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Burr <3 torture

Just when you thought our senior senator couldn't be more of a scumbag ... Burr comes out in favor of a known advocate for torture and cover-up to join the dumpster fire in DC.


Sometime the truth squeaks out from the most unlikely source. This one is definitely a long-term lease.

Whatever happened to Art Pope?

I started covering Art Pope 12 years ago, when he decided North Carolina couldn’t survive without his guiding hand. At the time, Mr. Pope was just beginning his quest to take over our state, after having earlier lost his election bid for lieutenant governor. Unable to convince voters to elect him, he set out to buy the influence he couldn’t earn. And he did just that.

Tipping point

It seems to me that we have moved in the past day to the brink of irreversible disaster. GOP grifters are bellying up to the bar, while the the billions of people worldwide who will suffer from their actions watch helplessly from the outside. Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, a small and stupid act of greed, are the tipping point. They are already triggering aun unstoppable trade war, which the US will most assuredly lose. Our agricultural products will fall from favor with foreign buyers overnight in retaliation. Our farmers will go bankrupt in record numbers.

Bergermoore: Trump is coming for you

The gun fetishists in Raleigh love having weapons in schools, and almost everywhere else, but they're not so excited about people packing heat in the halls of Legislature. Well glory be, the Cheeto has decided that there's no place for gun-free zones in America. Not only that, he's also ready to confiscate your guns and ask questions later. How anyone can take this guy seriously is beyond me. He's clearly mentally ill.



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