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The legislature is running roughshod over our constitution, pushing through new measures to restrict voting, undermine our separation of powers, and nickel and dime consumers. These are unprecedented, unnecessary, politically-driven, and hurt our state. Many are nothing more than a “blank-check” to allow partisan politicians to do as they please.

North Carolina Must Stand Against These Attacks on Our Constitution and Vote “Against.”

Trump wouldn't be able to be Trump without Burr and Tillis

As an observer of North Carolina’s political landscape for many years, I find myself baffled by our two United States Senators. For all their bluster and public relations efforts, neither has done much for our state. Both have undermined the reputation of our country.

For his part, Richard Burr has the enjoyed the benefit of low expectations. Ever since he famously encouraged his wife to run to the ATM on the eve of the 2008 economic meltdown, it’s been clear that Burr’s only interest is self-interest.

Why VOTE AGAINST Republican constitutional amendments?

Because we have to protect our NC Constitution.

  1. Republicans are playing games again. They’ve put six amendments on the ballot that will undermine the integrity of our most cherished legal document. And it's all for political gain.
  2. Not a single one of the amendments are necessary. All could be addressed through simple legislation. There’s no need whatsoever to amend the Constitution. Every living North Carolina governor agrees.
  3. This is a power play, pure and simple. So-called leaders in the General Assembly want to turn out the Republican base and weaken the other two branches of government. Republicans don’t like Governor Cooper and they don’t like the courts, so they’re trying to take over everything.

We all want to be informed voters. But in this case, we don’t have to spend a minute thinking about these amendments. Each and every one of them will damage our Constitution. That’s wrong.

Vote AGAINST all six amendments.


Please come to our party today!

If you’re in town and available, please come to our July 4th celebration today. Starts at 5. Bring a side dish ... and a bathing suit! Live music.

If you’re a Republican, you’re welcome to come if you promise to apologize to everyone here for being part of the problem ... and assure me that you’ll vote for only Democratic candidates this fall. Otherwise, no thanks.

The evil among us

I've long resisted acknowledging the presence of evil. The very act of saying things brings them into existence, and some things, I thought, were better left unspoken. Then Trump emerged, evil incarnate, contagious as the plague.

Journalists assassinated. Children ripped from families. Unrestrained greed. Never-ending lies. Democracy subverted. These things are evil, there is no other way to describe them.


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