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Stay focused

People keep asking me for some encouraging words in the face of all the GOP ugliness. There's really only one thing to say. Vote Democratic.

The case against Richard Burr, revisited

This past summer, I presented what many people believe is a compelling case against Richard Burr. Today the case is even more compelling than it was five months ago. Why? Because Richard Burr stands with Donald Trump, the most deeply flawed presidential candidate in the history of our republic.


Richard Burr is one lucky son of a gun. With so much media attention focused on the flailing of Trump and McCrory, Slick Dick has managed to do what he always does: fly below the radar. Most voters don't even know he exists, nor do they seem to care. He's an invisible man with no qualms about hitching his star to the disgusting Donald Trump. Nothing would make me happier than to see this frat-boy slacker lose to Deb Ross in three weeks.

Fire bomb in Hillsborough

The GOP headquarters in Orange county was fire bombed today. Accusations are flying, with Donald Trump already blaming Hillary Clinton.

For he record, I don't know of a single Democrat who would do something like this. Not today, not ever. On the other hand, we have a whole party that has been taken over by militant extremists. You tell me who's the more likely perpetrator.

I'm glad no one was hurt in this incident, and I hope law enforcement will get to the bottom of it quickly.

Trump Drag

Trump is a lot of things, and one of those things is a loser. His toxic effects are likely to spread like slime all across the electoral landscape, especially here in North Carolina, where our frat-boy governor and senior senator have fully embraced Mr. Trump's locker room bullshit. Thomas Mills, candidate for the 8th Congressional district, agrees:


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