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Tillis's budget: Big gambling losses

BlueNC already established that the NC House budget that relies on phantom revenues from the NC lottery is a great big gamble.

Today the Raleigh News & Observer reports that Tillis and his loon posse should have known that their lottery revenue estimates were bogus.

The House budget that won approval Friday overestimates how much lottery money the state is expected to receive, documents show, jeopardizing Republicans’ plan to increase teacher pay.

The N.C. Education Lottery warned legislative staffers that the House’s plan to boost lottery sales by doubling the advertising budget would generate only $59 million next year – far less than the $106 million designated in the budget.

Tillisberger's anti-Moral Monday rules challenged in court

In their continuing quest to arrest people who don't agree with them, the NC GOP rushed through rules changes that apply to the legislative building, just before the first Moral Monday of this session. They did this with no notice and no public input (sorry, we know that goes without saying, since they do most everything with no notice and no public input).

Now the NAACP is challenging those rules in court.

The state chapter of the NAACP and other protesters are seeking to overturn rules that limit demonstrations at the Legislative Building.

Pat's plutocracy

DAG McCrony tells us yet again that the purpose of education is to churn out drones to do the work that makes Art Pope and his friends richer.

Of course, Pat begins his ignorant missive by repeating the lie he tells repeatedly.

McCrory said that business people told him that they had a hard time filling job openings even when unemployment was high.

As usual, Pat doesn't mention who told him that, and reporters fail to fact check the lie.

Pat then tells us how he intends to please his bosses, Art Pope and ALEC.

Tillis lies, gets called out, attempts damage control

For some odd reason, NC's incentives for movie production in the state have recently become controversial. For years it's been known that they're an economic and job-producing engine. But now that the loons have taken over, they seem more interested in subsidizing gun manufacturers than movie makers.

Still, folks who believe that the film industry is good for North Carolina, especially those from the Wilmington area (which has become a little Hollywood of the east), have been fighting to keep the incentives. Not expand them, just keep them.

They worked and fought hard. It appeared that their perseverance and fact-based arguments would win the day.

But then Thom Tillis stepped in.

Moffitt's theft of Asheville's water overruled

In a blatant power grab, Tim Moffitt tried to do his part for privatization of public resources by attempting to usurp Asheville's water supply.

However, as is becoming common these days, a court of law struck down Tim's power play as unconstitutional.

Asheville is claiming victory after a North Carolina judge's decision striking down the transfer of the city's water system to a regional body.

Asheville officials said Monday that Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning Jr. ruled state lawmakers last year violated the state constitution and failed to compensate for the cost of building the water system.

Berger has no leg to stand on

Phil Berger isn't just being his usual mean, evil self when cutting teacher assistants. No, he's relying on research!

Senate leader Phil Berger, an Eden Republican, said in an interview that he is relying mainly on research from Tennessee and the United Kingdom that casts doubt on the effectiveness of teacher assistants in helping students learn

First, we must beware when a tea party goon tells us that he is relying on research -- keep in mind that this is the party of climate change denial and a 6,000-year-old earth. Second, when anyone tells you that they're relying on two studies, they're probably cherry-picking data and very often trying to contradict the main body of research.

But it doesn't get much worse than having the author of one of the studies you cite tell the world that you're lying.

Russell Capps pops up again, still wrong

J. Russell Capps was involuntarily retired from the NCGA and also retired from the anti-everything-especially-education Wake County Taxpayers Association.

Just when you thought ol' Russ had ridden quietly off into the sunset, he reappears in public spouting outrageous lies.

“There are a tremendous number of employees – not teachers – that are making well-paid salaries,” Capps said at Monday’s Wake County Board of Commissioners’ budget public hearing. “The information that I got, and I think it’s correct, is that they have 1,776 staff – not teachers but staff – with salaries of $90,000 or above.”

Greedy little frackers

Maybe it's just us (we're often accused of being less than observant), but in the whirlwind of fracking news, we initially missed the latest round of corporate welfare for frackers.

But it turns out that North Carolina's Republican leaders are now seeking taxpayer-financed "corporate welfare" for the oil and gas industry -- even though the five biggest drilling companies alone hauled in $93 billion in profits last year. As The News & Observer of Raleigh reports:

Jerry Tillman's latest assault on public education

Charter schools are public schools, so say their supporters whenever someone says that the charters are robbing public schools of funding.

Charter schools are run by private nonprofit boards that are authorized by the state to receive public education money. They received $304.7 million from the state this year, a number that will grow as more charter schools open in August.

School districts, which have no control over charters, are required to pass along a share of county education money based on the number of students enrolled. Mecklenburg County taxpayers contributed $23 million to charter schools this year.

And so they are, technically. They're just like other public schools, except:

Delusional Pat issues "stern warnings"

To his credit, DAG McCrony has criticized several aspects of the NC Senate's off-the-rails budget. We suspect that's more because the Senate thoroughly ignored Pat's budget than it is about actual policy decisions. Still, having the governor call out some of the more extreme budget measures, and saying he disagrees with them, is likely to be useful.

But it also demonstrates Pat's delusions once again, as if he hadn't demonstrated his mental shortcomings enough already.

Pat issued "stern warnings" about the NC Senate's loony budget and said it would be tough to reach a budget compromise.

With the Senate’s stance, however, McCrory said compromise in the end may prove difficult.


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