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May I see four forms of ID please?

Students from across the state will pay a visit to DAG McCrony's house next Monday. They'll be protesting the NCGA's and Guvnor's attempt to take away their constitutional right to vote.

Student IDs won't count for voter IDs, leading to this startling fact:

out-of-state students who want to vote in North Carolina – a constitutional right established by legal precedent – will have to produce four forms of identification to get a North Carolina identification card.


Yes, policies really do have impacts

DAG McCrony and the Tillisberger were hellbent on refusing the federal money for Medicaid expansion. These are our tax dollars, already paid, that now go to places with more enlightened governors, which even includes Ohio and New Jersey.

DAG McCrony and Tillisberger were warned repeatedly that this stupidity would have real repercussions in North Carolina -- not only for the 500,000 people who would be denied healthcare benefits (DAG McCrony and Tillisberger have demonstrated repeatedly that they don't care about them), but also for hospitals, many of which are corporations, and all of which provide jobs.

Travesty of justice

Let's see if I got this right...

An SBI worker fabricates a confession from a mentally handicapped man. That man serves 14 years in a psychiatric hospital for a crime he didn't commit. When he's finally exonerated, he's paid nearly $8M recompense (not that we can put a price on his false imprisonment).

That's a travesty of justice (the false imprisonment, not the payment).

And the guy -- Mark Isley -- who framed this poor man and cost us $8M is still working for the SBI.

That's a travesty of justice.

Attention Roy Cooper: Fire Mark Isley. NOW.

Pat's burning pants

Fully realizing that this might be the one thing that could actually cause the Internet to get filled up, I thought it might be interesting to start a summary of DAG McCrony's lies. We could list dozens of previous ones, but just for starters, we'll list three recent ones:

Maybe easier to spell?

Civil rights leader, former NAACP chairman and Georgia legislator Julian Bond observes that North Carolina is the new Mississippi.

Citing especially the voter suppression law, Mr. Bond shares BackwardNC's observations of the state's inexorable backward march.

"North Carolina has become the new Mississippi," Bond said on a program that will air Friday night on "Political Capital with Al Hunt'' on Bloomberg TV.

"They've just taken an enormous step backward in voting rights and a series of things because of the domination of Republicans in the House and the Senate and in the governor's chair,'' said Bond

Salarygate continues

DAG McCrony gets caught in another lie.

Following his claims that

these two young people are very well qualified and they are being paid for jobs at which that’s the pay rate for that job

we learn that, in fact, they're not very well qualified at all, although they are indeed being paid at the same rate as their well-qualified predecessors.

A well qualified private sector executive observes that

A $84,000 salary for a 24-year-old is something I can’t even fathom for a PR position. They’re just not experienced enough

Prevaricating Pat and Ante-Up Aldona continue to pay off political hacks while claiming there's no money for teacher or other public employee raises.

They're lying, and everyone knows it.

DAG McCrony encounters protesters

Our good friend kdog_wnc points out via Twitter that DAG McCrony encountered angry teachers protesting when he visited the mountains.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

But it occurred to me: why wouldn't/why shouldn't he encounter protesters everywhere he goes? It's easily conceivable (his ratings are in the toilet, people are mad at him, people in NC clearly have shown a propensity to show their displeasure via protests).

Other than a few hyper-insulated places where he hangs out with his cronies and rich benefactors, I think it would be pretty easy to organize a protest anywhere he goes (mountains, coast, Piedmont, schools, factories, state parks, chamber of commerce, Joe's diner, groundbreaking for the new Bijou, the sidewalk outside his office or house, etc., etc.).

Skvarla channels General Sherman

When you want to know what Mitt really thinks, you get him before a bunch of big donors ("47%"). When you want to know what John Skvarla, NC DENR Secretary, really thinks, you get him in front of the John Locke Foundation.

This article is frightening. Layoffs at DENR, "turning the place upside down", "Everything we do in DENR has to involve some consideration of economics", "We don't want the most severe [fracking] rules" ...

and my personal (ahem) favorite:

"If we got wet gas [ethane, propane, butane], then Katy bar the door ... It could be the panacea from heaven"

Yeah, John, or it could be Pandora's box from hell.

McCrory says community colleges are key, slashes their budget

Prevaricating Pat visited a community college today (first time?) and declared that community colleges are key to NC's economic recovery.

This is just a few days after he signed the budget that cut community college funding (already unsustainably low) by about 2%, or $16 million.

Only a lying hypocritical sack of excrement could make a speech saying how great something is while at the same time kicking that entity right in the teeth.

Gosh, does that imply that DAG McCrony is a lying hypocritical sack of excrement?


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