Blue ribbon commission takes on mental health housing

A new Blue Ribbon Commission has been created to deal with the settlement with US Dept. of Justice regarding institutionalization of persons with psychiatric disabilities in NC. The next meeting of the Subcommittee of the Commission is Sept. 12 at 10 am at the NC General Assembly.

The regular LOC meeting for the DHHS Legislative Oversight Committee is Tuesday,Sept. 11.

Meeting Notice

DAY: Wednesday
DATE: September 12, 2012

TIME: 10 A.M.
ROOM: 415

From News14 Carolina:

State lawmakers and health leaders are determining how to comply with a federal agreement that changes the way North Carolinians with serious mental illness receive care and supportive services.

Now is the time to talk to your republican friends and family and tell them you hope that if they get what they want...

You hope they get it good and hard! And, you know what, if Romney is elected, they will get it good and hard because of the funding cuts for Medicare and Medicaid. Somewhere in their families there is a disabled child receiving SSDI, or a parent or grandparent in a nursing home paid for by Medicaid...and a lot of that will GO AWAY.

Why is this family losing their home?

For the Sanchez family, their house represents more than just a home for their family. It is a ten year investment in the well-being of their daughter, Jessica. Jessica was born with a defect called Spina Bifida, which renders her unable to walk. But now, after all of their work, the family is about to lose their home to foreclosure.

When the economy collapsed, father Gustavo Sanchez lost his job and has struggled ever since to find work in construction. The family fell behind on their mortgage payments and now Bank of America is refusing to work with the family to allow them to keep their home.

“For our daughter’s sake, we need to keep our home,” said Silvia Sanchez, “We can’t just move anywhere; our daughter needs special accommodations.”

McCrory vs Tillis on the role of government

An ideological chasm, or election year posturing?

Democrats are holding their political convention in the urban landscape of Charlotte, North Carolina, which is studded with more than $800 million worth of public projects that wouldn’t exist without local Republicans. “That’s kind of ironic, isn’t it?” McCrory said in a phone interview yesterday. “I’m not hearing my name mentioned, but that’s OK.”

Of course it's okay, since you're trying to conceal your "government sponsored growth" past from all the anti-government zealots barking from the GOP's back yard. If you want to make them wag their tails, you have to speak their language:

Fact-checking the fact-checkers

When "I'll just take your word for it" seems to suffice:

The keynote speaker and others claimed the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, would raise taxes on the “middle class.” He has promised he won’t. Democrats base their claim on a study that doesn’t necessarily lead to that conclusion.

Bolding mine. Do I have to bring up Bush the Elder's "Read My Lips" claim? Really? And by the way, the study most definitely leads to that conclusion:

Could Charlotte host a national party convention if it lost its hub status?

This week, all eyes will be on Charlotte as the city hosts the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Thousands of politicians, delegates, pundits, and general attendees will flock to the city to be part of the action. With delegates arriving from all fifty states, Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport will be the main entry point to the city.


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