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Pat fiddles while NC burns

On Friday, the National Weather Service confirmed that 7 tornadoes hit central and eastern North Carolina.

Residents across central and eastern North Carolina were assessing damage and cleaning up on Saturday, one day after powerful storms, several of which produced tornadoes, rocked dozens of communities in several counties.

On Saturday, Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat McCrony boasted on Twitter that he was having a grand ole time in Maine with fellow extremist loon Gov. LePage. Pat enjoyed visiting Bar Harbor and Bangor.

Tillis's hypocrisy

OK, it's not news that Thom Tillis is a hypocrite. Here's one more example to add to the pile.

When Thom is talking about an issue that he thinks will get him votes with the wing nut crowd, he says we need to repeal a law right away (warning: link goes to Thom's propaganda page. Those with a low tolerance for lies should approach with caution).

ObamaCare is a cancer on our national economy and it threatens the quality of every American's health care. It is paralyzing business expansion, displacing families from the health coverage they have now, raising costs, and threatening the federal treasury for all future years. ObamaCare is ridden with policies that are bad for families, bad for seniors, bad for businesses, and bad for the economy. Thom will fight in the Senate for full repeal of ObamaCare, for defunding ObamaCare, and he will work to implement private sector solutions to reduce healthcare costs for North Carolinians.

When Thom is talking about an issue that he thinks could lose some votes from the right-wing extremists, he says you can't just repeal a law right away.

Efforts to repeal the [renewable energy mandate] measure – which environmentalists credit with fueling the state’s burgeoning solar power industry – have failed in recent years. Tillis said he expects that to change. He said he supports a repeal, even as he cautioned against moving too fast.

“The problem is, it’s the law, and you can’t just ... all of a sudden repeal it without having an orderly exit,” he said after the debate. “And we’ll be having an orderly exit, and I’m optimistic that the next speaker will probably oversee its repeal.”

Court halts yet another Tillisberger law

A Superior Court judge has issued an injunction against the teacher bonus blackmail law that required teachers to give up their tenure status to qualify for tepid bonus pay (that only one-fourth of teachers could get anyway).

A Guilford County judge on Wednesday halted a requirement that North Carolina school districts offer a quarter of their teachers multi-year contracts as an enticement for them to give up their so-called "career status" protections.

It's unlikely that this will end up being limited just to Guilford County.

Durham Public Schools last month joined a lawsuit filed by the Guilford County school district, and more than a quarter of the 115 school districts statewide have expressed opposition to contract requirement.

Crisco attacks Aiken

Keith Crisco has produced a television advertisement and mailer attacking Clay Aiken for missing meetings of the presidential commission to which Aiken was appointed.

Aiken claimed in an email that the commission met right after his stint on American Idol finished and he had Idol commitments that took all his time, that he advised the commission of this, and that they were OK with it.

It's a pretty tangential thing to form the basis of an attack (is that all you could find, Keith?), but furthermore, if Aiken wins the primary (he claims a poll that shows him with a substantial lead), it's a nice little gift to Renee Ellmers.

Tillis caves, agrees to participate in debate

Thom Tillis, apparently acknowledging the tightening race for the NC GOP US Senate nomination, hiked up his big boy pants and agreed to participate in WRAL's debate after previously declining.

State House Speaker Thom Tillis says he will participate in a WRAL News debate on April 23.

Tillis initially declined the invitation, citing a scheduling conflict.

What was his scheduling conflict? An earlier story reveals that:

Seven months, no public records

Back in September -- 7 months ago -- the Raleigh News & Observer made a public records request of Queen Aldona's realm. They asked for emails of Carol Steckel (you remember Carol, she was hired as the savior of NC's Medicaid program and lasted 8 months under Queen Aldona before she abruptly resigned).

It’s been 205 days since The News & Observer requested emails of former state Medicaid director Carol Steckel.

What could possibly take so long?

Moogfest uninvites Pat

Although Moogfest organizers appear to be trying to be as vague and polite as possible, Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat's office says that Pat was uninvited to the annual music, technology and innovation festival.

McCrory Communications Director Josh Ellis said in a statement Friday evening that, "It was at the request of Moogfest organizers that we changed our plans to attend this event."

Gee, who wouldn't want the state's governor at their festival?

Shortly after his attendance was announced, local residents organized a protest for during his visit.

Oh. Politics.

Most anyone can run for the US Senate

One of the great things about this country is that most anyone can run for US Senate. All the Constitution requires is:

No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.

On the flip side, one of the somewhat sad things about this country is that most anyone can run for US Senate.

Even a bigoted science denier.

Over the next few months, [US Senate GOP candidate Mark] Harris helped lead the fight for the controversial [anti-gay] amendment [one], raising money and speaking around the state.

Greasing the skids for fracking

North Carolina continues its headlong pursuit of fracking, accelerating the development of the rules that the NCGA requires to be in place before drilling starts.

The state commission that’s creating safety standards for fracking raced through 48 rules Wednesday under a legislative deadline to prepare North Carolina for shale gas exploration by next spring.

The Energy & Mining commission, charged with developing the rules, is stacked with industry pro-fracking members and it's pretty clear that the intent is just to get some rules in place that the industry will accept so that we can get on with poisoning the environment.

Their most recent meeting made that abundantly clear:

The Coal Ash Governor

For those who had requested it, it turns out that BackwardNC has located an interesting parody song that describes Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat's "rise" to the undisputed title of "Coal Ash Governor", equivalently known as "The King of Coal Ash".

Pat is a very clueless person. But we knew that when we didn't vote for him. We sympathize with the ones whom Pat fooled.


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