It is unfortunate BlueNC is being used for libel

It is unfortunate that BlueNC is allowing itself to be used to post a video that is libelous. This is full of untrue statements and slanted, defamatory information.

The recent elimination of full-time positions is part of an ongoing reorganization of the NCDP that will actually reduce the number of permanent staff positions and engage more part-time and project oriented expertise on an ongoing and as-needed basis.

All parties must be aware of this irresponsible behavior by Frank Eaton, his video is full of untruths and half truths, and the libel will be accounted for, by all parties.

Comments disabled: I've decided to put a temporary moratorium on intraparty feuding, just for a few days. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

The NC GOP's war against women continues

Helped along by a supermajority of assholes:

This morning, the House passed HB 730 in a vote of 72 to 39. While HB 730 was amended to eliminate extremist language about contraception, the final version of the bill included three abortion provisions that would hurt NC women and families. “We are extremely disappointed that the majority of the members of the NC House put politics above women’s health when they approved the eleventh hour additions to House Bill 730,” said Suzanne Buckley, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina. “To call this bill ‘pro-choice,’ as Rep. Schaffer did this morning, is shameful and ridiculous,” she continued.

It is shameful, and should be enough of a catalyst to get every female of voting age out to the polls in the next election. If we fail to get this message out, we don't deserve to win.

Must read re: Moral Mondays

Good people may disagree about the wisdom of Moral Mondays, but from where I sit, the strategy of civil disobedience is the single most effective action concerned citizens can take to fight the illegitimate government in Raleigh. NC Policy Watch today offers an excellent analysis of the situation, well worth your time and attention.

Read the whole article, and then mark your calendars for June 3 (if not sooner) to join a full-court press against the Republican machine.

DHHS Officials Deny Their Own Medicaid Privatization Plans

from NC Policy Watch

According to my colleague Adam Linker, at this afternoon’s public hearing with DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos on Governor McCrory’s plan to privatize the NC Medicaid program, there was more disinformation given out by McCrory’s appointees. McCrory’s Medicaid Director Carol Steckel said that the biggest myth about McCrory’s Medicaid plan is that they want private managed care. She denied strongly that they want to privatize NC’s award-winning physician-run nonprofit Medicaid managed care system.

This is simply incorrect. Here’s the presentation from Governor Pat McCrory introducing the Medicaid privatization plan. It states its goal of privatization very clearly on page six when it discusses the entities to which NC Medicaid contract will be awarded...

GOP totalitarianism: counting votes is for suckers

Aside from the proven damage that terminal groins can cause to areas that wouldn't have a vote under this measure, the structures themselves can be incredibly expensive to both construct and maintain. Once again, Republicans are taking steps that will drive a wedge between communities. And that may be why they decided to repeat the avoid-the-vote stunt they pulled a few weeks ago:

Campaign update: Indy Week coverage

Thanks to the Independent Weekly, the media silence has broken and the deluge of criticism begins. After scanning reader comments online, it's a good thing I don't worry a lot about what people think of me.

The best thing about Protzman is that he isn't a politician, and he has a near-compulsion to say what he thinks in the most direct, if sometimes profane, way. Protzman was one of the first people in North Carolina to accuse Republican moneybags Art Pope of, well, read it for yourself: "Art Pope is contaminating North Carolina politics with the sleaze and corruption of corporate money, just as is the national Republican Party."


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