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Invitation to my fellow Dem candidates to come to HKonJ

Pat, Walter, and Hampton--

I know that we have differences among us on some very important policy points, including questions related to energy, pollution control, and budget policy. However, I believe that we all share a basic commitment to the fundamental Democratic ideal of justice for all. I think that I know a good way for us to show that.

Besse: support new teen pregnancy prevention rules

We have a chance to stop state funding for the ineffective and misleading, so-called "abstinence only" curricula in community teen pregnancy prevention programs. Please email the N.C. Commission on Public Health today in support of comprehensive, medically accurate sexuality and health education.

Running on My Record: Progressive Democrat with the record to prove it.

Yesterday, two of my respected opponents in the Lieutenant Governor race engaged in a rhetorical battle over their positions on several issues of genuine concern to Democrats in our state.

This presents a good moment to emphasize my own record on those important issues. In my discussion, I emphasize experience not just because of how valuable it is to an elected official in translating stated positions into effective action. I also believe that candidates' records tell you what they genuinely believe in, far more than just what they say during the heat of a campaign.

I am running on my record, as a progressive North Carolina Democrat with the record and experience to prove it.

After the jump, you'll find the issues on which my opponents engaged yesterday—and my record on them.

Frontpaged by A, with pleasure. It's very wonderful to see this kind of substantive discussion so clearly presented.

Big, opposed crowd turns out in Hertford on OLF

I was one of more than 800 folks who turned out Wednesday night for the Navy's hearing in Hertford, NC, on the proposed OLF. Even though I arrived at 5:15 for a hearing starting at 7, due to heavy turnout by local residents I did not get to speak until after 10 p.m. I'm not complaining--the Perquimans County residents who spoke before me did an excellent job of explaining why the proposed alternative location (Site A) in their county would have unacceptable human impacts. I and other speakers from other counties chipped in with discussion of why the Navy's "preferred" alternative--Site C adjacent to the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge--is equally unacceptable. I and many other speakers emphasized that our opposition is not insensitive to legitimate national defense or training needs of our armed services. In fact, one of the major reasons why Site C and several others are so bad is the unnecessary vulnerability of Navy pilots to dangerous large bird collisions at those locations.

Protect North Carolina from hazardous waste disasters.

Does everyone recall the infamous "Environmental Quality" hazardous waste fire in Apex (NC) last fall? Over 10,000 residents were evacuated, and for days no one knew precisely to what chemicals or health hazards they and their community were being exposed.

That disaster pointed out the gaping holes which remain in North Carolina's hazardous waste regulatory setup. As a direct result, Governor Easley appointed a task force to study ways to prevent or reduce the severity of such incidents in the future. In December, they reported a strong set of proposals to fill the gaps in our state's laws.

Last night, I moved—and my colleagues on the Winston-Salem City Council unanimously agreed—to endorse those recommendations. We're calling on our General Assembly to adopt legislation to prevent future debacles like the one suffered by Apex.


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