Tillis: Minimum wage "dangerous idea"

It appears well established that if President Obama and/or Senator Hagan are for something, Thom Tillis is going to be against it; and if Ted Cruz and/or the Koch brothers are for something, then Thom will be for it, too (after all, he knows where his bread is buttered).

So it's not much of a surprise that Thom opposes any increase in the minimum wage. Obama and Hagan support it; Ted and the Kochs don't. And Thom has stomped on the poor so aggressively and frequently that it's quite natural for him to want people to work hard for a pittance.

U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis on Wednesday said he opposes President Barack Obama’s plan to increase the federal minimum wage, calling it a “dangerous idea.”

NC Democratic Party organizational meetings

Anyone who has witnessed the bickering here on BlueNC has seen only the tip of the iceberg as far as how far the Chairman's supporters will go in his defense. Folks who would normally step up and lead action against Voller will not, because he does have widespread support among the State Executive Committee's 700 members.

The only way to have a more sensible leadership in the Party, therefore, is to have those who disagree with the current party's leadership attend their local and county party meetings and run for the SEC. I won't. I tried twice, and I could not even get listed on the ballot in my county.

Maybe there is more hope outside the Raleigh beltline. The precincts have already started meeting and will continue into March. You can find your county party's information at the state party's web site:

NC Democratic Party – Calendar of Events 2014

Sec. Sebelius blasts GOP governors in five Southern States

From the Hill:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius lashed out Tuesday at the governors in five Southern states, and Rick Perry (R-Texas) in particular, for “playing politics with people’s lives” by refusing to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare.

Speaking in an interview on HuffPostLive, Sebelius called their decisions “an outrage,” and urged the constituents of those states to pressure their legislatures and let their governors know this is “not acceptable.”

“The worst situation is in the states that so far have not decided to take up the offer of the fed government to expand Medicaid … in the five states with the highest level of uninsured African-Americans, four out of five of those — Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida — are not expanding Medicaid,” she said.

Raleigh area stream pollution is out of control

For those who doubt the need for riparian buffers, drink this:

Six rivers in the Upper Neuse river basin are slated to join the state’s list of polluted streams, due to the Environmental Protection Agency April 1. The list, known as the 303d list, includes all streams that have failed water quality standards and do not yet have a cleanup plan.

Every stream monitored under Raleigh’s volunteer monitoring program has tested positive for water quality problems, including bacteria potentially from human, pet, and wildlife feces or leaky sewer pipes.

Hat-tip to astrogirlnc for Tweeting this story. Where there are high concentrations of people and the ubiquitous sprawl that accompanies such, the dangers of contamination via stormwater runoff are not far behind. For decades there have been best practices that should have been implemented in new development, but we've only given them a passing nod. We are already paying for that poor judgment, and will continue to pay dearly as time goes by.

Bob Geary of Indy Week says Voller should resign

Last week, Bob Geary and a couple of people who blog here at BlueNC had a sit-down with Randy Voller. Today, Indy Week published Bob's report from the meeting.

Enough. After a stormy year as state Democratic Party chair, Randy Voller should step down for the sake of his party's candidates and North Carolina. I say this knowing that he won't, because Voller sees himself as a visionary leader—but he can't see that he's hurting Democratic prospects for 2014.

I was invited to go to the meeting, but declined to participate. I have no stomach for crap like this, which also explains my short-lived career in politics. But I do have the benefit of three separate and detailed accounts of what happened. I have reached the exact same conclusion as Bob: Randy should step down, but he won't.

Jason Thigpen - Democrat or NOT?

One of the most perplexing things that I have encountered since I’ve been focusing on the 2014 3rd District Midterm elections is the entrance of Jason Thigpen into the race. Jason has been a Republican for most if not all of his adult life. While conservative Republicans can be pretty conservative that was not good enough for Jason Thipen. Moving even further right, Jason became an ultra conservative Tea Party member. So why is he running as a Democrat? Or is he?

Like I said I have been following the elections for quite some time, and I have seen Jason Thipen speak in person 4 or 5 times. I have seen his interviews, and the most recent WECT TV interview. I have yet to hear him call himself a Democrat nor does he ever mention the Democratic Party. He never lifts the Democratic Party up as most committed Democrats often do when they speak publicly.

22 NC Senate races have no Democrats challenging

And here are the Districts in question:

6, 7, 10, 11, 14,

15, 19, 24, 27, 29,

30, 32, 33, 34, 35,

36, 39, 42, 43, 44,

46, 47

Three more days. While you're contemplating that, contemplate this: there are thousands of Democrats in each of those districts. I haven't had a chance to scrutinize the House seats with no Democratic challengers, so a lot of those Dem voters may have someone they can vote for in the General Assembly. But leaving so many Senate seats unopposed is simply not acceptable.

Obtaining property under false pretenses is a crime!

So two bail bondsmen and two court clerks who improperly accessed court computers are being charged with obtaining property by false pretenses - which is a crime.

Any thoughts about the political consultant who got an NCDP contractor to use NCDP resources to perform a LexisNexis search on candidates in contested races for public and party office, then passed it onto another campaign?

Do you think the contractor, consultant and the campaign worker should be similarly charged? I do!

A party staffer takes e-mail addresses that are the property of one campaign and trades them to another campaign in exchange for a job.

Do you think both the party staffer and the campaign worker (and maybe the candidate himself) should be charged? I do!


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