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State Employee Reclassification

Laura Leslie of WRAL recently reported that the Legislature may introduce a bill in the upcoming special session to reduce the number of state employees subject to reclassification as political appointees from 1,500 to 300.

The need for this bill comes from a law passed in 2012 (by the 2012 Republican majority in anticipation of McCrory’s win) that increased the number of state employees subject to reclassification from 300 to 1,500.

Now with McCrory gone, the Republicans may move to protect McCrory’s 1,300 appointees to these positions.

When Blue Cross Blocks you from Employment

Over the last several years I have applied for numerous jobs at BCBSNC.

I have noticed that each of my applications and interviews ended in the same or similar way: not enough experience.

I have 30 years experience in health care insurance and health care provider fraud investigation.

After being rejected time and time again for positions, I asked Brad Wilson why I was considered an excellent candidate by the recruiter but the BCBS execs responded by telling me not to apply for any jobs in the future.

Cooper: For, or against, due process rights?

I was one of 1,200 state employees caught up in McCrory’s ‘exempt’ reclassification net.

The term means that the reclassified state employee is ‘very important’ to the Governor and can now be fired ‘at will’ (i.e., for political gain).

Here are three state employees who were reclassified by Governor McCrory:

Susan; Information Technology Manger in the Department of Commerce; $15.41/hr.

James; Vehicle/Equipment Repair Supervisor in Administration; $44,000 per year.

Rayshawn; Facility Maintenance Supervisor II in DHHS; $47,600 per year.

Women who voted for Trump

From my diary during early voting...

Republican women of all ages vote for Trump

I still cannot comprehend how a 21 year old woman can vote for Trump.

It’s like Trump knew something I never knew. There are some women to whom you can say very offensive things and they will support you for it.

My theory at this point is that it’s not political ideological harmony; rather it’s that some women are OK, no, titillated, with being objectified.

NC GS 131.E

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joe Vincoli
Date: Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 6:52 PM
Subject: Revising NC GS 131.E
To: "Sen. Joyce Krawiec"
Cc: "Rep. Verla Insko" , "Briles, Rebecca (Tillis)" , "Gillon, Beverly (Burr)"

Secretary Krawiec;

(I am posting this on BlueNC.)

It appears that it will fall to you, and you alone, to decide what to do about NCGS 131.E.

I know you believe in God. Perhaps this is what he meant for you to fix?

I have tried to do all I can on my own but I've been blunted at every turn.

Observations of a Poll Worker from a Battleground State

Observations from a Battleground State: Day 1

I worked the polls today (10/27) in a district that is 90% Republican.

Here are my observations from today.

1) The most respectful and serious voters are the most recent immigrants. I helped a young Vietnamese woman and a 85 year old Armenian grandmother. Both were registered Republicans. They listened intently, were very gracious, and were very deliberate in their voting.

Whose side is Cooper on?

Will Cooper appeal the recent Court of Appeals ruling that restored the rights to a contested case hearing for reclassified state employees?

We will know by next Wednesday.

I hope not.

I was reclassified as 'managerial exempt' by Governor McCrory even though I managed no one and no 'program'.

Six weeks later McCrory fired me without notice, cause, or even a full day's pay for my last day of work.

Appealing this case to the NC Supreme Court would not be a good 'first step' for the Cooper administration.

I have a thing to tell you, Governor McCrory

In 1937 North Carolina’s most famous native son Thomas Wolfe published a novella entitled ‘I Have a Thing to Tell You.’

In the novella Wolfe describes leaving Berlin (in which he was very popular), his departure by train, and his final understanding of what was happening to the Jews in Germany, revealed to him by a German official's arrest of a Jew who was riding in Wolfe’s car.

Given all the recent noise concerning HB2 I was reminded of Wolfe.

Here’s what he wrote so long ago:


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