Rebuild the NCDP

Over the past two years, Democrats have suffered from significant losses, including losing majorities in the state house, congressional seats, and both the Governor and Lt. Governor races.

Where some see devastation and fear the loss of influence that has sent transactional donors to the new power brokers in the General Assembly and the Governor's Mansion, I see opportunity.

Supporting Randy Voller for North Carolina Democratic Party Chair

I just heard that Eric Mansfield is stepping out of the race for NC State Democratic party chair. I strongly support Randy Voller for NCDP Chair and I urge you to support him as well. He will be a strong leader and we North Carolina Democrats need to come together, get organized, and win!

I know that Eric Mansfield's supporters must be disappointed, but I hope that they will give Randy Voller a chance. As a business owner in Chatham County, I have gotten to know Randy well and I admire what his organizing efforts accomplished in this past election. I can honestly say that in 2012 when I was feeling incredibly discouraged by the NC state Democratic party, Randy's work organizing Chatham County was a true bright spot. Chatham County had the highest voter turnout in the state--more than 76%! Voller had a plan and carried it out. He can do great things for our state party if we all decide to come together.

--Amy Tiemann, Chapel Hill & Pittsboro

Eric leaves the race

My friend, Eric Mansfield, is a great public servant and a true leader for our state. While I am sad that this chapter must come to a close, I hope he will continue to find ways to serve — after he stands by his Mother during her time of need. He offered a message for our Party that needed to be heard. When he was attacked in recent weeks he maintained his sense of grace and optimism about our Party. Eric has a bright future ahead despite the claims of some who would drive our Party to irrelevancy in a quest for absolutism.

I hope that a great candidate will emerge for Party Chair. We need a Chair who offers a new plan for our Party, something I have not seen as of yet.


When I announced for Chair of our great Democratic Party I said that we must develop a strategy that would lead to greater mobilization, inspiring messaging, increased fundraising and a Party that was mended.

Have NC's young voters given up?

It sure seems that way:

seniors over age 65 outnumbered young voters ages 18 to 25 in all but four counties with major universities – Orange, Watauga, Pitt and Durham. Young voters had the lowest participation rate of any age group, except in college counties like Jackson, Pasquotank, Scotland and Guilford and in several eastern counties where African Americans are the majority of voters, including Hertford, Northampton, Bertie and Edgecombe.

This goes a long way towards explaining why politicians who try to drag us back to the 1950's seem to keep getting elected. For those of you deeply involved in NCDP organizing, when's the last time you saw a 20 year-old at a precinct/county/whatever meeting? And when's the last time somebody at one of those meetings thought that missing young person was a problem?


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