Democracy Summer 2013

We're hiring! With the General Assembly being distracted from jobs by breast bills, attempts to fire oversight personnel, and attacks on voting rights and education, those might not be words you hear too often in NC these days. But Democracy North Carolina is hiring undergraduate student summer interns, who are interested in non-partisan organizing, to join the team for the summer.

Interns earn a $2,500 stipend, while they build relationships and receive training that will help them start a career in social and political change. Now in its 14th year, Democracy Summer is ideal for college students interested in working in social and economic justice, community-based advocacy, research, politics, law, nonprofits, or public service.

HB-84 North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act Twitter campaign

House Bill 84, the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act, would be a great first step toward sanity in North Carolina. The bill has several co-sponsors and now faces its first logistical hurdle - the rules committee.

Eighteen states — Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington and the District of Columbia — have enacted laws protecting medical marijuana patients from state prosecution. Patients in these states enjoy legal protections to use medicinal marijuana under a doctor’s supervision. Seriously ill citizens of North Carolina deserve nothing less.

North Carolina voters strongly support this change in law. According to a January 2013 Public Policy Polling statewide survey, 58 percent of North Carolinians favor allowing doctors to authorize specified amounts of marijuana for patients suffering from serious illnesses.

NC GOP uncomfortable with its image

Even though it's a perfect reflection of what they are:

"They can have an eight-second sound bite that makes (me) look like an evil, cruel cold-hearted person, and the explanation of why 'no, this was the better of two bad choices' takes awhile, so we do have our necks out," said Rep. John Blust, R-Guilford.

Excuse me, but your neck is out? What about the tens of thousands of North Carolinians who will either not get the medical treatment they need or will be crushed with medical debt, simply because lawyers like you would rather see them walk through your private-practice door looking for bankruptcy help, than have NC's Federal tax dollars come back to this state? Your necks might be out politically, but that's what happens when you pull evil, cruel-hearted tricks on the people.

A few things to listen for during McCrory's speech.

From WRAL: 7:00 p.m. - LIVE: State of the State address by Gov. McCrory,

from Policy Watch: / Progressive Pulse:

Good commentary on GOP push to reduce or eliminate personal income tax in favor of consumption tax(es) and questioning whether Gov. McCrory will address the issue in his State of the State speech tonight.

What comes to mind when young people think about Republicans

Reasons for optimism.

"Corporate greed, old, middle-aged white men, rich, religious, conservative, hypocritical, military retirees, narrow-minded, rigid, not progressive, polarizing, stuck in their ways, farmers."

And with regard to NC ass clowns like Pat McCrory, they could have added, "chickenhawks, corporate whores, misogynists, and bigots." Gotta love that GOP brand.

Republican led House Science, Space, and Technology Committee

GOP Flat Earth Society members Todd Akin of Missouri and Paul Broun of Georgia ordered a case of Preparation H delivered to the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing on the threat of asteroids. The hyper-right wing committee members thought they were investigating hemorrhoids.
It's been reported that NC Republicans Paul Stam, Justin Burr, Larry Pittman and NC Lt. Governor Dan Forrest have begun hoarding cases of the ointment in preparation for the heavenly onslaught.

Weyerhaeuser gives Lee County residents the shaft

And keeps the gold gas for itself:

Lee County officials this month released detailed property data revealing who owns the mineral rights to extract natural gas or other buried resources. The data shows that the owners of 365 parcels, on about 12 square miles, do not own the rights to drill or mine under their land. Many of them are concentrated in the northwestern gas-rich section of the county.

Much of which the King of Deforestation leased to gas companies a few years ago, with (of course) no warning at all to the people living on the land. More from Reuters:


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