NC's Burr signs on to nut job law prohibiting any worker protections

Demonstrating that extremist nut-job ideas aren't isolated to the Pope-Koch North Carolina legislature, North Carolina's Senator Richard Burr has joined with many members of his Republican caucus and signed on as a sponsor of something called the “Enumerated Powers Act of 2013".

What the heck?

Well, it's another one of those attempts by the Tea Bagging extremist Republicans to "return" the US to it's Constitutional roots. ThinkProgress has the scoop.

Deep cuts coming for SNAP recipients in NC

And the hungry will be even hungrier:

For a family of three, that cut will mean a reduction of $29 a month— $319 for the remaining 11 months of the fiscal year. This is a serious loss for families whose benefits, after this cut, will average less than $1.40 per person per meal. On top of these across-the-board cuts to the program, the U.S. House of Representatives is considering and could vote on even deeper cuts to the program in the coming weeks. This could leave many families and their children without assistance to put food on the table when they need it most.

Congressional Republicans already tried once (and luckily failed) to cut this program by $20 Billion. And here's how our (NC) Delegation voted:

Tax on fracking to be used for corporate incentives?

Two wrongs don't make a right, they combine to produce a fiasco:

The administration of Gov. Pat McCrory is pushing a proposed tax on fracking as a substantial piece of its economic recovery strategy, with key Republicans saying it would raise millions for financial incentives to recruit companies or help them expand in North Carolina. Decker told the group she wants a similar piggy bank here and that “energy partners” are ready to “provide us with the money” in a climate where increasing traditional funding streams for incentives, such as income and corporate taxes, isn’t likely. She said the money would be used to lure major projects to the state.

It will be interesting to see how John Hood and his followers try to spin this one. And it will be a minefield, as there are numerous JLF/Civitas articles railing against targeted taxes and incentives. Should be fun. Speaking of having fun, read this and see if you don't bark a laugh:

Protest Petition to NBC News: please sign

Please follow the link to sign my petition. Please share with you family and friends and invite them to sign.

Petitioning NBC News

NBC News: We want an apology or at least a recognition that Brian Williams misspoke. Williams opened the Thursday NBC Nightly News with a segment on Ariel Castro. Williams said Castro's face is "the face of mental illness." It is not.

The face of mental illness is the face of family members, friends, helpers, all kinds of people, and not just sociopaths like Castro. We want an apology to those of us offended and troubled by such stereotyping from a seasoned journalist like Brian William.

Tillisberger Seriously Miscalculated

You might or might not be familiar with Ann and Jim Goodnight. Dr. Jim Goodnight is the founder and CEO of SAS Corporation; he and his wife have been community activists in Cary, NC and statewide advocates for many causes -- especially education -- for decades. SAS is among the world's largest privately held companies; the Goodnights are billionaires and reportedly the richest people in all of North Carolina (#154 on the Forbes worldwide billionaires list).

The Goodnights are definitely the 1%.

They even hosted a fundraiser for Phil "The Swill" Berger where he reportedly raised more than $300,000.

The hard numbers: NC Judicial voting in 2012

Just wanted to throw these facts out there for those prepping for the 2014 elections...

In the Nov 2012 elections, this many voted in the Presidential race:

In the Nov 2012 elections, this many voted in the Governor's race:

In the Nov 2012 elections, this many voted in the Lt. Governor's race:

In the Nov 2012 elections, this many voted in the Auditor's race:

In the Nov 2012 elections, this many voted in the NC Supreme Court race:

Ervin had 1,688,463 to Newby's 1,821,562

The margin of Newby's win (approx. 133,000 votes) is notably smaller than the drop off even from the Auditor race (approx. 771,000 votes).

It is absolutely worth engaging people in the STATEWIDE vote for NC Supreme Court in 2014.

Every voter gets to vote in that race no matter where they live.

Interview with NC's overdose-prevention hero

North Carolina’s recent passage of the 911 Good Samaritan / Naloxone Access law was a ground-breaking achievement in drug overdose prevention. The law passed through the combined efforts of local nonprofits, lawmakers, public health advocates and community members affected by overdose, and no one person could claim credit for an act which will surely save thousands of lives in North Carolina.

But there was one person who has been working behind the scenes in overdose prevention for over 10 years and whose research and advocacy helped lay the ground work for this legislation and future efforts. Though you don’t see her name much in the papers, Kay Sanford, retired State Injury Epidemiologist, is one of the heroes of overdose prevention advocacy in North Carolina.


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