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Slaying the gerrymander?

Former Gov. Jim Martin weighs in on "the Justus plan", an idea to overcome the illegitimate gerrymandered elections that gave right-wing nut jobs super-majorities in Raleigh with about half of the popular vote.

Could it work? Maybe. But it would take significant voter engagement and turnout, and that's been chronically difficult.

Big fat zeroes

The NC League of Conservation voters has released its legislative scorecard.

We all knew that this legislative session was bad for the environment, and we all knew that extremists have taken over the Jones Street House of Pain, but this report is a stark reminder of just how bad it is:

The League reports that it had awarded 48 zero scores since 1999. But 82 lawmakers achieved that goal in this session alone, amounting to nearly half of the legislature.

And DAG McCrony and Profiteer Skvarla are doing their part to leave smoldering ruins to our kids and grandkids:

2013 "Popies" winners

Several NC legislators, many of whom are bought and paid for by Art Pope, have been bragging recently that they've received an award from the NC Free Enterprise Foundation (NCFEF) for legislating "business friendly" legislation.

They imply that their "business friendly" legislation creates jobs and improves the economy. They don't mention that the legislature passed 344 new laws this past session, and not one single law was a jobs bill. What they really mean by "business friendly" legislation is the stuff that ALEC and Art Pope want very badly -- things such as removing virtually all regulations (many of which were put in place to ensure the safety of workers and consumers), allowing environmental destruction in the name of profits, getting rid of taxes for rich people and corporations and removing all limits on corporations and rich people in terms of money and meddling in political campaigns and government.

DHHS "short on answers"

Yesterday, NC DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos appeared before a group of legislators to answer their many questions about the goings-on in her department...or not.

Let's start with the tip of the iceberg:

After grilling leaders at the state Department of Health and Human Services for about nine hours on Tuesday about flawed programs and high salaries, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressed frustration.

Legislators didn’t get a firm date for when a Medicaid claims payment system that’s frustrating hospitals, doctors and medical equipment companies will work as advertised.

Nor were some happy with DHHS Secretary Dr. Aldona Wos’ explanation that she followed state rules when paying two 24-year-olds $85,000 and $87,500 respectively.

First Moral Monday protester convicted

The first Moral Monday protester case to actually proceed to trial has resulted in the conviction of Saladin Muhammad, a 68-year-old organizer from Rocky Mount.

The judge ruled that Capitol cops can arrest people if they have "reason to believe" that those people might become disorderly.

Ignoring for the moment the abundant evidence that this group of protesters was non-violent and completely transparent with the law officers, which should have obviated any "reason to believe" that the protesters might engage in "violent and risky behavior", the underlying legal argument is troubling.

Ellmers: "I need my paycheck"

Rep. Renee Ellmers is keeping her pay during the government shutdown that she helped to cause.

“The thing of it is, I need my paycheck. That is the bottom line,” Ellmers told WTVD, the Raleigh ABC station Wednesday.

Yeah, Renee, 800,000 other people you've put out of work need their paychecks too, including your staff, the folks at NASA, CDC and many others.

It boggles the mind that anyone can be so hypocritical and insensitive. You're a vile waste of protoplasm, Renee.

Shame on you Renee.

Governor McWorried

The Daily Tar Heel covers two Democrats already running to unseat DAG McCrony.

Good article, but I'm sure we all would agree that James should have been the first candidate mentioned.

If your approval rating was abysmal, and you had to run pathetic commercials, and you already had two qualified candidates running against you, wouldn't you be McWorried too?

DENR abandons pretense of environmental protection

John Skvarla, the fox in charge of the DENR henhouse, already told us that he had a "new mission" in mind for his agency's water quality division.

Now we see more clearly what that new mission is: completely ignore water quality issues. If water becomes polluted, we'll stick our heads in the sand. Because we wouldn't want to know about any harm that Skvarla's corporate profiteer buddies are doing to the environment in their quest for more almighty dollars.

North Carolina applied for a federal grant to monitor water quality that might be poisoned by fracking. The grant was approved.

Then Skvarla turned down the grant. Yes, refused it -- because it was "not needed for the division to meet our core mission".

Ellie rocks the vote

I have it on good authority that former Sen. Ellie Kinnaird is organizing to deliver on her pledge to restore voting justice in The Old Backward State.

If you're able to help in any way -- and there are MANY ways to help -- please contact Ms. Kinnaird.

Do it now. What could possibly be more important?

Exactly one way to fix Jordan Lake

The anti-environment, pro-pollution-if-it-benefits-corporations nut jobs in control of the Jones Street House of Pain passed a really stupid bill to delay the Jordan Lake Rules that took a decade to develop. Those rules were intended to maintain Jordan Lake as a safe drinking water source (and recreational area, and wildlife refuge). Of course, DAG McCrony signed this really stupid bill. So now it's NC law that it's pretty much OK to shit in people's drinking water.

Because freedom.

In a pathetic attempt to try to demonstrate that they're not drinking water lake shitters, the wing nuts included a provision to deploy an "experimental" technology that, as nearly as we can tell, is an expensive, fancy aerator.


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