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Maintain and expand access to early voting in Orange County

I've been a strong advocate for early voting locations and hours in Orange County that provide adequate access for all Orange County residents in my time as a student and council member in Chapel Hill. I'm sharing below my open letter to the Board of Elections as they make decisions this week about early voting locations for this fall. Interested in making your voice heard about early voting? They'll be meeting tomorrow (July 21st) at the Board of Elections in Hillsborough at noon to determine early voting hours and locations for this fall.

Running for Re-Election!

Serving on the Chapel Hill Town Council has been an enormous privilege. We’ve accomplished a lot over the past four years, but as residents remind me every day, there’s still a lot we can do to improve and strengthen our community.

That’s why I’m announcing the launch of my campaign for re-election to the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Bridging the gap between students and their communities

As someone who was elected to my local Town Council at age 22 and has served on that body for the last two years, I am a strong believer that North Carolina’s cities and towns benefit when young people are engaged in civic life. I thus breathed a sigh of relief earlier this month when Elizabeth City State University senior Montravias King was permitted to stand for election to a seat on his City Council.

The Fight To Save Our Schools

3,200 UNC System employees lose their jobs under the budget that currently sits on Governor Perdue's desk.

Backers of the budget cuts argue that at a time where unemployment is at near record levels and the state is facing a 3 billion dollar deficit cuts need to be made. By slashing education and other vital public institutions instead of keeping the current sales tax level, the legislature claims to be protecting economic development in NC. They fail to recognize the fundamental role education plays in economic development.

Early voting in Orange County

In fall 2010, more than 900,000 people voted prior to Election Day in North Carolina. Our state currently allows local counties to provide early voting sites for periods up to three weeks before Election Day. Here in Orange County, early voting is particularly popular. On the final days of early voting in 2010, the line at Morehead Planetarium snaked through the planetarium, down the stairs and across the quad as professors, residents and students lined up to vote.

College Democrats of NC to host a press event announcing their legislative agenda

We wanted to share the press release we've sent out for College Dems of NC Lobby Day this week. If any BlueNC'ers are over the the GA, we'd love for you to stop by on Wed!

- College Dems of NC Exec Board

Tucker Middleton
(919) 649-3741


On Wednesday, March 9 at 1 p.m., the College Democrats of North Carolina will host a press event in the Press Room at the General Assembly announcing their legislative agenda during the long session in 2011. Students from across the state will be joined by Democratic legislators in support of efforts to protect public education in our state, and support the rights of marginalized individuals.

GOP Uses Eve Carson's Death for Political Gain

Recently, Tom Fetzer and the NC GOP released a mailer attacking Governor Perdue on her record of reform in the parole system. While political mailings and e-mails often pander to the lowest common denominator, this mailing sank to a new low. Fetzer opened the letter referencing UNC Student Body President Eve Carson’s murder two years ago, and the dedication of her memorial garden last week. Eve was murdered when I was a first-year at UNC, and references to her death bring up painful memories for students at UNC. Eve was killed right before spring break, and the last things her friends and fellow students need is for her death to be used for a cheap political ploy.

On College Campuses, A Shortage of [Straight] Men

Earlier this week, the New York Times printed an article about the challenge that women face finding a single man in college. The article argued that women were disadvantaged in college, because far more women were entering college compared to men. The article specifically focused on UNC, where the female to male ratio is approximately 60-40.

I’ve heard these complaints from straight female friends on countless occasions. The New York Times article attributes this gender gap to several reasons. Women tend to have higher grades and are more qualified students in high school, and men are more likely to drop out once they get to college. Once the first year class arrives at college, other problems arise. Some of the men are in relationships, and some, as one of my friends would argue, “are just gross.” As a result, you have a large number of women competing to date with a small number of eligible men.

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