Don't drink the water: fear of fracking for NC

The most surprising thing about the threat of hydraulic fracturing ﴾“fracking”) is how many people are unaware of the danger, and it’s already happening in 34 states! It has been described as possibly the largest health experiment in U.S. history, yet most people have no idea what I’m talking about if I bring up the subject in conversation. I’ve never been an activist or someone who is obsessive about politics. I am just a person who loves my tiny little plot of land. I appreciate my trees and wildlife. I simply want to have clean water for myself, my family, my friends, and my pets.

The late Nathan Tabor

The story of Nathan Tabor would be a tale worth telling if it weren't so typical of Republican arrogance. He shows up late to file for election, lies about what really happened, and now wants preferential treatment because ... because ... because ... he's incapable of managing his own schedule?

Just what we need in Congress. More incompetent Republicans who can't tell time.


An effort to counter denier falsehoods .. and you get to play!! (I hope)

I'll keep this short. I found an excellent article on RealClearPolitics from the L.A. Times today concerning global warming. It contains numerous links to back up its clearly stated assertions. Some salient quotes:

.... from the dawn of human civilization until the 19th century, the concentration was about 275 parts per million, and that many scientists believe 350 parts per million is a sort of tipping point: Irreversible impacts and feedback loops start to kick in.

... as of January, the Earth's atmosphere contained 393 parts per million of carbon dioxide. And rising.

Equality events in the weeks ahead

Race to the Ballot, which started in western NC, has their finale event in Wilmington on Friday.

All of Us NC is having their big eastern NC "train-the-trainers" workshop, which will hopefully spur many more workshops in NC, in Wilmington on Saturday.

Honest NC is doing their anti-amendment Ides of Love march in Raleigh on on 3/15/12.

Early voting for this amendment starts in about a month and a half. It's time to get involved if you're going to!

After dark

Complete list of candidates from WRAL

RALEIGH, N.C. — The list of candidates who filed Feb. 13-29 with the North Carolina State Board of Elections for statewide and federal offices as of Wednesday afternoon, with name as to be listed on ballot, hometown of address provided and party (when applicable).

For General Assembly, Superior Court judge, District Court judge and district attorney candidates, go to

Stanly County has a complete Democratic slate

I've just received an email that Stanly County has a complete slate of Democratic candidates for the May primary. That incudes two Democratic challengers and two Republican challengers to the two incumbent Republican Commissoners. This could be interesting! (No, James, Alcoa is not behind it.)

They're promoting their facebook page:!/pages/Stanly-County-Democratic-Party/345610325471070

I like the Inside Stanly blog: This is the best example I've ever seen of a blog that posts everything, without bias. If you want to know what's going on, they've got it.

Updated list of candidates:

Filing update

Lifted from a comment by Tom P. on another thread. Thank you, Tom. Much appreciated.


A surge of last day filings has significantly increased the number of contested seats for the General Assembly.

House (120 seats)

  • 91 seats with Democratic candidates
  • 97 seats with Republican candidates
  • 68 seats contested by both parties
  • 23 unopposed Democrats
  • 29 unopposed Republicans

Senate (50 seats)

  • 38 seats with Democratic candidates
  • 43 seats with Republican candidates
  • 31 seats contested by both parties
  • 7 unopposed Democrats
  • 12 unopposed Republicans

So that leaves 41 seats (24%) for Republicans and 30 seats (18%) for Democrats that were either decided today or will be in the May primary.

Rose Hoban launches new health news venture

In my morning update on recent news, I neglected to mention an exciting development in postdigital journalism, a new venture called NC Health News started by veteran WUNC reporter Rose Hoban.

From what's I've learned, this is primarily a self-funded venture, which means I'm here to pass the hat among those of you who value good reporting at the intersection of healthcare and public policy. If you can contribute, please do.

And in the meantime, go ahead and bookmark NC Health News. You'll be glad you did.

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