DAG McCrory lies to Congressmen, gets caught

How can you tell when the DAG is lying? His mouth is moving:

"Your assertion that you did not discontinue the operation of the TANF program is simply not credible,'' the congressmen wrote. ""Your administration did not merely 'notify’ the service providers that federal funding for Work First programs may not be available in November.'' The notice that your administration sent to county social services directors on October 10th expressly directed them to cease processing new applications for benefits ‘until federal funds become available.’ In addition, the notice state unequivocally that the state would be 'unable to make any Work First Family Assistance payments in November 2013' absent congressional action.''

The GOP twisters have made a loud and misguided argument that Dems (via the Obama administration) used the shutdown fiasco to punish people by closing parks and memorials and such, but not a word about how McCrory and Wos used the shutdown to punish people struggling to survive. People who couldn't afford to hop in a car (or a plane) to go visit a park, even if they wanted to. Apparently these folks aren't deserving of the Tea Party's concern, which says more about them than the groups they look down their nose upon.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest hosts Tea Party town hall in Concord

In spite of the deep lateral divides in the Republican party, there are a still a few subjects capable of uniting. On Monday night Lt. Governor Dan Forest, Rep. Larry Pittman (82nd district) and Rep. Carl Ford (76th district) met with dozens of citizens at Concord's Old Creamery Event Place. The Tea Party group, We the People Inc, sponsored the gathering with catering from The Wayside Diner. The town hall meeting is one of the many Lt. Gov. Forest has headlined around the state.

Rep. Ford began with a speech that declared the Federal case against North Carolina's Voter Id law was merely a delay tactic to keep a perfectly legal law from being enacted before the 2014 election. When asked about the claim that the law will adversely minority voters he responded by stating that it could not, as obtaining an ID is fairly easy and that the state will pay to help those without one.

Larry Pittman embarrasses NC

Larry Pittman adds to The Old Backward State's embarrassment by "joking" that President Obama is not a traitor to Kenya.

[Pittman said] "I just don’t think it’s right at all to call Barack Obama a traitor. There’s a lot of things he’s done wrong but he is not a traitor. Not as far as I can tell. I haven’t come across any evidence yet that he has done one thing to harm Kenya."

Ha ha! That's classy, Larry. I'm sure you got a good laugh from the Yeltonesque tinfoil hat wearers in the audience. But you amplified the view of lots of people in the US that NC is a bunch of extremist yahoos. Good luck getting businesses to locate here when they see that nuts like you are running the state.

Exposing Republican lies about draconian anti-teacher legislation

Setting the record straight:

The Republicans’ incentive to keep teachers suggests they either failed grade school math or mastered Machiavelli. They claim repeatedly that 25 percent of teachers will get a $5,000 pay-raise to waive tenure for a four-year contract. Those teachers will get $500 annual raises for four years. They will make $2000 more in the fourth year than they did in the first. Only a Scrooge would tell an employee feeding a family that this result is “really” a $5000 raise. Stop repeating this drivel uncritically.

How many reading this already knew the $5,000 thing was wrong? We'll start with me: I didn't.


OK, we know that there are ignorant and stupid people in our nation and state.

We know that there are mush-brained people who watch Fox News and read Wing Nut Daily and believe it and internalize it.

But we find it pretty scary when a breathtakingly ignorant, stupid, mush-brained gullible lying sack of excrement can actually be elected to the highest chamber of the North Carolina General Assembly.


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