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Do Burr and Tillis listen?

In a word, no.

By my count, both senators have received many thousands of calls and emails from worried constituents over the past week. Their voice mail boxes are full. And what is the result of those calls? Nothing. Both men voted to begin dismantling ACA, without even the illusion of a viable replacement plan. Of course, Trump has promised a magnificent alternative. Bigly indeed. Just like he promised Mexico would pay to build his wall.

An open letter to Richard Burr UPDATE


I wrote this earlier today, but just found that hearings will be held. I am proud of Burr. It feels good.

Dear Richard.

It's a new year, and I've resolved to be nice. Thank you for reading.

When people ask me to call members of Congress, I find it hard to comply. It almost always seems like wasted effort. Especially when I'm calling you. You don't seem to care what I think, and your mind seems already made up about everything.

The courts must hold Berger and Moore in contempt

The US District Court had this to say in August. And it didn't happen. The legislature has initiated three separate special sessions since August, and in none of them has the court's order been followed.

"Therefore we hereby order the North Carolina General Assembly to draw remedial districts in their next legislative session ... "

So much deception

I'm one of the millions of Americans suffering from Post Trump Stress Disorder, and until today I've been baffled by the depth of my depression. I've finally figured it out. It's not just the sheer grotesqueness of Trump that bothers me, although today's news about Trump's #peegate is certainly mind-blowing. No, it's deeper and more insidious. It is instinctive lying that bothers me, because it's spreading like a virus.

Text of Governor Cooper's inaugural address

Courtesy of NC Policy Watch.

Good morning. I hope everyone is safe and at home during this winter weather. I encourage you to stay there and off the highways until the roads are clear. Because of this storm, we have postponed the inauguration. But I wanted to spend a few moments with you to outline my priorities for North Carolina.


I'm not around much these days, too busy doing nothing of significance, contemplating the world as I see it devolving. I'm just a guy scratching his head and wondering what the hell has happened to our state and our country. It's pretty damn ugly.

My key takeaways aren't earth-shattering, they're the things I think most days. That the human race is over-rated. That whatever trust We the People put in our institutions has been misplaced. That democracy doesn't necessarily win. That reason doesn't often prevail. That people in a position to do something important rarely do.

Cooper wins first court skirmish

The GOP in North Carolina lost its first court battle today, when a judge ordered an injunction to stop the dissolution of the board of elections. Here's hoping it's the first of many actions by the courts to restore North Carolina's democracy.


Projecting Berger

If you're looking for the truth, all you need to do is to look at whatever Phil Berger says in the mirror. Here's a great example of Berger projection: "They’re brass-knuckled politicians who want to wage a nasty culture war with divisive issues so they can keep filling their campaign coffers with cash from fringe liberal activists.”

Reinstate the Charlotte ordinance, and expand it to 20 other cities

The willingness of progressives to play by the rules against ruthless adversaries has to stop. We keep hoping those adversaries will find morality, but they will not. Their only morality is Machiavellian: winning at any cost.


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