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Charlotte Observer Ranks NC's Top Ten Environmental Challenges

EDIT:The same paper's top 10 list of environmental success stories in NC is here.

The Charlotte Observer's editorial staff has put together a list of the top ten problems facing NC's environment going forward, and number one on the list is climate change. According to the Observer:

The list changes each year as new problems arise and old ones ameliorate. This year, air quality drops out of the top 10 problems because there were fewer bad air days than in years.

Charlotte Observer | 12/11/2005 | State of the environment

I Want Some of What the Bush Conservatives Are Snorting, around Halloween:

All in all, the economy is booming at a rate comparable to the late 1990s. And yet the media continues to report it as if we are about to fall off a cliff and that things are getting worse by the day. That is poor reporting and it is affecting how the public perceives the overall state of the economy.


Meanwhile, in the reality-based community:

Foxx: "Heath Shuler has no chance of winning."

Hm. I wonder what those words will taste like in November. Ashes, I suppose. That sentence is from an article in The Hill all about Shuler's run for the 11th. Also in there:

At the end of the third quarter, Shuler had $248,957 in the bank while Taylor had just $19,369, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

During the same period, Shuler raised $263,642; Taylor took in $134,791. In recent months, prominent Democratic Reps. Sherrod Brown (Ohio), who is running for Senate, Steny Hoyer (Md.) and Robert Menendez (N.J.) donated to the Shuler campaign.

Robin Hayes Really Just Does Not Get It

Rep. Robin Hayes yesterday advocated for new laws that would help out North Carolina's textile industry (a good thing) and in the process revealed that he doesn't understand the importance of fair trade policies (a much bigger bad thing). Until politicians like Hayes get the message, North Carolina's economy will continue to suffer.

From The Business Journal:

U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes (R-N.C.) wants to require federal agencies to buy uniforms and other supplies from domestic manufacturers in an effort to boost the U.S. textile industry.

Hayes pushes for 'buy American' rules - 2005-12-06

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the 109th Congress*

You may want to click the "permalink" below and bookmark this entry. The Washington Post has started a US Congress Votes Database that anyone can access. There's a page for each member containing a list of their votes (alongside the Democrat and Republican positions), and an RSS feed for each member so that you can find out quickly each time that person votes. (Find out more about RSS feeds.)

To save you some trouble, I compiled the links for each of North Carolina's members below. Clicking the name gets you to the member's page, while "RSS" links to the feed. (Here are some maps in case you're not sure which district you're in.) These feeds won't do anything to help you write more persuasively to your representatives, but they will make sure that your emails of praise/derision are the very first they see! (Thanks to beSpacific for the link.)

Moderates vs. Zealots in NC-03

Real Conservatives (read: War lovin' Democrat hatin' Republicans) who don't like Congressman Walter B. Jones will have someone else to vote for in a Republican primary. I guess they weren't too happy about Jones agreeing that getting out of Iraq is a good idea. (NC-3, Jones's district, is the northern coastal district and extends inland to pick up Jacksonville and parts of Greenville; get a map in a new window.) According to NC Rumors, Greg Dority, who once ran for the NC-1 seat, is on the case:

"Every time these news agencies spotlight Democrats," Dority said," whose blind hatred of President Bush allows them to rationalize undermining the War on Terror and endangering the morale and lives of our troops, they replay Walter’s Press Conference with the liberal Democrats from last summer. They use him, and the people, including the military families he is supposed to represent, as their pet American conservative who opposes the War."

NC Rumors-News


There's a story in the N&O today that, if accurate and complete, is pretty sad. Luther Hodges Jr. served on Jimmy Carter's cabinet, was chairman of NC National Bank, and CEO of the First Bank of Washington. When he came back to NC, he'd switched parties to become a Republican, and was appointed to a term of service on the Ports Authority. The N&O says that he did good work there. Now that Democrats are back in control of the state legislature, Hodges can't get his Ports Authority gig renewed. He also wanted to be considered for a spot on the UNC System board, but couldn't even get his name on the list. Hodges thinks its because he's a Republican.

Cafta Strikes Again

North Carolina continues to lose jobs because of CAFTA:

A long-time textile plant in Edenton will lay off 203 workers starting in April.

And Edenton Town Manager Anne-Marie Knighton says the recently
adopted Central American Free Trade Agreement is to blame.

Last week, Weyerhaeuser Company said it will shut down its plant
in nearby Plymouth after 57 years, which is expected to displace
another 200 workers.

Local agencies are developing ways to help families impacted by
the layoffs. CAFTA Blamed for Layoffs at Edenton Textile Plant

Merry Christmas, OK?

In case you haven't noticed, let me fill you in: there are people out there who believe in a "War on Christmas." Their logic: every time you say "happy holidays," you could be saying "Merry Christmas," so you've decided to leave Christ out of the holidays. It's called a "War" because it's orchestrated by a sinister cabal of crazed left-wing communist secularists like, oh, Target and Home Depot. The save-Christmas crowd even has its own book, written by a Fox News anchor.

Internation Reaction to 1,000th Execution

I'd be interested to read more—anyone have any good links? Here's a rough (Google) translation of an Italian blog post about the execution of Kenneth Lee Boyd:

We admire and we love the United states for innnumerevoli things. But the capital punishment succeeds, to times, to make us to forget them all. ("Ammiriamo e amiamo gli Stati Uniti d’America per innnumerevoli cose. Ma la pena di morte riesce, a volte, a farcele dimenticare tutte.")

Thanks, TarGator, for all of your excellent coverage of this issue.


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