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More rope please

I have long believed it is mostly unproductive for progressives to be lobbying Republican policy makers. The effect of our efforts is generally marginal, and serves only to make the outrageous seem slightly less outrageous, giving Republicans the cover they need to say, "Hey, this is bipartisan blah blah." I've specifically argued for giving them more rope here in North Carolina, and now I am arguing for it at the federal level.

Does any Republican Senator have a conscience?

I expect nothing resembling a conscience from people like Thom Tillis and Richard Burr. Those two are old school greeders, driven by nothing but self interest. Bank Run Burr got his name for a reasons, and he's slightly worse than Tillis. But both are shameless partisan whores. Power and money are the only currencies they operate with. The common good is an irrelevant concept.

Coming back from the edge

I've been angrier this week than at any time in my life. Drifting between thoughts of suicide and going postal, I am overcome by rage at what Republicans are doing. Their political evil has me by the throat, and I see no sign of relief ahead.

Trump, the leader of Republicans today, may well be the shittiest person who has ever lived. And while there are lots of reasons to despise him, the two most important to me are these: He's a sexual predator and a shameless liar. He is King of the Deplorables.

A bit of good news from the frontlines

I've never been more proud of anyone that I am of my son, a social worker in Durham. He sent this note today. Feel free to share far and wide. We need a glimpse of hope right now.

Hey Dad.

So we had a breakfast this morning for my organization. It was overwhelmingly positive, I think we all needed some solace. About 90 people showed up.

My open letter to Trump

Dear Trump.

This is a hard letter for me to write. You are such a disgusting human being, I am literally throwing up in my mouth at the thought of you as president. You are a lying sack of shit and a sexual predator. Honest to god, I almost wish you would drop dead. But that would put Pence in charge, and he's is even scarier than you.

So I'm writing with a simple request. Don't change your MO. Stay your ugly course.

From an ex-Republican reader

Why I will never work the polls again

by Joe Vincoli

I used to enjoy working the polls. A chance to do something that had a civic value. A chance to build a sense of community.

After this election I will never work the polls again.

Since last Thursday I have had so many of my neighbors come up to me in the booth and express their contempt for me just because I am wearing an election vest.
They don’t know I live on the same street or in the same neighborhood. They think I am part of the 'big scheme'.

“It’s all rigged!”


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