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Congressional courage

In the face of a major home-grown disappointment on health care reform, where can North Carolina Democrats look for inspiration - for confirmation that who we elect to Congress can make a difference? How about right across the state line in Virginia's 5th Congressional District?

The Kissell Mystery

I've grown increasingly baffled over recent weeks by Larry Kissell's mysterious behavior on the health care reform bill.

His stubborn opposition to the pending legislation makes no policy sense, and it makes no political sense. His reported failure to even return calls of active volunteers and fundraising supporters from 2008 (both in and out of his district) who are now distressed by his intransigent opposition to reform is...politically foolish, let us say. Even if you have a well-reasoned position which you do not intend to change, you do not simply ignore your supporters. You call, you explain, you limit the political damage and try to retain their support for other issues and other days.

Health Care Reform Facts Week

Health care reform is in the home stretch, but the fools running the Republican Party and their corporate sponsors are throwing every desperate trick in the book (and some that aren't in the book yet) to try to hold it off.

Once the House acts--which could come as early as next week--it's "game over" for the opposition. The basic reform structure will be through both chambers of Congress, and the "reconciliation" package of improvements will be strucurally and politically unblockable in the formal Senate reconcilation vote. The GOP will be down to hours of obstruction time left--not years.

Looking for Larry

I'll be looking for Larry at the N.C. Democratic Party State Executive Committee meeting in Durham tomorrow.

Larry? Larry Kissell. Representative Larry Kissell (D-NC's 8th District). I'll be looking to catch you and make this plea in person -- but in case you're not there, or I can't reach you through the crowds, I'm posting it online tonight. Perhaps if I miss you, others will take it up and deliver the same message. In fact, I expect that they will.

Study shows Dems win or lose on passage of reform

Data! Fresh data!

I saw a subtly hilarious cartoon with that message posted on the door of a sociology prof once, and it still comes to mind whenever I find fresh new study info relevant to a topic of major current interest.

Speaking of which: A newly released study of key Democratic electoral groups shows that THE single most effective message for increasing their voting turnout this fall will be passage of health care reform. See the following, especially the chart on p. 12.

I encourage you to take a look. And please pass this information on to your Democratic representatives in Congress.

Sarah and the Tea Partiers

What is it about Sarah Palin that so appeals to the fringe right in America?

Listening to her keynote address to the national Tea Party convention on Saturday, the answer seems blindingly obvious. She's everything the right wing loves in a leader: A cheerful simpleton, unencumbered by objective reality, telling them with ringing conviction exactly what they want to hear.

Details are unimportant and largely undesired. Statistics are for liars. Anything that contradicts what Everyone Knows is of course just manufactured evidence from crooks, idiots, and socialists.

Health Care Now Pledge

Some unknown -- but potentially decisive -- number of Congressional Democrats have tentatively concluded that their electoral chances this fall are improved by avoiding further debate on health care reform. Let's prove them wrong.

Keep. It. Clean.

Can we PLEASE avoid the circular firing squad in this primary?

Burr, with his billionaire backers across corporate America, is going to be tough enough--and we NEED to replace him. Any of the three announced Democratic candidates would be light-years ahead of our current echo chamber for right-wing talking points.


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