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Sorry, Jordan Lake, we simply don't care

After a years-long effort to protect Jordan Lake, the NC GOP loons decided that we don't need no stinkin' anti-pollution rules. So Jordan Lake gets more polluted each day. As reported in multiple BlueNC posts, the NC GOP solution is to allow upstream polluters to continue to pollute while experimenting with expensive, ineffective automated water stirrers (stirring up the pollution will help, won't it?).

More of Pat's customer service: Crime victims' personal information exposed

WRAL reports that thousands of crime victims had their personal information potentially exposed on the DPS web site for years.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety officials scrambled Thursday to take down a website that included the names and personal information of thousands of crime victims, including rape victims, who had applied for financial assistance from the state.

State officials say it's unlikely that anyone actually accessed the site, but if anyone did, well, it was chock-full of personal information.

NC teacher exodus documented

Pam Tilley is an NC educator, and she's well informed. Recently she wrote an open letter to Jerry Tillman, education committee chair.

As a citizen and mother in North Carolina, I am gravely concerned about the rapid exodus of teachers leaving North Carolina for higher pay in other states. While I recognize that there are highly qualified teachers such as myself (all “accomplished/distinguished” per this year’s evaluation) who consider North Carolina their home and teaching their calling and refuse to wave the white flag, I completely understand why teachers are leaving at higher rates. Last summer, in my frustration with the legislation that was passed removing teacher tenure and once again denying teachers a cost-of-living adjustment or step increase, I started a blog to archive teacher resignation letters: www.resignnc.org

Speaking truth to power

can still result in attempts to muzzle the speaker.

Gene Nichol is now required to warn UNC and add a disclaimer any time he writes something for publication.

Printed under the column were [Nichol's] name, his title as the Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor and this statement: “He doesn’t speak for UNC.”

Since late October, the disclaimer has appeared whenever Nichol, a provocative and prolific writer, pens a piece for the newspaper’s opinion pages.

According to email records obtained by the N&O, Nichol, a former dean and college president and well-known liberal, has also been asked by his bosses to give them a day or two days’ notice – a “heads up” before his columns appear

That's because Nichol speaks truth that the powerful don't want to hear. And some of the powerful react with indignation.

Wake GOP raffle tickets on sale!

Offered without comment (at least for now):

The Wake County Republicans are holding a raffle. They could have chosen to raffle a car, a country club membership, a restaurant gift certificate, a kayak, a grandfather clock, a riding mower or a rubber woman.

The Wake County Republican party chose to raffle off an AR-15 assault rifle.

Tillisberger to exercise ownership rights

It goes like this:

  1. Tillisberger & NC GOP pass unconstitutional voucher program.
  2. They get sued.
  3. An NC Superior Court ruling freezes implementation of the voucher program until the various court cases proceed.
  4. Tillisberger goes to NC Supreme Court to get the freeze on vouchers lifted. They promised those taxpayer $ to their private school profiteer buddies and dammit, they intend to deliver!

After all, the NC GOP paid good money to assume ownership of the NC Supreme Court. It's about time for a little bit of profit-taking, right?

Fracking causes earthquakes (DUH!)

There's ample evidence that fracking causes earthquakes. It's well known, it's logical, it's demonstrated and reasonable people can easily see how it happens.

So recently it's big news that Ohio geologists have linked fracking to earthquakes that occurred there.

While earlier studies had linked earthquakes in the same region to deep-injection wells used for disposal of fracking wastewater, this marks the first time tremors have been tied directly to fracking

More McCrory hypocrisy

Freshly back from playing pretend pilot in Washington, DC, Deputy Assistant Guvnor McCrony is once again comfortably ensconced in his home in Alternate Realityville, where he proclaimed this the "month and week of the young child" in NC.

WHEREAS, the State of North Carolina joins the North Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Council, the North Carolina Education Cabinet, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Public Instruction, along with the North Carolina Partnership for Children, and the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children, in recognizing and supporting the people and programs that are committed to providing high quality early childhood education and services;

Latest from Lee: legal liability?

As Blue Lee reported previously, Lee County commissioners planned and then carried out a meeting that apparently violated NC's open meetings law.

Now a citizen has filed a lawsuit against the Lee County Commissioners.

A Lee County resident has sued the county Board of Commissioners over a public meeting he says was less open than required by the state's open meetings law.

Jay Calendine is an active member of the Lee County Democratic Party and one of those who initially raised objections to the county holding a public meeting in a gated community.


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