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Astroturf activists

Retirees wearing FreedomWorks t-shirts touting everything from property rights to personal savings accounts were bused into Raleigh Tuesday June 27th as astroturf activists to lobby for corporate and conservative issues. FreedomWorks, a merger of Dick Armey's Citizens for a Sound Economy and Jack Kemp's Empower America, positions itself as the right's answer to Last month FreedomWorks actually crashed a MoveOn press conference.

In the last few years FreedomWorks has teamed up with the John Locke Foundation for statewide tours. Speakers Tuesday included Chad Adams of the JLF, a FreedomWorks regular, hawking the "Tax Pledge".

Tony Rand: That ain't the way it works

Tony Rand and other Senators mocked House ethics proposals yesterday rivaling Jim Black in contempt for State election laws.

"The candidate doesn't know because he's kissing babies and hugging folks. And somebody else is over there with the jar." - Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, D-Cumberland, about whether candidates are keeping track who is giving to their campaigns during low-key fundraising events in which guests make small cash contributions.

The candidate doesn't know because he's kissing babies and hugging folks

Double Header

I'm on a roll today. By accident or by design I had two letters printed in the same day by the N&O.

One about the insidious influence of the Citizens for Higher Education PAC whose members collectively and individually give large sums to legislators, particularly Jim Black.
PAC's boost

The other about Richard Burr's false claims of concern for consumers.
Consumer info

Congress blocking emails

Consumers Union has begun a campaign to stop Congressional offices blocking emails sent through organizational websites like Consumers Union

Last month, Congressional offices began to adopt new software that blocks the delivery of email their constituents send from a wide range of nonprofit organization websites. The Internet has opened up democratic communication between millions of Americans and their elected representatives. This new, higher level of participaion should be welcomed, not disabled.

This new technology--launched just a short while ago and already in use by more than 30 Representatives--requires you to answer a "logic puzzle" question before you can submit a comment. This is designed to limit communications to only those constituents who go directly to the lawmaker's own website to send a message. Unorganized individuals will be able to talk to their representatives, but people who wish to communicate as part of a movement through nonprofit organizations will be blocked.

Democrats should be worried (NCSPIN)

Democrats should be worried (NCSPIN 5/4/06)

Hidden quietly amidst the reports of Tuesday's elections returns was the story that the longest-tenured House Democrat, Edd Nye, was defeated. To report accurately, Nye trails William Brisson by 64 votes, but all the precincts are in and it appears unlikely that Nye can recover enough to claim victory.

What happened? Residents of the district saw yard signs all over with headlines saying, "House for Sale," displaying Edd Nye's picture. Joe Sinsheimer and his campaign promised ads and yard signs against Black supporters. Nye was a House Appropriations Chair and member of Black's inner circle and had been rumored to become House Rules chair (see below).


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