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§ 163-165.2. Sample ballots.

(b) Document Resembling an Official Ballot to Contain
Disclaimer. - No person other than a board of elections shall
produce or disseminate a document substantially resembling an
official ballot unless the document contains on its face a
prominent statement that the document was not produced by a board
of elections and is not an official ballot.
(2001-460, s. 3, effective January 1, 2002)

The Winston-Salem Journal Endorses Dan Besse for Lt. Governor and Roy Carter in the 5th!

From the Winston-Salem Journal this morning:


A lawyer, Besse spent a number of years lobbying in Raleigh on issues related to the environment, poverty and health-care access, so he knows the legislative process.

Besse also has a good mix of state and local government experience. For 20 years, he served on important state commissions that oversee, among other things, environmental and coastal regulation, and he’s now in his seventh year on the Winston-Salem City Council. He’s a hardworking, accessible councilman known for his reasoned responses to issues. He can use the lieutenant governor’s office as a bully pulpit for the issues about which he has been most passionate in his career of public service - the environment and access to health-insurance coverage for North Carolinians.

We are the Swing Vote

My friends at BlueNC, we are the swing vote in this election.

BlueNC represents the most formidable and vocal group of progressive activists in North Carolina. We have the potential to influence the outcome on May 6th. That's why I'm asking you today personally to write to me and volunteer to help Dan Besse capture the votes he needs to be the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor.

Jim Neal is not waiting to start speaking truth to power.

When I give people my own version of the Jim Neal elevator pitch, it begins like this:

"What I like about Jim Neal is that he's got guts. These are tough times and with Jim as our Senator, we won't have to worry that he'll be afraid to talk tough when the moment calls for it."

I've been fortunate to be there with a camera at least twice when Jim Neal has done just that. I've heard him say "Hell no!" to Blackwater and yesterday I saw him stand up to an old Democratic warhorse and remind James Carville that "We have primaries here in North Carolina, James...not coronations."


Sierra Club Endorses Former "Meddling Kid" for Lt. Governor

Dan Besse received the Sierra Club's resounding endorsement in the Democratic race for Lt. Governor this week. In this video announcement he describes the Eureka! moment of his long career in environmental advocacy:

Following a purple river to its source and learning the ropes of citizen action...

Five Years On: The NC Democratic Party and the Iraq War Resolution

In 2003, Dan Besse wrote the NC Democratic Party's resolution opposing the war in Iraq, the first such move made by a state party in the run-up to the war.

While party resolve on Iraq has been soft at times since, here was a moment, for NC Democrats at least, of courage and foresight.

Besse: A Quick Illustration

When North Carolina's utility industry overstates our future energy needs, we the residents and rate payers face the very real possibility that these reckless estimates will result in the construction of dangerous, dirty and astronomically expensive new power plants. We're facing that situation today with the Cliffside coal plant, but back in 1982, the Triangle region very nearly received four---FOUR---new nuclear units at the Shearon Harris Nuclear Facility in southwestern Wake County.


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