GOP mapmakers split college campus

And sew confusion in the process:

Dean of Service Cathy Kramer said many of the people who got the wrong ballots were first-time voters. “They feel upset, and they feel angry about it,” she said.

I don't blame them. There can't be a good reason to separate 1,000 students from their classmates. Either demographics or an intentional desire to confuse must have driven this, because the mapmakers aren't that stupid.

Motsinger's Clean Campaign

From Elisabeth Motsinger:

This evening, we will know who the voters of the 5th District of North Carolina have selected as your congresswoman for the next two years. You, my supporters, have been so generous with your time, your money, and your encouragement over the last year. You have inspired me--and even more importantly--the campaign's core staff and volunteers--to keep going when the going got rough, when we faced attack mailers from the incumbent, and a smear campaign from a disgruntled blogger.

The race I'll be sweating tomorrow

I'll be sweating this race because I've seen a lot of polls all within the margin in this essentially tied race. I was reading a poll today that lists 8% of North Carolinians as having already voted and as still undecided on the Lt. Governor race. Usually we think of voter drop off happening at the nonpartisan races, but even this is a race where it can happen. Make sure your friends know you're voting for Coleman. If you need a reason why, then please check out and share this Q-Notes article.

But it is Linda Coleman, former state House member and former director of the Office of State Personnel, who might find herself the lone Democratic officer among a sea of Republican lawmakers. Coleman could also become the highest-ranking LGBT-friendly elected official in Raleigh.

NC GOP gets cash from Oklahoma gambling machine dealer

A last-minute boost of $30,000, to be exact, bringing the contributions of Chase Burns of Anadarko Oklahoma to the NC GOP up to a whopping $55,000 for this cycle:

Update: The NC GOP's cash man has been arrested in Florida:

Chase Egan Burns, 37, faces charges in Florida that include racketeering and conspiracy, according to The Associated Press. Burns was arrested Tuesday. Court documents say Burns claimed money put into his gambling machines would be donated to the charity Allied Veterans, but the group received less than 1 percent of the proceeds, The AP reported.

Words like "disgusting" and "revolting" just don't seem to cover it.


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