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NC GOP playground fight breaks out

The good ole boys are acting like little kids. The NC House and Senate budget bills clash and so do the House representatives and senators.

"Art Pope and Nelson Dollar’s latest budget gimmick fails to account for the state’s deteriorating Medicaid situation and could violate North Carolina’s constitutional requirement for a balanced budget,” Senate Rules Chairman Tom Apodaca said in a news release.

In his own news release, Governor Pope responded, "I know you are, but what am I?". Dollar, meanwhile, called a press conference and shot back, "I'm rubber and you're glue Tom!"

Pat gets out the red pen

Guvnor McCraven, continuing his unsuccessful attempts to appear relevant, decided it was time to veto something again.

Gov. Pat McCrory has vetoed a bill tweaking the state's unemployment insurance law and the commission that makes final benefit decisions in appeals.

McCrory said in a statement Tuesday that he was unhappy with the legislature's changes to a three-member Board of Review, which he has the power to appoint.

As with his previous two vetoes from last session, Pouting Pat chose a relatively obscure bill that has broad support, and gave a really petty, nitpicking reason for vetoing it. Pat is upset because he appointed some of his cronies and now Tillisberger wants to boot those folks off the commission and have approval rights for future appointments.

Skip Stam's bigotry goes over the top -- again

During debate over an amendment to protect LGBT students in charter schools, North Carolina's bigot-in-chief Skip Stam decided he would embarrass himself, the general assembly and our state:

During debate, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam (R-Wake) took objection to the addition of "sexual orientation" as a protected class for students, stating that "pedophila" and "masochism" are one of 30 sexual ” orientations” he claimed exist. Stam went on to circulate a misleading handout to fellow House members on "What is Sexual Orientation?"

Rep. Tricia Cotham tweeted a copy of Skip's horrible handout that claims 30 "sexual orientations" such as arousal by feces. No kidding

Pat doesn't understand irony

Guvnor McCrony continues to harbor the stupid idea that government is exactly like a business, and he seems to think that he has to go around "improving" it. One of his "improvements" was to form NC GEAR, an agency focused on improving government efficiency and effectiveness.

As our friends at NC Policy Watch note, "there's nothing inherently wrong with that". They also correctly note, however, that the folks appointed to run NC GEAR -- Art Pope and Joe Coletti, one of Art's John Locke flunkies who for years has been advocating crippling funding cuts to most all facets of state government, but especially education -- seem more interested in eliminating government than in improving it.

Guvnor Pat gives Tillisberger a good laugh

Guvnor McClueless continues to operate under the delusion that he is somehow relevant in state government, although most everyone realizes that he's Tillisberger's hired pen, nothing more.

He recently offered two more humorous demonstrations of his view from his home in Alternate Realityville.

First, he summoned reporters to tell them what would happen if the House and Senate can't agree on a budget. It boggles the mind why any of the reporters bothered to show up, but they did, and Pat gave them the lowdown.

McCrory called reporters to his office on Monday afternoon to let them know he has told Budget Director Art Pope to issue a directive letting state agencies know how they should proceed if the current two-year budget isn’t amended in the next eight days – which is pretty much the whole reason the legislature is back in town for the short session.

She blinded them with science

The NC GOP doesn't like science. It tells them that man-made climate change is causing sea level rise, so they outlaw the use of scientific projections of sea level rise.

Now, after science tells them that reducing air pollution save lives, they want to stop monitoring air pollution.

Stronger emission controls in North Carolina may have saved lives by reducing deaths from respiratory illness, according to an academic study published Monday.

ICYMI: More McCronyism with your tax dollars

Guvnor McCrooked continues to demonstrate the behavior of a little kid who gleefully finds a way to break the rules. This time it's using our tax dollars that are meant to improve our roads to pay a few of his inner-circle suits.

Thomas Cheek of the budget office was asked to explain why McCrory is using transportation dollars to pay the full salaries for two staff positions and about 35 percent of the salaries for four other staffers.

“The thinking is that those positions help the governor’s staff with DOT issues, so that’s the rationale,” Cheek explained.

Fair enough. Maybe these guys are out paving the roads, or at least holding up those "SLOW" signs when one lane is closed.

Tillis & NCGA approval ratings underwater

The latest PPP poll headlines are about Kay Hagan having a lead over Thom Tillis in the US Senate race. Expect that to fluctuate.

Some of the other results beyond that headline are quite interesting:

The poll found 18 percent of voters approve of the job the N.C. General Assembly is doing, while 54 percent disapprove.

That's right, for every five people you meet on the street, only one of them approves of what the NCGA is doing. That's abysmal. For the most part, that same one person out of five thinks "Big-Boy Pants" Thom is doing a good job.

Tillis, the Republican House Speaker, had a favorability rating of 23 percent, while 45 percent of voters rated him unfavorably.

The Tillisberger police arrest more people

The Capitol Police undoubtedly believe they're fighting a losing battle. They spend their days in court to get random rulings of convictions or acquittal for people they arrested last year. They probably would like to just do their job and keep people in and around the State Capitol safe.

But Tillisberger keeps telling them to arrest people. Most recently, they passed new rules intended to infringe on people's First Amendment rights. Despite the fact that a judge issued a restraining order saying the new rules can't be enforced, Tillisberger told their enforcers to arrest people again.

Phil really hates music. Except for his violin solo played while North Carolina burns.


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