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Creative protests, activism, and civil disobedience

Seeing all the protests in Raleigh has got me thinking about creative ways to engage in activism. In particular I'm wondering how do we break out of the Triangle and spread this message around the state? And how do we come up with other ways to engage in civil disobedience so that those who have been arrested once at the General Assembly can stay engaged?

Bill of the beast photo blog

I just wanted to congratulate and share about the great work a coalition of ECU students did in getting an anti-voter suppression resolution passed by the Greenville City Council last night. The resolution opposed SB 666, cuts to early voting, and barriers to voting in general. Here's a little bit of the work that led up to it.

On campus tabling & rally:

Moved to act

They are arresting students instead of educating them. Something is wrong with this picture. One of the arrested students said that her arrest is worthwhile if it moves even one person to act. Will you be that person?

May Day in Raleigh

Earlier this week a lot of good people got arrested trying to protest the insanity that is happening at the General Assembly. If that inspired you to make your presence and your opposition to these attacks on voting rights and on the people of North Carolina known, then check out this event.

Schedule: http://maydaytrianglenc.wordpress.com/schedule/
3 pm: Welcome and Teach-ins (Moore Square, Raleigh, NC)
4 pm: Sidewalk march steps off (Moore Square going to Halifax Mall with stops along the way)
5-5:30 pm: Arrive at NC Legislature
5:30-8 pm: Rally, speak-outs, music, and more!! (Halifax Mall, Raleigh, NC)


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