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Capitol sit-in: Police file false charges

About 30 people staged a sit-in in DAG McCrony's office. The police locked down the building and told them to leave; about half of them did.

At 5:07 p.m., a State Capitol Police officer told the group to leave after announcing that the building was closed. About two hours later, the 13 protesters who remained were taken into custody, cited for trespassing and released.

Trespassing? How can one trespass on one's own property? The hubris of the loons & goons in charge of our state government is demonstrated on a regular basis. Pat thinks this is his property. The Tillisberger thinks the NCGA building is their property.

But it's OUR property. And frankly, we're getting a little tired of them trespassing on it.

How the GOP plans to steal control of the USA

Remember, you read it here first. Unless you read it somewhere else first. But you read this particular essay here first. :-)

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist or doomsday prophet, we think it's really important to explore this issue. We apologize in advance that the exploration is such a long essay. But this isn't conspiracy theory; it's real and it is likely to be imminent.


It's become clear that the GOP is a declining party. Their base of rich old white straight Christian males is declining and will continue to decline. Minorities, young people and often women favor more progressive policies more in line with the Democratic party's platform.

The GOP has maintained and even increased its control largely through gerrymandering and voter suppression. That can last only so long, and they know it.

NC Senate budget a study in cruelty

The details of the NC Senate's extremist budget of pain are trickling out.

In addition to forcing teachers to give up career status ("tenure") to get raises, those raises would be funded by deep cuts in other education funding, including closing HBCU(s), insufficient textbook funding, cuts to school nurses, cuts to CPI, cuts to driver education and slashing almost all teacher assistants.

But, as usual, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Not content just to keep half a million North Carolinians from having healthcare coverage by not expanding Medicaid, they're now contracting Medicaid.

Teacher raises funded by other education cuts

In their big press conference yesterday, Phil Berger & the Bergerettes loudly proclaimed that they were going to provide the largest teacher pay raise ever in North Carolina's history. When asked how they would pay for it, they were...er...much less loud.

During a news conference Tuesday, Senate leaders bragged that their spending plan would be the largest pay increase for teachers in the state's history. But they declined to say at the time how they would fund that pay boost without a tax increase.

Today we see why they weren't telling how they plan to fund the teacher raises: they want to slash teacher assistants and slash other education funding to pay for teacher raises.

Protesters arrested in Tillis's office

Despite a previous statement from NCGA Police Chief Jeff Weaver that "he didn't plan to arrest the protesters in the speaker's office", he...well...did arrest them after all.

Fourteen protesters were arrested at the North Carolina Legislative Building early Wednesday after sitting in House Speaker Thom Tillis' office for nearly 11 hours.

Nearly 20 protesters, described as "workers from McDonalds, Wendy's and Bojangles and clergy members" and dubbed the "Tillis 15," were removed from Tillis' office at about 1:45 a.m. They were handcuffed with plastic zip-ties and led out of the building one by one by General Assembly police.

No rules, just wrong

First the NC GOP gets rid of the bulk of what they call those "burdensome regulations" -- you know, the ones that protect people and the environment from harm. Because there's money to be made, dammit!

Of course the next logical step is to ensure that corporations do not bear responsibility for their actions.

Three years ago state legislators considered a bill that would have given unprecedented immunity from liability in lawsuits to the manufacturers of any product approved by a federal regulator. At the time, John Del Giorno, an executive with RTP-based GlaxoSmithKline, spoke in favor of protections for the manufacturers of FDA-approved drugs, in order to make the legal system fairer and more predictable for business.

Rick Gunn violates open meetings law

A reporter brought an audio recorder to a public meeting of an NCGA committee today. That's common practice.

Then GOP insanity broke out.

The most bizarre incident of the day occurred in the Senate Commerce Committee, where Chairman Rick Gunn had the sergeant-at-arms confiscate the recorder used by a reporter. Neither Gunn nor the Senate sergeant-at-arms could provide a reason why the recorder, which was later returned to the reporter, was taken.

Gunn did provide a (completely bogus) reason at one point.

Oh the irony!

The NCGA has publicly acknowledged what they all privately knew: Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat's budget is nice fodder for the media, but Pat is thoroughly irrelevant and the Tillisberger runs this state and will set the budget while ignoring DAG McDelusional.

The state Senate is diving into the details of Gov. Pat McCrory’s proposed $21 billion budget and will put out its own version in two or three weeks.

“I’m sure we’ll be seeing a little different budget,” said Sen. Harry Brown, a budget writer from Jacksonville.

The hilarious irony, though is this part of the article (the reporter opted for the trite yet convenient Q&A format):

Q: Why is there a shortfall?

A. A memo from the State Office of Budget and Management and the legislature’s Fiscal Research Division says the shortfall is related to personal income tax collections.

Tillis skips session -- again -- to rake in campaign cash

During the US Senate Republican primary, questions were raised about whether or not Thom Tillis could run for Senate while continuing to fulfill his duties as Speaker of the NC House.

Well, the questions have been answered (the answer is [SURPRISE!] Hell no!):

House Speaker Thom Tillis will miss Monday’s legislative session to attend a U.S. Senate fundraiser in Washington.

The Republican will attend a meet-and-greet at the offices of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, according to an invitation that solicits the maximum $2,600 campaign contribution.

That's right, Thom has decided that the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors is more important than the people of North Carolina that he took an oath to serve.

But it's just a one-time thing, right?


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