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Paging Dr. Obama

Please forward ER bills for all uninsured patients during the August Congressional recess to the Senate Finance Committee for remittance. Please cc to the White House as a reminder that Kent Conrad's personal credit card has expired.

Paging Dr. Obama: The "trial balloon" of abandoning the public plan option has popped. Remember, Doc, the public plan option IS the compromise. "Co-ops" are a sellout, not an answer.

Senator Conrad needs a remedial math course. Under Senate reconciliation rules, invoked for health care reform earlier this year to deal with precisely the current situation, we need only 50 Democratic Senators (plus Vice President Biden) to pass reform. Bipartisanship is a worthy effort, but has failed in this case. Coverage for all Americans is the goal.

Fearful Foxx and the Great ACORN Menace

It seems that the GOP organizers of health care astroturf (fake grassroots) activities are terrified that real people will crash their party.

In Mocksville (county seat of deep red Davie County) today, a Foxx event was first postponed by two hours in order to avoid a permitted counter-rally. Then, according to counter-rally organizers, Mocksville police used a flimsy excuse to revoke their permit altogether, and order the small crowd of mostly senior citizens to disburse.

I was not able to attend this event (unlike the one in Winston-Salem on Monday), but I consider the reports I received reliable, and the photos posted on the following blog entry seem eloquent:

Time to condemn torture

This is one of the most astonishing "debates" I have witnessed during my lifetime. A former vice president of the United States has chosen to make his call for the continued torture of prisoners the apparent centerpiece of his public legacy. A newly elected president of the United States is forced to make a major national policy address defending his refusal to countenance torture, and his commitment to the rule of law.

Pricey on Offshore Energy Exploration Study Committee

Rep. Pricey Harrison this week sent out an excellent summary of the newly appointed state Offshore Energy Exploration Study Committee, together with its members, charge, and relevant background information on the underlying issue.  Not finding it posted anywhere online, I'll copying it in its entirety below.  (P.S. Pricey, you should post these newsletters on your website so we can just link to them there!)

[The following is from N.C. Rep. Pricey Harrison, D-Guilford.]

Calling Senator Hagan

Isn't it always the case? The new guy/gal on the block is the one getting all the attention.

North Carolina's newly minted Senator Kay Hagan is targeted for heavy lobbying over two high-profile issues on their way to showdown Senate votes soon--the first on children's health care, and the others before too long on labor organizing rights.

Is this a joke?

Someone please tell me that the California Republican Party had its website hacked, or had its PR person taken over by a space alien, or something else more believable than that a major national political party's largest state office seriously did this the day before the election.


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