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Andrew Brock is an idiot

It's cold today, so climate change is a hoax. So sayeth Senator Andrew Brock.

Talk about making the case for an intelligence test for elected officials.

As James says, pardon my French, but some things need saying:

Andrew Brock is a flaming asshole.

Bob Rucho proves his ignorance yet again

Results of a new NY University study show that early voting is popular and beneficial to voters and to those responsible for conducting elections.

“Early in person voting is a substantial improvement in voting that Americans of all political persuasions should be able to agree upon,” the report said. “Its widespread and growing use by voters, and the uniform view of the election officials we interviewed, confirms it provides ample benefits for both voters and election administrators.'”

Senator and village idiot Bob Rucho debunks the study, though, and for a very good reason:

State Sen. Bob Rucho, a Republican from Mecklenburg County, on Friday defended North Carolina’s change in a comment to an online version of this story:

Aldona takes cue from DAG McCrony

DAG McCrony, chief resident of his own Alternate Realityville, continually tells us how great everything is, or how he's making terrible things better.

Guvnor Pat is a master of window dressing, such as convening a group of teachers to "advise" him, not long after he threw NC teachers, and public education, under the bus. Guvnor Pat trumpets new jobs that materialize despite his anti-jobs policies -- thanks to his predecessor Bev Perdue, whom Pat blames for...pretty much everything.

It goes on and on. It's to be expected when one lives in Alternate Realityville.

Just what the GOP ordered

It's not the best of times at Elizabeth City State University. Enrollment is down, funding is down and they're considering dropping some academic major programs.

This is just what the GOP wants to see, and what they've been trying to bring about.

First, academic major programs likely to end up on the chopping block often are liberal arts foundation programs. History is one such program mentioned for ECSU.

[Jacquelyn Dowd] Hall, the UNC-CH historian, speculated that doing away with foundational liberal arts programs “is a way of pushing Elizabeth City more and more into a very narrow vocational niche.”

Your tax dollars at play

NC Policy Watch recently reported that Little Ricky Diaz, not content with being a public trough-feeding taker who is paid $85K to do a job he's clearly unqualified for, has decided that he needs a complete marketing & PR department at DHHS.

The changes will create a one-member press team responsible for responding to media inquiries, as well as a six-person marketing team and a 13-member public relations team. The department headed by Diaz will also be now called the “Office of Communications” instead of the “Office of Public Affairs.”

Well, here's one of the first efforts from Little Ricky's genius bar:

Renee Ellmers paints herself into a corner

The vile liar Renee Ellmers has been on a rampage against Obamacare. She's one of the ones who voted against it 42 times, and she's been speaking on the House floor, going on TV, tweeting, facebooking and everything else she can to try to get people to believe that Obamacare is the apocalypse. Nearly everything she says is a pack of lies, but we've come to expect that from Lying Renee.

But the law of unintended consequences has just roosted on Renee's doorstep. Apparently somebody (Ted Cruz?) marshalled a bunch of the really, really crazy right-wing nut jobs (you know, the ones who want to primary anyone who had the nerve to re-open the federal government), and some of them are piling on Renee.

It seems that they've called Renee's bluff, and advised her that she is now expected to repeal Obamacare or else they'll find someone who will.

Lt. Dan campaigns on taxpayers' dime

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who barely does any work at all in the first place, has recently taken to campaigning for his right-wing nutjob friends:


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