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Macon County, NC Real Estate: No Disclosure for "Foreseeable Hazards and Adverse Conditions"

FHA—Subdivision Site Suitability Requirement

Developers who expect to offer FHA-insured mortgage loans for homes in their proposed or newly-completed subdivisions must complete a  Builder's Certification of Plans, Specifications, & Site  disclosure statement. Some of the issues that might affect project viability are: toxic waste, flood, noise and earth movement. FHA classifies unstable land as "foreseeable hazards and adverse conditions."

FHA  Landslide/ Soil Hazard Concerns:

(1) Does the site have any rock formations, high ground water levels, inadequate surface drainage, springs, sinkholes, etc.?
(2) Does the site have unstable soils (expansive, collapsible, or erodible)?
(3) Does the site have any excessive slopes?
(4) Does the site have any earth fill?

Legislative actions threaten western North Carolina Landslide Hazard Mapping Program

Current Operations and Capital Improvements Appropriations Act of 2011
The Appropriations Act of 2011  was passed by the House on May 4, 2011. This bill presses for education-spending reductions, outsourcing of state jobs, and tobacco income/loss compensation. Public forest development will be under the supervision of specially-created private limited dividend corporations. In addition the House majority wants to significantly enhance development activities by removing regulatory impediments.

Debt-Collection Practices Include Arrest Warrants and Incarceration

The Wall Street Journal report, "Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition," reveals that:

Some lawmakers, judges and regulators are trying to rein in the U.S. debt-collection industry's use of arrest warrants to recoup money owed by borrowers who are behind on credit-card payments, auto loans and other bills.

More than a third of all U.S. states allow borrowers who can't or won't pay to be jailed.

Last year the Star Tribune focused attention on the use of debt-arrest warrants.

Debtor Prisons

Macon County, NC Real Estate: "Caveat Emptor" Warns Planning Board Chairman

Macon County, NC Real Estate: Landslide Hazard Maps and Soil Surveys

The state notified Macon County commissioners in October 2006 that major tracts of privately-owned mountain land were impracticable for residential development. These advisory reports (digitized soil assessments and landslide maps) were compiled by the North Carolina Geological Survey at the behest of federal officials.


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