Rally for Equal Rights

As the Democratic Candidate running against the Architect of Amendment One, Paul "Skip" Stam, I will be speaking at this event. Please join us! Here is the description of the event provided by organizers Seth Keel and Carly Campbell:

"In the wake of Amendment One, we need to take a stand and demand that every person in our state has the right to live and love! This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and uplift the dignity of everyone.

We can send our lawmakers a message that we are here and we will NOT stop fighting for justice and equality. Don’t allow yourself to feel defeated because the Amendment passed – the march goes on, the fight continues, and we will see the day where we are all treated with dignity, love, compassion, and respect.

Please join us at the State Capitol on May 27 at 2:00 pm to rally for equal rights! We will feel the power of the people as we stand together and send a message to our state that we will NOT be silent.


After dark

YDNC Members & Youth Join North Carolina's Delegation to the Democratic National Convention

On Saturday May 19 at congressional district conventions across North Carolina, 20 YDNC members and youth (under 36) were elected as North Carolina delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. These 20 delegates include College Democrats of North Carolina Vice President Keylin Rivera (UNC Greensboro & Gaston County), North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats President Vibhav Kollu (Cabarrus County), LGBT Democrats President Ryan Butler (Guilford County), YDNC District Chairs Justin Conley (Macon County) and Nick Carpenter (Cleveland County), Buncombe YD President Parker Sloan, and YDNC President Sam Spencer (Mecklenburg County).

Replacements Ltd: Supporting a company that did the right thing

Replacements Ltd., is one of North Carolina's most solid success stories. But unlike many companies that were missing in action on Amendment One, Replacements Ltd., took a clear and unwavering stand against discrimination. As a result, America's shopping bigots are coming out of the woodwork.

Private school scholarships: Money laundering for the masses

Welcome to the United States of Scam-erica. Or Griftopia, as Matt Taibbi calls it in his book on the Wall Street meltdown. "There are really two Americas," Taibbi writes. For the grifter class, government is "a tool for making  money," while "in everybody-else land, the government is something to be avoided."

Not anymore. Here is the lesson Americans gleaned from the financial meltdown on and bailout of Wall Street: If the feds won't prosecute 'em, join 'em. Corruption has trickled down.

Lawsuit filed against McCrory

Press release from Bailey & Dixon below the fold.

One racist nation, completely divisible, with liberty and justice for rich people

America's poor whites would rather vote for a greedy capitalist predator who believes in polygamy instead of voting for a black man who kept the country from falling over George Bush's economic cliff. From the Washington Post.

In an election year in which the economy ranks as Americans’ top concern, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney holds significant advantages over President Obama among white voters who are struggling financially and buffeted by job loss, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

NCGOP War on Women continues unabated

Via WRAL and Mark Binker

Of the funds appropriated in this act to the Department of Health and Human Services for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, none shall be allocated to renewing, extending, or entering into new contracts for the provision of family planning services and pregnancy prevention activities with providers other than local health departments. Upon the expiration of any contracts in effect during the 2011-2012 fiscal year between the Division of Public Health and private providers of family planning services and pregnancy prevention activities, the Department shall reallocate three hundred forty-three thousand dollars ($343,000) of these contract funds to local health departments. Local health departments receiving funds under this section shall not contract with outside vendors for the provision of family planning services or pregnancy prevention activities. These services shall be provided directly by local health department recipients. This section does not apply to contracts administered by the Department pursuant to G.S. 130A-131.15A.

Translation: The state will provide no family planning services and the state will not contract with outside vendors for family planning services.

Translation: There's nothing the NCGOP likes more than screwing poor women.

After dark


More deception from McCrory

A press release from Michael Weisel of Bailey and Dixon in Raleigh:

To be clear, the McCrory campaign has NOT filed a lawsuit and is continuing to mislead the news media. McCrory merely filed notice that he intends to sue. It does not mean he will actually file.

This is just the latest in a series of threats and bullying by Pat McCrory attempting to stop free speech and a smokescreen to hide facts.

If Pat McCrory actually decides to make good on his threats, we look forward to taking his deposition before November 2012, to answer questions about his tax returns, his clients and who is paying him to do what.

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