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In a cloud?

I just can't quite get my arms wrapped around this policy. It is okay for a homosexual man to take a shower with a heterosexual man and just fine for a lesbian woman to be around when a heterosexual woman washes herself off, just as long as those homosexuals haven't told someone openly that they are gay.

The Conservatives' New Fear

There were the conservatives' outrage that President Obama was not an American and actually born in Kenya but, that fact was hidden at birth so he could come back and run for POTUS 40 years later. That was the "birthers".

Then there was Obama's takeover of the American economy via the reform of health care and committee decisions on urgent care ushered in the "death panel" crazies.

Now, a new reason for right wingers to run around with their hair on fire. Obama wants to give New York City back to the Indians.

"The outrage began after the President announced on December 16 that the U.S. would reverse course and support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The Declaration was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 2007, but the U.S., under President Bush, opposed it.

Taming The Tea Party

It has been most interesting to remember the loud, confrontational behavior of the Tea Party enthusiasts back last year when the Senate and House were struggling with the passage of health care reform. They proved to be a force in that debate and many Republican politicians clamped onto the movement and rode it to the mid-terms back in November.

The Tea Party continued to yell and push right up until the voting, cash backed by organizations like Dick Armey and Freedom Works. Yes, Dick Army, every common man's populist,one of the most connected lobbyists in Washington, working for the most powerful interests, fighting for less regulations, lower taxes, more free wheeling banking, more insurance company rule, and more of the country's wealth being poured into the coffers of military contractors, but not on budget.

Speaking Of Bush

from the Daily Kos by Dante Atkins

Ten years ago today, the world changed. At the time, we just didn't know it yet.

Ten years ago today, in a baffling and overtly political 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court decided that the only way to protect the equal voting rights of the people of Florida was to stop counting their votes--but only in this particular instance and no other, because they only wanted the votes to stop being counted when George W Bush was ahead.

The Bush legacy is one written in the red ink of debt, greed and death. An occupation of the nation hosting that did attack us, botched from an overweening desire to wage a preemptive war against a country that did not. Thousands of American lives and potentially hundreds of thousands of native lives lost in the process. Torture prisons in the name of national security. Warrantless wiretapping and other forms of surveillance and entrapment against United States citizens and nonviolent peace groups.

A tribute to Elizabeth Edwards

Sometime around 1970 I was the photographer of the Wilkes Community College annual and editor of their newspaper. I wrote a tribute to a successful community college coach who was a legend in high school basketball at North Wilkes High School in Hays, NC. His name was Joe Linney, and, I must admit, over the years since that time I have lost sight of him and really know nothing of his biography since 1971.

I do know this however, that I recollected a quote by Johnny Cash regarding on certain album by Bob Dylan(Nashville Skyline), both favorites of mine.

Elizabeth Edwards almost exactly fit those words of tribute that I believe are forever etched into my brain.

Johnny Cash's tribute was as follows, excepting for some editing due to gender and time.

"And their words, works, and songs are like bright, flashes of light from a brilliant erupting cone, so where are your mountains to match some men."

News that elections do have consequences

Did Joyce Kaufman, the South Florida right-wing radio talk show host who was named (and then unnamed) as Republican Rep.-elect Allen West's chief of staff, inspire the deranged person whose threats led to yesterday's lock down of Broward County public schools, libraries and post offices? It looks that way.

As you might recall, someone emailed Kaufman's radio station, WFTL, declaring that he or she was planning a violent act against some kind of government building, possibly a school. A phone call to the station yesterday, from a woman identifying herself as the e-mailer's wife, later warned that this man could potentially commit a terrorist act against a public school. That prompted a countywide lock down of all public schools.


I am not blaming "it" on George Bush, I'm blaming "it" on you. Those things earlier cited were things that happened and I question, "Where were you?"
You posted some inane drivel about Obama and a Jack-O-Lantern. What was the problem? Was Obama too pro-pumpkin? That was mindless inane blather. On your second post you cited Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, good for you.
One of their biggest fears of those former presidents was the melding of corporate interests and government policies and they wrote about them extensively. The actual Boston Tea Party was about just that(King George was punishing the colonies and paying off corporate favors by suspending taxes for an English tea company and stacking taxes on American products).

Comments On: Obama Pumpkins On Porches This Halloween

A Reply to RandysRight and a tribute

George Bush said he was totally against those law suits and we should not sue
others as law suits have become the American way of life. We should limit
suits, but following the presidential election in 2000, what was the first
law suit filed? It was Bush v. Gore with George Bush suing to stop the
counting of Presidential ballots and there was Randy, lapping up Bush's

George Bush said that after the attack on September 11, there was no place
Osama Bin Laden could hide and there was no cost too great for this country
to spend to rebuild the twin towers and repair, not just the damage to our
infrastructure, but to rehabilitate and rescue the health of the firefighters
and the policemen who did not die in the tragedy, but whose health was
forever affected. "We owe them that to our heroes" Now it is coming close
to the end of 2010 and neither things have been completed, or even started

William Randall(R) for US House, District 13

NC District 13 has a real asset in their Republican candidate for US House, William Randall. He is a NC businessman and wants to take his expertise to Washington to work for us. Good job, Bill

I see you got your campaign rhetoric from Bush 43, Second Edition. He is running on gays, guns, and God. Says he is totally against abortion under any circumstances, advocates the defense of marriage act and is solidly behind the right to bear arms. I am not going to take up your valuable time arguing against your positions but would like for you to answer some of my questions.
Did you defend the past Bush administration even though they controlled the White House, the Senate and the House, they did nothing to change legislation regarding a woman's right to choose?
I rented a house two years ago to a gay couple but my marriage to my wife stayed strong even with our association with this abomination near at hand. How do you explain that?

Burr failed again

Senate Republicans, with the help of Richard Burr, have again blocked a bill that could prove to help the people of his state but, again, he chose to be a Republican rather than be a North Carolinian. A jobs bill that called for tax credits for companies that brought jobs back to the US that had previously been outsourced and called for the termination of tax incentives for companies taking jobs from loyal, hard-working Americans and sending them overseas or to Hispanic nations south of us.

This legislation had the potential to put North Carolina's idle work force back to work if high-tech and textile jobs could be brought back to our home state. It was not to be.


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