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Mental Health for My Birthday

My 48th birthday was on Monday, Feb. 25th. I work for a non-profit agency that gets most of its funding from the state, so budgets are tight. One year, we weren't able to give cost of living increases, so the board voted to give our birthdays as a personal holiday. What do you choose to do with a personal holiday? Get a manicure, a massage? Maybe some people would. Not me. I chose to haul my butt out of bed early, get stuck in construction, and fight traffic to get to a Forum on Mental Health so that I could listen to most of the candidates for Governor and Lt.Governor talk about the crisis in North Carolina's Mental Health System. As some of you might have realized by now, I am a political geek, but what you might not know is that I've had two family members struggle with mental illness and fall through cracks - one in NJ, and one in NC. So this was a very important day for me.

Time For Change in the State Auditor's Office

Today I received an email I've been waiting for - an appeal to help Beth Wood become North Carolina's next State Auditor. Having met and spoken to her in that most sacred of all spots, the ladies' room, I am convinced she will be an auditor with integrity and not use her position to promote political agendas. disclosure:My agency receives state funding and is therefore subject to state auditing rules.

Here's the really important part - in order to qualify for public funding, Beth needs donations from you and me. She needs them in the form of checks or money orders in small amounts - cool, huh?? Everyone can do that. Read more below the fold.

NC District 6 - Interview with Jay Ovittore

Earlier this month, I asked Jay Ovitorre to answer a series of questions in depth to further illuminate his views on issues that are important to North Carolina's 6th District. Of course, the most important issue facing Democrats is unseating Howard Coble, who has long outstayed his welcome, and long ago outlived his pledge to only serve 6 terms under Newt Gingrich's Contract on America.(Please note: though the sneaky legislators that wrote this language left a loophole that a constitutional amendment might be necessary to enforce term limits, Howard Coble signed a pledge to limit himself. He hasn't done that. That makes him a liar. He has broken faith with his constiuents.)

Look below the fold for my email conversation with Jay, edited to fit your screen.

Fun for President's Day

All of our Presidents have had nicknames, like "Honest Abe Lincoln". In honor of today's bank holiday, since I can't get a lot of the work accomplished that I needed to, I thought I'd pass along some of the lesser known nicknames - you can join in the fun. You know you want to.

Fantastic Forum - Feb. 25 at RBC Center

I just received this in email, and though I'd pass it on here. The focus of this forum will be candidates for governor (Democratic and Republican) and Lt. Governor (Democratic) focusing on issues of relevance to people with developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and "sas" issues, which I am assuming are substance abuse issues, but it's not my field, so I'm sure Gordon can correct me if I'm wrong. Anyhow - the really cool thing about this is that we've been asking for these issues to be addressed, and now a whole day will be spent addressing them. Another cool thing - I have that day off. So I'm going, and will either live blog, or write and post later. Anyone care to join me for all or part of the day?


A lot has been said about money and the sources of it in the Lt. Governor's race over the past few weeks. There's no doubt that it's important. But there are other things that are important as well: the endorsement of recognized progressive groups. These are feathers in the caps of the candidates who can use them to then raise more funds, and seek more endorsements, which, they hope, ultimately translate into votes.

But what if the provenance of an endorsement doesn't seem quite right? What are we to think, as voters? I'm talking about NARAL NC, and their endorsement of Hampton Dellinger. Read more below the fold.

Personal highlights and reflections on the State Exec. Committee Meeting.

I've been waiting and ruminating over what to post about Saturday's SEC meeting. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a meeting quite so much. I had a great time talking with Democrats from all over, and was a bit surprised at how well-read BlueNC is. I really thought we were the only ones who knew about us.

When I got home, I could post all night about how wonderful it was to put "real names" with screen names, and be able to listen to and talk to candidates, hear their speeches, and really evaluate things.


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