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Pat left out one little detail

Pat trumpets a (welcome) groundbreaking for a (welcome) announcement of a significant number of actual, real, high-paying, new jobs (unlike his other attempts to tout jobs, most of which are small in number, not actual, not real, not high-paying or not new):

This one is a genuine accomplishment.

The little detail that Pat omitted is that it's Bev Perdue's accomplishment.

Renee Ellmers hits new low

It's hard to believe that US Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-ALEC) could sink lower than she has in the past, but she has managed to do so.

She introduced a new bill that she calls the "Injured and Amputee Veterans Bill of Rights". Now, it would seem to be hard to quibble with that. Our veterans, especially injured and amputee, deserve the very best that this country can give them.

Renee directs us to her propaganda page for the bill, where we learn:

The rights provided by H.R. 3408 include:

  • Access to appropriate O&P technology to meet individual veterans' needs
  • Ability to receive care from a private O&P practitioner of choice (the vast majority of veterans receive prosthetic care through 600 contracts with private O&P practitioners)

Berger & Hunt all atwitter

It seems that teachers at at least one school are staging a (mild) protest.

The people responsible for repeatedly kicking teachers in the teeth are inexplicably incensed about this.

DAG McCrony continues his series of meetings with white guys

For some reason, our clueless deputy assistant guvnor continues to tweet photos of himself at events that have almost exclusively (rich straight Christian) white males.

Gov. Morehead spins in his grave

DAG McCrony tweeted:

This from the idiot whose rubber-stamping of the NCGA right-wing nut job policies is ruining infrastructure, education and economic development.

The earth trembling you feel is not fracking (not yet). It's Gov. Morehead turning in his grave. Our temporary excuse for a governor is a disgrace, and he has a lot of nerve to insult the late Gov. Morehead.

DAG McCrory's constituency

DAG McCrony is proud to have honored Jesse Helms and Ol' Jess's wife:

Notice anything about the photo?

Yeah, it looks a lot like the Republican side of the NCGA: all white, nearly all male.

Larry Pittman embarrasses NC

Larry Pittman adds to The Old Backward State's embarrassment by "joking" that President Obama is not a traitor to Kenya.

[Pittman said] "I just don’t think it’s right at all to call Barack Obama a traitor. There’s a lot of things he’s done wrong but he is not a traitor. Not as far as I can tell. I haven’t come across any evidence yet that he has done one thing to harm Kenya."

Ha ha! That's classy, Larry. I'm sure you got a good laugh from the Yeltonesque tinfoil hat wearers in the audience. But you amplified the view of lots of people in the US that NC is a bunch of extremist yahoos. Good luck getting businesses to locate here when they see that nuts like you are running the state.


OK, we know that there are ignorant and stupid people in our nation and state.

We know that there are mush-brained people who watch Fox News and read Wing Nut Daily and believe it and internalize it.

But we find it pretty scary when a breathtakingly ignorant, stupid, mush-brained gullible lying sack of excrement can actually be elected to the highest chamber of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Guns for money


NC Senator Warren Daniel is holding a campaign fundraiser. Skeet shoot & BBQ. Hey, that doesn't sound bad.


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