NC failing HIV/AIDS patients

The waiting list for drug treatment grows each week:

According to NASTAD’s most recent ADAP Watch, released on May 17, there are 10 states with waiting lists, totaling 2,552 people. That report shows NC as having 185 clients on the waiting list, which was our official count at COB on May 17. At that time, NC made up approximately 7% of the national ADAP waiting list.

That was two weeks ago. Now there are 220 individuals on the waiting list. So much for a moratorium on the death penalty.

The NCGA didn't provide more funding for the Elections Administration - HAVA funds still frozen (for the most part)!

Not sure that the GA got with the program for budgeting state money for SBOE to free up HAVA money:

HAVA Funds/Disability Access
SECTION 23.1.(a) The State Board of Elections shall not expend any Help America Vote Funds (HAVA) Title II Funds for the 20112012 fiscal year and, unless prohibited by federal law, shall retain those funds until Maintenance of Effort funds are appropriated, except that voting accessibility funds granted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services under Section 261 of HAVA may be applied for and expended by the State Board of Elections to improve voting accessibility for the disabled.
SECTION 23.1.(b) This section is effective when it becomes law.

SECTION 23.2.(a) Effective July 1, 2013, G.S. 16382.28 reads as rewritten:

Politico Hit Piece-On NCDP

The attacks on Parker, which were predicted, are supposedly validated in this hit piece, written by some folks here in NC who do not share any liking for David Parker. It is a piece of trash and many here know who helped with this tripe.

Politico: Democrats go to Plan B in North Carolina By: Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, June 1, 2012 04:12 PM EDT;

After dark

With friends like these

Have you heard Mitt Romney’s friends are in our state this weekend? They’re here for the North Carolina Republican Convention in Greensboro. Tim Pawlenty, Rick Perry and even the Donald (as in Trump) will be there to make their case for the Republican ticket.

And with friends like these, its no wonder Mitt’s not here too.

Welcome to Greensboro fellas ... and now a message from your leader.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget that Etch-A-Sketch.

Updated with embedded video by James.

NC, the right to (be ripped off at) work state

Hat tip to the Progressive Pulse and Yes Weekly:

Workers routinely aren’t paid the full amount they are owed. While it isn’t a legal term, the practice is commonly called “wage theft,” and it comes in many forms: missing hours on a paycheck, no overtime pay, a promised raise or paid vacation time that never materializes, being paid below minimum wage and many other examples.

I guarantee you won't hear a peep out of Republicans in the Legislature over this. They're too busy tweaking the system to take away even more worker's rights, and the Libertarian solution is "If your employer is ripping you off, go ahead and quit! Eventually they'll have to change or nobody will work for them!" And here's why they do it:

Irony alert: Mitt McCrory

The N&O reports that Mitt Jr. is hitting the airwaves this week with a commercial funded by special interests asking viewers to "forget about politics for a while" and focus on working together on the state's economy.

That's rich. Pat McCrory has been paid to run for governor through most of his adult life, and now he's asking citizens to "forget about politics for a while" and vote for him?

Special interests are already out of control in North Carolina government. Pat McCrory would make it worse.


Buying the bench

The rumor mill reports today that Bob Luddy and Tom Fetzer are planning to renew their lease on a North Carolina Supreme Court seat, throwing their corporate cash to incumbent Paul Newby to fend off Democratic challenger over Sam "Jimmy" Ervin. Judging from Art Pope's experience with former justice Bob Orr, Luddy and Fetzer have to think it's a good investment.

This latest Republican money-laundering scheme seems to have been kicked off a couple of weeks ago, with Amy Ballantine Ellis (Patrick Ballantine's sister?) as treasurer. The N&O is apparently working the story.

Womble Carlyle had this to say about the race in February.

Although the races are officially nonpartisan, the Supreme Court is currently comprised of 4 Republicans (Martin, Edmunds, Newby, and Jackson) and three Democrats (Chief Justice Parker, Timmons-Goodson, and Hudson). If Ervin were to defeat Newby, it would tilt the balance of the court to a majority of Democrats.

Malone vs. Holding

Just want to say I plan, as the Democratic Party nominee for the 13th Congressional District, to run a serious challenge against Holding, contrary to what some blogs are writing tonight. It will be tough, but we can do it.

Our 99% values will stand in stark contrast to their 1% values. So, take heart, this seat is too value to simply give away with our best efforts. It will be tough to fight their big bucks, but there is "more than one way to skin a cat."

Charles Malone

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