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Giving in to contempt

I've spent much of the last few years trying to be a reasonable person. That has meant looking for plus signs instead of minus signs in the political environment, hoping for silver linings when none are obviously present. It's been a daunting process, especially after Cheeto found his way into the Oval Office. But it pre-dates him, too, back to the days of Pat "Duke Energy" McCrory and the GOP mob family in Raleigh.

Janet Zelman

There's a lot of talk out here on the Internets about who needs to do what when it comes to campaigns and elections. I'm as guilty as anyone of chattering without actually doing the hard work. So it's with humility and admiration that I acknowledge the amazing accomplishments of Janet Zelman and her voter registration team over the past five months. In partnership with the Orange County Democratic Party, Janet has done what really needs doing: registering people to vote.

Hall of shame: NC's Congressional delegation fails the test of decency

In a remarkable speech on the floor of the US Senate yesterday, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona called a spade a spade. Taking on Trump collaborators and enablers, he leveled damning criticism at his own party for failing to stop the descent into perversion that is happening before our eyes in America.

More on the Usurpers

Although Covington does not order a special election, it is a strong and powerful indictment of the legislature and its gerrymandering. Further, there is a good case to be made that the legislators are usurpers and their ongoing actions void. The court addressed this at the end of the opinion (pp 45-46 clipped below). The opinion correctly concludes state law on this is “unsettled” and appropriately addressed to state courts. This seems like an invitation for someone to challenge the legislators as Usurpers.

McHenry goes there

Kudos to Thomas Mills for grabbing this gem from the news today:

Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry said out loud what most Republican only say in private. He wants to end Social Security and Medicare. He told Charlotte Observer political reporter Jim Morrill, “I would rather have complete control of the social safety net given to the states.” That would end Social Security and Medicare. Most Republicans would probably agree. And that’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Good news: Atlantic Coast Pipeline delayed

Atlantic Coast Fracked Gas Pipeline delayed

Faced with a Monday deadline and a lopsided number of public comments opposing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration has delayed until mid-December its decision on whether to permit the controversial project. Without fanfare or press release late yesterday, the state issued a four-page “request for additional information,” part of its duty under the federal Clean Water Act to ensure the natural gas pipeline won’t harm the over 320 rivers and streams and hundreds of acres of wetlands in its path.

The Usurpers, revisited

"If the usurper legislature does attempt to override the veto," Carter wrote in the letter dated Friday, "it opens itself up to litigation wherein the North Carolina State Courts may be asked to issue a declaratory judgment that the law is facially unconstitutional and void ab initio."


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