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Duke's Outsourced Coal Ash Lies Hit Lee County

Duke Outsourcing Its Coal Ash Lies

Duke Energy’s coal ash problem has hit another snag this week. According to The Rant, Charah, Inc. (the company Duke has contracted to handle its coal ash) lied on its permit requests with the state twice.

First, Charah claimed the clay mine they would be using for the coal ash dump would be returned “to its original topography” and that the dumping would “take place outside of a 50-foot buffer zone from any wetlands.”

However, as Sanford’s Environmental Affairs Board found out last night, these are both not true. Charah will pile coal ash 50 to 60 feet higher than the original topography, and Charah has since “applied for four permits to mitigate damage to wetlands” that are supposed to be protected by the 50-foot buffer.

Rep. Mike Stone: Gambling with the Truth

The Rant has busted Rep. Mike Stone lying in print. Last week, ProgressNC held an event calling for Mike Stone to donate the $4000 campaign contribution he received from Chase Burns (something other politicians, like Pat McCrory have done) to education-related causes. In response, Stone told The Sanford Herald that he was instructed to “hold onto this money and not touch it.”

The Rant knew better and contacted the State Board of Elections. We’ll let The Rant take it from here:

Racism in the Democratic Primary for House 2

The Democratic primary race for NC House District 2 (which includes Person and Granville counties) has a tinge of racism that needs to go. As The Rant recently noted, Dalton Huff, a Democratic candidate running in a three-person primary, apparently got confused when registering for his political party. Huff's Facebook page includes an "essay" from 2010 that advocates Southern secession from the US, suggests "listless Negros" were manipulated after the Civil War, and claims that the Civil Rights Movement was actually the "black power movement."

A Takedown of Carolina Journal's Convenient "Journalism"

Hot off the heels of getting a little love from NC Policy Watch during their Sunshine Week, The Rant has exposed the Carolina Journal's rather fraudulent story about tax fraud.

Carolina Journal has tried to dredge up fear of "Mexicans" and those with "Hispanic-sounding names," and has relied on one Lee County GOP activist named Martha Underwood for the crux of their convenient story. But, as The Rant shows, Underwood's story lacks proof, and a simple timeline of the events shows this story is, at best, questionable. Underwood's story unravels quickly with a few Google searches and access to a calendar.

Republican Lee Commissioners Ignore Illegal Meeting Warning

The Republican-led Lee County Board of Commissioners appear to have knowing broken the Open Meetings law, as shown by a recent article on The Rant. The commissioners were warned about the potential “liability”, via a staff memo, of having an official meeting in a gated community, but they carried on anyway. The meeting was obviously designed as an event solely for Republicans (including Republican candidates for various offices), but they conducted official business. The Rant has posted the memo and has also posted video of one citizen being turned away by a security guard from the event, clearly in violation of the law.

Lee Commissioners' Meeting: One gate, two guards, and an AFP gatekeeper

The Republican-led Lee County Board of Commissioners recently announced town-hall style meetings around the county. The problem is, their first meeting will be at the gated community Carolina Trace, which directly contradicts NC open meetings laws. When The Rant, a local blog, inquired about why this meeting was, essentially, closed to the public by virtue of its location, the Republicans took an interesting rightward turn to solve it.

Rather than move the location to an area outside the gates (as suggested by at least one Democratic commissioner), the meeting notice was changed to indicate that meeting attendees are to ask the guards at the gate to contact Lloyd Jennings, the “the founder of the Lee County Chapter of Americans for Prosperity.”

Rep. Mike Stone: It's Cold, and I Don't Understand Science

Science is tough, what with its rules and laws and proof. And, hey, look, it's snowing outside. For Rep. Mike Stone, apparently snow on the ground means that Global Warming must be a joke. So, as his constituents deal with power outages, impassable roads, and cancellations, Stone finds some humor in his lack of basic understanding of science. As The Rant notes, there are easily found articles that explain the difference between climate and weather, but that would require typing words into Google and then reading. It's much easier to make a Facebook post that continues the ignorance.

Just Give the Poor Kids PB&J

For about a year now, Lee County has had a board of commissioners that is controlled by Republicans by a 4-3 margin. These four vote in lock-step almost always, and when they do, it is always bad for the people. As part of that attempt to ruin Lee County, the commissioners have set their eyes on the local school board. In a recent joint meeting, one commissioner found the real problem with the schools--the poor kids.

Republican Commissioner Kirk Smith wondered aloud why the schools didn't just feed low-income students peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to save money. And, as noted in this post at The Rant, that's about two-thirds of students in Lee County.

MEC Chair Jim Womack: My Opponents Are Whiny "Libtards"

NC Mining and Energy Commission Chair Jim Womack recently called his opponents "whiney [sic] libtards" during an exchange in the comments section of The Sanford Herald. As shown in this entry on The Rant, a Lee County blog, Womack has a long history of aggressive and questionable comments online. An Independent Weekly article recently showed that Womack ran an anonymous blog while he was a sitting county commissioner, and the Sanford Herald ran an article about a Womack email suggesting running the Lee County manager over with a tank.

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