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Double Standard, Anyone?

Monday, in the N&O's Under the Dome (must-read for NC political addicts of all stripes) was a purely speculative article about the possibility of President Bill Clinton coming on down to North Carolina, and giving our beleaguered Senator Kay Hagan a hand in her re-election effort. The article was just chum in the water; neither Hagan's people nor Clinton's are talking about this, but the usual Raleigh consultant suspects got together with the folks at Under the Dome to toss this one out there to see if anyone bites. A typical quote, this one from Tom Mills ( PoliticsNC ):

“People will open their wallets for him,” said Thomas Mills, a North Carolina Democratic consultant.
Moreover, in barbecue- and college basketball-crazy North Carolina, he has some shared affections."

And Mills is not alone. Apparently, having Big Bubba come on down would be good for business. Several consultants favored the idea which, as I said, even the article presented as scuttlebutt.

Dr. Ben Chavis Will Save the NCPD, Simple As That.

If certain people keep creating controversy then there will be controversy.

Many of us are tired of worrying about what the big, bad GOP is gonna do--they have done it already by destroying our state.

So let's stop worrying about them and make them worry about us.

Getting someone of Dr.Chavis' stature would do just that by starting a Million Person March to the polls this fall!

All the chatter about Ben Chavis is coming, not from the GOP, but from a certain portion of the NCDP that is frozen with fear, fear of letting the diverse members of the Democratic Party have a voice, fear of letting go of the money to be made from managing campaigns. These are the people who lost the elections beginning in 2010, and it is time they stopped chosing the leaders of the NCDP, forever.

They have lost sight of the goal, winning elections for Democrats, regaining the General Assembly and the Governor's Mansion. Winning Elections!

Replacing the Irreplaceable Ellie Kinnaird.

We know now Ellie Kinnaird has resigned her seat in the NC Senate. There are several people who would like the appointment to replace her, which will occur in about 10 days. Any thoughts from here about the candidates? Opinions, or information on their qualifications?

So far, they are Alice Bordsen, who represented Alamance County; attorney Heidi Chapman; retiring Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton; state Rep. Valerie Foushee; attorney M. Lynette Hartsell; former Carrboro Mayor Jim Porto; and author and educator Amy Tiemann.

Extreme GOP Pandemic Unleashed upon the Old North State -fr Randy Voller

Dear Democratic Friends:

Check out this link:

Governor McCrory vs. Democratic Critics


The extreme makeover that the GOP-led General Assembly is giving North Carolina is mercifully about to end as the session draws to a close. Like a pandemic flu indiscriminately unleashed, there is apparently no area of life in North Carolina left unsoiled by an aggressive and overreaching “Tea Party” agenda that has besmirched the brand of North Carolina and forsaken the social contract that has been implicit on Jones Street for decades.

It is no wonder that thousands of citizens have gathered to express their displeasure and hundreds have been arrested respectfully protesting in the capital during this legislative session: Vlad the Impaler would be more merciful to the needs of the citizens of North Carolina than the extreme ideology operating in the General Assembly today.

It is unfortunate BlueNC is being used for libel

It is unfortunate that BlueNC is allowing itself to be used to post a video that is libelous. This is full of untrue statements and slanted, defamatory information.

The recent elimination of full-time positions is part of an ongoing reorganization of the NCDP that will actually reduce the number of permanent staff positions and engage more part-time and project oriented expertise on an ongoing and as-needed basis.

All parties must be aware of this irresponsible behavior by Frank Eaton, his video is full of untruths and half truths, and the libel will be accounted for, by all parties.

Comments disabled: I've decided to put a temporary moratorium on intraparty feuding, just for a few days. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

The Parkerization of the Democratic Party

The General Assembly on Jones Street continues to churn out legislation that fails to nourish the state’s people, but rather serves them up a starvation diet while the GOP serves their corporate masters at ALEC the laws they want for maximizing corporate profits. The GOP on Jones Street has fifty card carrying members of ALEC among its numbers, and they serve Tarheels only a future prepared for them in the corporate blender which no one wants to drink.

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