Today is Bill Friday's 92nd birthday

One of our state's greatest human resources and a true gentleman, Bill Friday, turns 92 today.

Chronicling Mitt Romney's lies and distortions, from Maddow Blog

Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. XXV
By Steve Benen
Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:09 pm

For those who regularly watch Maddow's show on MSNBC, this is not breaking news. But this blog entry does well summarize the unbelievable mendacity of Romney and his handlers.

There's dishonesty in politics, and then there's meta-dishonesty in politics


No question that Romney and his campaign staff are guilty of "meta-dishonesty."

Racing to the Finnish line, an Educational success story

Finland is the current darling of international education. Without subjecting their students to year after year of standardized tests and students not even starting school until age 7, Finnish students are rocking international tests year after year. School administrators from all over the world are flocking to Finland so as to bring the Finnish model back home.
So what do the Finns do that's so unique?
They have highly trained teachers. All have master's degrees paid for by the governemnt. All are paid to attend 2 hours of professional development per week. Most curriculum decisions are left to the local educational authorities. Until high school, student assessment is the province of the classroom teachers, those well trained professionals who have the most contact with students. They give very little homework and actually have unstructured play time for students everyday. Finnish adults actually read books!!

Meet Puppet Pat McCrory

It is time you learned the truth about Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for Governor - he is a puppet. Click below to watch a video that explains it all.

It's true. Pat McCrory is a puppet for powerful special interests. Pat McCrory is looking out for himself and his cronies - he does not have the best interests of the people of North Carolina at heart.

Shots fired in opposition to GOP's War on Women

And the stakes couldn't be higher:

“In their fervor to impose their ideological views on the people of the state of North Carolina, they weakened the safety net for women and children in our state at the very time when we should be working to strengthen it,” Rep. Jennifer Weiss of Cary said of the legislature.


The only way to stop the clock from rolling backwards is to remove these idiots from office, or at least put them back in the minority where their crazy 19th Century ideas won't do any harm.

Fraud? You Damn Betcha!

The zombies are back. It seems like only yesterday (okay, it was January) they were walking the sand hills of South Carolina.

The Nation reports from Michigan:

“Some 1,500 people voted under dead people’s and prisoners’ names from 2008-11, according to Michigan’s auditor general. Many might be clerical errors, but this illustrates the need to ensure accurate voter rolls.”

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson wrote this in a July 2 Times-Herald column, and she lied.

Brentin Mock continues:

Interview from the John Locke Foundation: A Libertarian Perspective on Syringe Decriminalization

It’s not often that liberals and libertarians can agree on an issue, but syringe decriminalization in North Carolina is a policy that continues to gain bipartisan support.

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