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Right Wingmanship, Coming To A Legislature Near You

This kind of corporate takeover may or may not be going on in North Carolina but we need to be on our guard, really on our guard.
We all know of many of the intended abuses of our liberties going on in Wisconsin but this is not all of the story.
The state of Michigan fell to a Republican governor in the last election and they have put forward what they call a budget bill to get a troubled state back on the road to fiscal prosperity. Deep in the bill there is a part that gives the governor authority over the small towns of Michigan.
In this bill, if the governor's office thinks a town is in financial trouble, he can declare it in an emergency situation and this gives the governor the authority to cancel all city contracts with vendors and insert new providers of goods and services for what had been under city contract.

Wisconsin slop-over

I now understand why governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has so much trouble balancing a budget. The cost of cleaning up the capitol building was discussed by the head of the Department of Administration that handles building maintenance for the state. The head said that the cost of evaluating the damage done by the up to 5,000 people who occupied the building was between $60,000 and $500,000. Now this was just to evaluate the damage that turned out to be caused mostly by putting tape on the marble walls. The actual cost of restoration was estimated to be up to $7,500,000(that's right $7.5 million).

After the amounts were announced and the resulting "get reals" were spoken, the cost has been reduced to $347,000.

The head of the team of eight people who work for the state of Wisconsin and have responsibility for maintaining the building was somewhat in disagreement as he felt that the work could be accomplished within the regular performance of their duties.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield at it again

On the verge of being screwed again, the NC public is facing a new health insurance exchange law that, according to the News & Observer, is being "orchestrated by Blue Cross/Blue Shield." The new law requires that the health insurance exchange board be made up of a permanent seat for BC/BS and also two other insurance company representatives, someone from the business community, someone from the state medical society, and someone from the hospital association.

No consumer groups or advocates will be included.

The law is getting fast service in the legislature who are again, swapping campaign dollars for dead people.

Right Wing Attacks Progressive Institutions

Unfortunately for our liberties, James O'Keefe and Lila Rose made a successful assault with their hidden camera by setting up ACORN and ultimately destroyed an organization that provided housing services for the at risk poor. The same thing was tried against a Planned Parenthood office where an employee of that same organization was taped making foolish statements that had little to do with the operations and goals of PP. It is however, being used as a reason to slash any federal funding.

Now, we find the third step, an assault on labor unions, to further turn this country into a two tier civilization of the have's and have not's. No middle ground, no middle class.

Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party, you gotta love em'

I read a post by Rachael Maddow this morning regarding CNN airing the Bachmann answer to the SOTU speech. I can't help but disagree with her and wonder why MSNBC didn't also air it.
We don't need to aid and abet in giving baloon heads like Bachmann cover, put them out there for all the truly patriotic citizens of this country to evaluate her and her ilk.

The Citizen Corporation

The corporations in NC want to be treated like citizens when it comes to the political process(as do corporations in other states) and we should accommodate them. Let's let NC corporations make contributions, but only up to the personal limit and pay income tax based on their income and not the profit that is left at the end of the year. Also, they can only deduct for interest paid for their land and buildings that they operate out of, no other interest would be used to reduce the tax responsibility.
Also, if a corporation lost money, they would still be due to pay their income taxes and the taxes would be progressive in rates, just like citizens. And bankruptcies, if a corporation declared bankruptcy, they would still be responsible for that debt and if the corporation dissolved, the officers and boards of directors would have to pay it and if they didn't, they would be subject to contempt of court and could be fined and jailed, just like NC citizens have to.

Bush Tax Cuts Extended, Olberman out, Health Care Reform repealed in House, What is Next?

Oh yeah, the next step.

The number of pedestrians in the US who have fallen victim to being run over by a motor vehicle has increased by .4% from2009 to 2010. I can't help but wonder why the small uptick, more talk on cell phone, additional time texting, NO, not even close.

According to leading conservatives, it is a direct result of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program. More people are walking and ipso facto more people are being run over by automobiles and trucks. I wonder if they considered two things:

1. The stupidity of their claim and
2. How many people would be saved by more exercise vs those with early mortality via couch habits

King Of The Tea Parties Reacts To Gun Access Problems

I just read Judson Phillips'(Mr Phillips is the head of Tea Party Nation) blogpost regarding Peter King's recommendation regarding the use of guns and the crazy access to guns. Mr. King is a republican from New York and has condemned, criticized, and tried to destroy Obama from various directions since the election but this post may be something you should look at to gauge the craziness on the Tea Party Nation.

In the aftermath of the Arizona shootings, we expected lunacy from the left. We expected more sense from the GOP. Peter King (R-NY), who is best described as not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, is going to introduce a bill that prohibits the carrying of firearms within 1,000 feet of a member of congress.

Perhaps he can pass a new law while he is at it requiring us all to bow down to Members of Congress when we come within 1,000 feet of them too.

A history of political violence

I saw where one of the conservative right spokespersons called the shooter in Arizona a liberal lunatic gone out of control. May be true, but I just read a post in that gives a brief history of our inability to seperate violence and political theater.

By John Perr

"My tears are flowing and I am stunned and angered that Gabby Giffords was savagely gunned down while performing her congressional duties." So said Minnesota Republican Representative Michele Bachmann in response to Saturday's mass killing in Tucson. But less than a year ago, Bachmann called for resistance to cap and trade legislation, "I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue," adding, "Thomas Jefferson told us, having a revolution every now and then is a good thing."

Read the rest here.

Healthcare reform

For those who are for and those who are against the national health care reform, there is a website that very clearly and simply lays out the reforms and when they are implemented. Go to

This is a site sponsored by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.


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