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Will a real pro-peace progressive finally step up to primary Rep. David Price??

After calling Rep. Price's office to find out how my Congressman is going to vote on the authorization to attack Syria, the staffer directed me to his House page for his official statement:

Sadly, our establishment-sellout-of-a-Congressman is yet again showing his true colors in supporting a military strike against a nation that hasn't attacked us and doesn't threaten us. With all the good, smart progressives in the 4th, when will someone finally step up and challenge this Military-Industrial Complex Democrat in the Democrat primary? Please!

Frustrated in the Fourth

Why is Sen. Jeff Tarte trolling Campbell University?

Sen. Jeff Tarte, a Charlotte-area Republican, has been trolling Campbell University (~140 miles away from his district) over their new medical school and the way it graduates doctors.

"Politely, Campbell University's new 'medical school' as structured will NEVER graduate a single MD. #ncga #cltpol" he tweeted on Aug. 6, correctly in the most technical of terms, but completely missing the point since it's been made clear several times that the school will graduate DOs, or doctors of osteopathic medicine.

DOs are licensed the same as MDs in North Carolina and every other state. Something like 1/5 of the doctors in the nation are DOs. It's pretty common.

One Percenter Erin Burnett: OutFront Corporate Fascist and Iran War Drumbeater

Ten years ago, most Americans believed Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Today, most Americans believe Iran has nuclear weapons. And once again, Big Lie propagandists like Erin Burnett are (mis)leading us into war.


Various versions have been circulating for weeks, but if there's anyone left in America who hasn't seen the video of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Persian posse strolling around in those white lab coats that our perpetual war profiteers want us to believe are clear indications of their diabolical nuclear capabilities, they can view it here:

Outlawing the Occupy Movement: H.R. 347 Makes Free Speech A Felony

Once signed, HR 347 will empower federal agents to arrest and bring felony criminal charges against citizens engaged in political protests anywhere in the USA.


The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America reads as follows:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Rowan Christianmissioners sp’ilin’ fer a fight

Sometimes you feel it in your bones. Evangelicals in Rowan County have been sp’ilin’ fer a fight ever since they lost prayer in the schools. It just rankles them. Then came further persecution of their religion when WalMart, surely the right arm of the devil, decided to wish people the abomination of “Happy Holidays.”

In 2007, the County Commissioners reveled in placing the words “In God We Trust” on the front of the County building where they hold their meetings. And inside they opened their meetings with prayer.

But those prayers, protestant Christian prayers, were threatened recently when Godly and Christian Forsyth County lost a court case over a similar practice. If WalMart had been the devils’ right arm, the ACLU was the devil incarnate, and he was banging on the door.

Stanly County has a complete Democratic slate

I've just received an email that Stanly County has a complete slate of Democratic candidates for the May primary. That incudes two Democratic challengers and two Republican challengers to the two incumbent Republican Commissoners. This could be interesting! (No, James, Alcoa is not behind it.)

They're promoting their facebook page:!/pages/Stanly-County-Democratic-Party/345610325471070

I like the Inside Stanly blog: This is the best example I've ever seen of a blog that posts everything, without bias. If you want to know what's going on, they've got it.

Updated list of candidates:

The Trip down the Yadkin from Hell

"Adventurous Voyagers", or, as I like to call it, "The Trip down the Yadkin from Hell"

Excerpts from an 1880’s newspaper article

Capt. W. H. Bixby and Lieut. Taylor, of the U. S. Engineers, Mr. Frank Brown of Salisbury, with a colored boatman. The boat, a flat-bottomed skiff, with two oars. This stage of the journey begins in what is today Tuckertown reservoir.

Big, Bad Government, no matter how you look at it

I hadn’t planned on writing again on this topic this soon, but it‘s raised its ugly head again in the news. The Raleigh News & Observer today published an article: Public agency considered for Yadkin hydropower . This is, if not the same, a variation on the Yadkin River Trust which the state legislature defeated in mid-2010, 66 - 39. Keith Crisco, of all people, said it conjures “an image of big, bad state government taking over.” But then, he goes on to say it’d be okay if the public agency were centered in the six counties near the Yadkin Project.

The entire article is a bit vague on who the State and civic leaders behind this are, or what the public agency is. But, the description seems to fit the Uwharrie Regional Resources Commission (URRC), which someone in the state legislature hastily created after it became apparent that the Yadkin River Trust legislation could not pass, behind closed doors in Raleigh, with no public comment. The enabling legislation for the URRC sounds inocuous, does not mention Alcoa, and appears to be something entirely different than an agency to control the Yadkin Project. Yet, there’s been suspicion. The appointments to the Commission have been stacked with obvious proponents of a state takeover. There is nothing about the URRC that does not smack of big bad government. The entire thing was crammed down the public’s throat.

Who owns the Yadkin River - revisited

The Supreme Court has ruled, the fat lady has sung, in the PPL Montana vs. the State of Montana case. The Supreme Court overturned lower court rulings that the “Great Falls” section of the river, and possibly other disputed sections, were navigable, and therefore that the riverbed was owned by the state. A key point of the decision was that navigability must be determined on a section by section basis, not on rivers in their entirety.

The decision laid out some legal principles which could have repercussions in North Carolina. Basically, it enumerated three distinct issues:


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