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This awful Obamacare

To those who are flipping out about the news stories of citizens losing their health care via having their plans cancelled by an insurance company, here is some good news. I went back to just now and got some prices on some actual plans.

  • A family poilicy for one adult and two children with an annual income of $27,600 per year would get the following prices: Annual Premium $12,725 Annual Credit $12,173 Total Out Of Pocket $552 (annually)
  • For the same family with an annual income of $32,600 the numbers are as follows: Annual Premium $12,725 Annual Credit $11,631 Total Out of Pocket $1,094 (annually)

Rape at ASU

It leaves me stunned to think that I, as an alumnus of ASU with a daughter having gone there and another daughter thinking about it would not feel some security if she was attacked on or off campus and the university acted swiftly to get to the facts, reach a decision, and act accordingly and with justice, versus these cowards that we have put into a position of authority. I remember a line from a movie many years ago.

"You people just let it slide, it was just a little injustice. But injustice has a way of coming back to bite you, it festers and builds and it becomes a huge problem."

Maybe those chancellors, deans, and members of the board of directors need to experience what rape is all about. It might give them some real insight and a realistic look at what justice is.

What I Just Saw

I just saw a post on facebook that basically blamed the death and destruction of the Newtown massacre on liberals because they did not arm teachers as they do in Israel. I posted the following answer.

Voter Suppression

If anyone is going to sit back and say, "whew" because Obama was reelected and it's all good, forget it. Governor Perdue vetoed the voter suppression law(voter ID), but if you think McCrory will do the same, you are delusional. As soon as the legislature meets, there will be a new NC Vote ID law passed by the legislature and the fight will begin anew. Get ready by contacting voters who may be disenfranchised and let's start today. Data banks must be built and data must be accumulated.

Singing the Barack Obama Tune

This song is sung to the tune of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"

He, said conservatives should, be removed for good
I of course agreed, followed in his lead
the country should be free.

Now, the bank has a repo squad, out there in the yard,
I just smile and say, as another program dies,
Obama told us lies.

He said we must get real, have to make a deal,
let rich tax cuts grow, seniors can take the blow,
the “job creators” have seeds to sow.

Now, “tea partiers” had their way, they have won the day
I just smile and say, as another program dies,
Obama told us lies.

Missing In Action

Over the years, there was Amerlia Earhardt, Judge Crater, and Jimmy Hoffa, all characters of reputation and note whose disappearance was historic. Then this week, there was another historic and famous(or infamous) character missing from sight, the vanishing of Donald Trump, a mystery of some note.

I do not know the extent of the acumen or brilliance of the Obama administration and re-election committee(do you remember the old acronym CREP?), but it was one of histories biggest accidents, and a successful accident at that, or a combination of the cunning of Barack Obama, David Axelrod, and David Ploff when last week, Obama released his birth certificate to throw frigid water on Trump's biggest and most widely covered talking point, the birther issue, and then the second part of the old one-two, was the White House Correspondents Dinner where he took "The Don" apart with a smile on his face and all the time knowing what would or could happen tomorrow.

Reflections on the Tea Party

I just looked at the website for Tea Party Nation and they were going crazy over the deal worked out this morning to keep the government operating.
The last blog post however was one responding to a program of Michael Smersconish questioning whether or not the Tea Party was fading into oblivion and was written by Judson Phillips the Head of Tea Party Nation and he was lamenting the drop in participation from their zenith just after the health care fight ended.

There were many replies that sort of took Phillips to task for getting so tied up in social issues and not sticking to fiscal sanity and shrinking the size of government which I was impressed with to the point that I decided to add my two cents worth and spent about five minutes with a comment. After finishing, I could not find a button to click to add my comments and tried to move and come back but lost the comments.

Wage Imbalance And A Dire Future

What happened in Wisconsin with collective bargaining shows the true nature of what is going on all over the country. The question is where do we go from here?

It's not just the budget bill needs a quorum -- the big issue is that *any* bill with fiscal implications is supposed to have a quorum in the Wisconsin state Senate. So there are two choices here:
1. Collective bargaining has fiscal implications, and so the bill will be blocked in the courts and ruled unconstitutional.


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