If there is no struggle

At the Moral Monday action on June 3, I wanted my voice to be heard by legislative leaders in Raleigh. Not only did they fail to listen, they arrested me and charged me with crimes against the state.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning.

Given the confusing results coming out of Raleigh, where the wheels of justice seem more than a little rusty, perhaps what we need is more agitation, not less.

NC's high jobless rate due to NC attracting too many people who are looking for work?

I'll have whatever Sharon Decker is drinking.

North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker says the state's effort to reduce unemployment is being hurt because the state is attracting jobless people ... She told a Charlotte women's commercial real estate group Tuesday the state has had problems lowering its 8.3 percent unemployment rate because North Carolina attracts people looking for work. "That's driving this headwind that we're always sort of butting against," Decker said. Emphasis added.

Today's McCrony in the news

Today DAG McCrony announced the appointment of his McCronies to a new safer schools task force.

Notable among these appointments:

  • The task force chair, Chip Hughes, just happens to make his living selling surveillance systems. We're sure he'll recuse himself if the task force's discussion turns to anything dealing with using surveillance systems as part of a school safety solution (right? RIGHT?)

NC GOP's War on women continues

NC Policy Watch reports that DAG McCrony's right-wing nonsense continues, in this case in the form of causing unnecessary pain to women's crisis centers.

We suppose that when you falsely assume that everything in state government is "broken", as DAG McCrony does, it leads to a lot of tinkering. Unfortunately, all evidence thus far is that the tinkering is being performed largely by McCronies who are unqualified, uninformed incompetent ideological political hacks (viz. DHHS as the exemplar).

In this case, someone -- they're not telling who -- came up with a bright idea that any of the women's crisis centers receiving state money should not spend more than 20% on "overhead".

Chad Barefoot is a fast learner

First-term state senator Chad Barefoot must have taken a crash course from Thom Tillis, Phil Berger, Thom Goolsby and Tim Moffitt about how to deny that NC GOP policies are destroying the state.

The method they use is called outright lying. Typically, they cherry-pick one or two data points and attempt to use that information to make a broad, overarching statement about how their harmful policy is, in fact, a completely opposite helpful policy that makes life heavenly for North Carolinians. Sparkleponies!

Not long ago they lied about education. They've done it with most of their policies once their draconian nature is widely publicized.

Chad Barefoot is now lying about the new tax laws.

Kay Hagan's run through the political minefield

The year of living dangerously:

The Democrat from Greensboro told reporters in a conference call Tuesday that she’s pushing to fix Obamacare problems that erupted last month.

They’re her problems, too. It’s not only that the website has functioned so badly since it went online Oct. 1 that only an estimated 50,000 Americans have been able to use it to enroll in medical insurance plans. Worse for Hagan, she joined President Barack Obama in making a promise that turned out to be untrue.

Yes, it's a long way to next November, and it will seem even longer for Kay if she makes too many unwise steps between now and the election. But there are two realities that we can't afford to ignore: the rollout of the ACA has been dismal at best, and the money being set aside to unseat Hagan appears to be limitless. It's that second thing that caused me to make this comment:

The North Carolina Fund and Why I'm a Democrat

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the North Carolina Fund, started by Governor Terry Sanford in 1963. I first learned about the North Carolina Fund in my North Carolina history class taught by Professor Jim Leloudis at UNC Chapel Hill. I learned about a program that sought to make North Carolina a true leader and remedy the issues effecting her. The North Carolina Fund’s primary aim was to solve issues in health care, education, jobs, and community development. Though I was not aware of this program until my college years, it is clear that the values that started the North Carolina Fund are the same values that make me a Democrat.

Andrew Brock is an idiot

It's cold today, so climate change is a hoax. So sayeth Senator Andrew Brock.

Talk about making the case for an intelligence test for elected officials.

As James says, pardon my French, but some things need saying:

Andrew Brock is a flaming asshole.


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