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Still a swing state!

Obama and Romney tied in North Carolina

PPP's newest North Carolina poll finds Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied at 48, representing a small shift in Obama's direction from a week and a half ago when Romney led 49-47. This now makes 27 out of 28 polls of the state PPP has conducted this cycle where the candidates have been within two points of each other.

Obama has built up a lead over the first week of the early voting period in the state. Among those who say they've already voted he's at 57% to 42% for Romney.

Read more from Public Policy Polling here.

My 2nd campaign donation

Just donated to Linda Coleman for Lt Governor. Hers is the only campaign I've donated to during the General Election cycle other than President Obama's re-election campaign if that says anything.

While I'm supporting many good candidates, this is a place where a donation can make an important difference. All 4 polls have been tied so any support could be the tipping point. And in a statewide race a donation is much more meaningful than in a national race. So I figured if I donated to the President, I should donate here too.

Marriage News Watch one month out

After North Carolina went through the pain of a marriage vote earlier this year, I feel for those going through it in other states in just under a month. Maryland, Maine, and Washington are all fighting for marriage equality, and Minnesota is fighting against a discriminatory amendment just like we faced.

I like the polling the I've seen for Maine and Washington, but for Maryland and Minnesota it's tight. I know with so many important races in North Carolina that's hard to give any more, especially out of state. Maryland is close enough that it feels real. I know people from our Mid-Atlantic neighbor a few states north. If you can give to the equality effort there, you can do so by clicking here.

North Carolina Pride 2012 - Saturday, September 29th

Though I've only been writing up NC Pride blogs here at Blue NC for about 4 years, this annual celebration has reached its 28th year (coincidentally so have I). And I think it is going to be a special year. We have cause both to mourn and celebrate. It's the first Pride since amendment one passed. But it's also the first Pride since the President and the Democratic Party Platform came out in support of marriage equality (the same President in charge of appointing SCOTUS members who will ultimately decide on this issue). I for one am ready to get to work, knowing that voting starts in 3 weeks, to elect pro-equality candidates. Equality NC's voter guide can help you find out who they are.

Greenville city council passes the anti-Citizens United resolution!

You may remember reading about all the hard work the Democracy Summer internship teams did over the summer. In particular one project the Greenville team took on was to rally public support and meet with a majority of the City Council members to educate them about the anti-Citizens United resolution. Through their hard work over the summer, last night we won the milestone 10th city in North Carolina to pass this resolution, and the first east of 95!

DNC final day photoblog

I spent the big day at the NC delegation breakfast, the NC LGBT Dems press conference, the national LGBT Democratic Caucus meeting, and of course helping nominate President Obama.

DNC Wednesday photoblog

Today was the first time I've seen a President in person, and to see 2 at once, what a thrill! I saw candidate Obama campaign in NC last time around, and I'm glad as President he's spending a lot of time in our swing state again. North Carolina was proud to help nominate Barack Obama!

DNC Tuesday photoblog

North Carolina was represented in full force today! Whether at the national LGBT Caucus meeting by Rep. Brandon, and Senate candidate Deb Butler, or by Mayor Foxx or Governor Perdue. And of course there were many other great speakers, more than I can list, including FLOTUS Michelle Obama, but you can click through to see shots of many of them!

DNC Monday photoblog

It's day two of the convention related festivities, and I made it out a few NC delegation events, the youth caucus meeting, the CarolinaFest street festival, and the LGBT Victory Fund party. Here's a little of what I saw.

DNC Sunday photoblog

I wish had time to type up a good description and label every photo, but there is so much to do, and so little time! This is mostly from the convention hotel, the NASCAR Hall of Fame Welcome Reception, and the LGBT Unity Party. Enjoy! (Warning: it may take a minute to load)


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