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This morning I spoke with attorney representing the North Carolina Association of Realtors (NCAR). He declined to submit concerns in writing but they relate to three posts, on another blog, made in the last few days, which he requested that I remove and recognize with an apology.

In my posts I try to strive to present an abundance of fact, spiced with opinion, believing that sunlight is the best disinfectant and that humor is the best medicine.

Pat McCrory's Dirty Energy Pfriends

Koch Industries has been called the biggest oil company you've never heard of, but Pat McCrory has heard of it. On Monday October 20th his campaign got a $4,000 check from KOCHPAC the PAC of a company with a history of oil spills, air pollution violations and funding of global warming skeptics and right-wing think-tanks to the tune of millions of dollars.

Nancy Pfotenhauer is a top policy advisor to John McCain and described by Think Progress as McCain's Dirty Energy Spokeswoman. You may recognize her from her frequent appearances on cable news. Before joining the McCain campaign she headed up Americans for Prosperity. She also headed another Koch funded group, the Independent Women's Forum prior to which she was Koch Industries top lobbyist in their Washington office. We don't need any dirty energy pfriends of Koch Industries like Pat McCrory.

Pat McCrory's "Alarming" Ethics

Pat McCrory loves him some freebies. In 2004 CPI Security Systems, an alarm company, flew McCrory on a chartered plane to Panthers playoff games in St Louis and Philadelphia. When his plane landed in Philly it was met by an official police escort which sped through the city with lights flashing making way for the party bus carrying McCrory and the CPI employees. McCrory and CPI CEO Ken Gill claimed that there was no ethics violation because CPI had no direct business with the city. They failed to mention that CPI’s security alarm business is affected by the city’s regulation of private security alarms. McCrory wants to clean up corruption but don’t take his plate away because he’s not done eating. Like Sarah Palin, the rules don’t apply to him when he doesn’t like them. In his filing with the State Ethics Commission he failed to acknowledge that he has a wife, avoiding disclosure of her financial holdings. Like Sarah Palin, he used the mayor’s public email account as contact information.

Pharma Fred Goes To Washington

This is Fred Eshelman, CEO of PPD, Inc, the man paying millions to attack Barack Obama. Perhaps Fred Eshelman is funding attacks on Barack Obama because he is chafing under Federal oversight after his performance at the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing in February 2008. The Committee was investigating FDA approval of the drug Ketek, which caused liver problems, despite being based on fraudulent clinical research.

PPD Execs Attack Obama

North Carolina has some homegrown swifboaters in the form of businessmen Fred Eshelman, CEO, and Ernest Mario, Chairman, of Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc. a Wilmington, NC, based company. I wrote back in July about "Real, Inc" and Eshelman's involvement along with State Senator Fletcher Hartsell and State Representative Jeff Barnhart, both Cabarrus County Republicans.

The group has since changed its name to and has been airing commercials against Obama. Last week the group filed a report with the FEC showing spending of $583,723 and contributions from Eshelman and Mario totaling $3,733,919 of which $1,000,000 came from Mario and the balance of $2,733,919 came from Eshelman.

What does Eshelman, Mario and PPD, Inc., hope to gain? A "New America" with a less restrictive FDA approval process.


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