a Private Mail Box (PMB) at a Raleigh UPS Store.

Justice Newby stands behind shadowy Super PAC

I guess educating voters doesn't include telling them where the money came from:

The incumbent candidate in the race for a state Supreme Court seat said a political action committee’s advertisements on his behalf are a way to educate the public about the state’s judicial system.

Oh, it's educational all right. We learn that seats on the state's highest court are for sale, no questions asked. GOP hypocrisy: You should show an ID to vote, but you don't have to show an ID if you want to buy a judge. Forget about tv ads for a moment, and compare how many times Newby mentions God vs the Constitution:

Progressive Central Convention / Robin Hood Tax

Last week in Charlotte, in the shadow of the Democratic National Convention, Progressive Democrats of America hosted a full day of progressive values and thought at its best. We were treated to panel conversations from the brilliant minds of Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5), Michael Lighty and Karen Higgins of National Nurses United, Alan Grayson, Kurt Bateman, Labor Coordinator, Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-3),Medea Benjamin, Code Pink and many others. Rep. Keith Ellison announced that he is rolling out The Robin Hood Tax. Video below the fold.

Bless his heart… he’s dead wrong.

"Talk about having your cake and wanting to eat it, too. McCrory wants to be able to attack someone else based on their financial information while still insisting that his own is not relevant."

North Carolina is known for its politeness. It’s part of our Southern charm. People are loathe to insult others to their faces or bring up uncomfortable topics in public. Even our state’s famed “bless her heart…” stealth attack is reserved for talking behind someone’s back. It’s a custom that helps us in social situations. But it doesn’t work so well when we’re choosing our leaders.

Unless you’re Pat McCrory.


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