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Fox News

There is a strategy laid out long ago by conservative Republicans about how to capture the message for a long-time conservative takeover of the US, the White House, and both houses. It includes the kidnapping of the news cycle(no longer, if it ever was, liberal, because of the corporate takeover of news companies like NBC by General Electric(one of the largest military contractors in the world)).
The poster child of that strategy is embodied in Fox News which recently donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Campaign Committee(not wanting to make the money available to Michael Steele, et. al.)
They removed any pretense of being "fair and balanced" and baring their "Republican teeth" once and for all for the public to see, going from covert to overt because the current news cycle has no hang-ups on fairness as long as they have Sarah Palin to cover.

Dems Unlikely to Repeal Bush Tax Cuts

I just finished reading an article by a writer for McClatchey News that the Democrats in the Senate will probably not repeal the Bush tax cuts.
First off, there is nothing to repeal. President George Bush could not get his tax cuts aimed at the richest Americans through the Senate and had to rely on "reconciliation", a manuver now condemned by Republicans as "Un-American". Because reconciliation was used, the bill only had a life of ten years and Bush and the Republican led Senate knew this and voted to end the tax cuts after 2010, not a majority of Democrats, but Republicans.

Mr. Burr zzzzzzzzzzz

I have read with interest the last few weeks about the $250.00 bounty on meaningful legislation passed by our current senator from North Carolina, one Richard Burr.
There are two points of interest that brings me back to this subject: 1. That Mr. Burr has been ineffectual as to provide a need for such a poll and 2. That I have gone through months and months of political discourse but did not know of the competition.
Just so you know, I am an unabashed liberal. I recently retired from an agribusiness company that is very predominately white, male, conservative, Republican in nature. I am the company bleeding heart, liberal, pinko, commie, subversive, unAmerican employee that they have put up with for a long time(17+ years to be exact).

Nothing New For Newt

Newt Gingrich seems to be a one-act pony and has learned nothing new as he tries to rehabilitate himself to run for the presidency.
He lied to the ethics committee years ago, his former wife Marianne disclosed he lied about Jim Wright, his serial adultry,and disclosed also to his ex-wife that he defended the position that there is no correlation required between what he preaches and how he acts in his personal and professional life.
Now he gives us a history lesson on the Mosque at Cordoba and how the mosque in Spain and the proposed mosque in New York are similar examples of the Muslims sticking their fingers into the eye of Christians.
Again, he sees no need for there to be a correlation between history and Newt's history.


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