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Email voting

I do not understand why ex-pats can vote by email, yet we in the states cannot. It would sure simplify the nursing home dilemma.

FYI - re: voters reg. for nursing home residents

I accidentally discovered that you can register online through the DMV site (as long as you already have an I.D.).

This eliminated the biggest barrier for me. (My handwriting is illegible, so without help with the forms, I was S.O.L.). AFTER I get my reg. card, I can request an absentee ballot. Cross fingers!

P.S. I have yet to hear from any election board.

Same boat - only worse

I am in a nursing home. I pushed the administration to get this process (absentee ballots and registration) started in early August. Somebody dragged their feet - probably a combo of admin. and MAT, so it took until 9/26 for the MAT team to show up. They only allotted 4 hours for a facility with 200 residents.

It has been suggested that my signature can be witnessed through the window. I was just informed that the MAT team will be back "in a few weeks."

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