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Pat didn't get permission first

It seems that DAG McCrony is negotiating with a South Carolina native American tribe (yes, you read that right, South Carolina) about opening a casino in Cleveland County.

Apparently, though, Pat forgot to ask permission from Tillisberger, and that has Tom Apodaca (Berger's second banana) and Skip Stam (Tillis's second banana) very upset.

“We don’t need an out-of-state tribe coming into North Carolina and opening a casino,” [Apocada] said Thursday. “I can tell you I haven’t heard of one person yet who was excited about the idea.”


“I am very much opposed to it and will do everything I can to defeat it,” [Stam] said.

GOP hangover

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After a 6-month drunk-on-power binge during which the unruly GOP mob ran roughshod over the entire state and had their way with the people of NC, they just recently woke up hung over and naked in a ditch by the side of the road.

[As consciousness starts to return, DAG McCrony, Tillis and Berger discuss the circumstances]

McCrony: What happened?

Berger: I’m not sure. Damn! My head hurts.

Tillis: I remember something about a budget. I need some coffee!

Berger: And abortions. And voter suppression. Make my coffee black and strong!

McCrony: I remember signing those bills after we agreed about them.

Berger & Tillis, in unison: SHUT UP! You’re just a hired pen.

DAG McCrony signs voter suppression law

DAG McCrony signed the omnibus voter suppression bill today, then tried to spin it as a "popular" voter ID bill, ignoring the most horrific provisions of the bill (which makes us wonder if he actually read the bill, given that we know he sometimes doesn't).

Public Policy Polling found that the GOP extremists took something that was popular (voter ID) and added so much stuff to it that the overall bill was entirely unpopular -- 39% overall support, and opposed by 70% of moderates.

Maybe that's why Prevaricating Pat wants people to think it was about voter ID. He still hasn't figured out that he's not fooling anybody.

Here's Democracy NC's take on this disaster.

Moneybags Mondays?

Do you think DAG McCrony will complain about outsiders coming into our state to protest the policies of the duly elected chief executive?

FreedomWorks, a conservative group, will hold a series of town hall meetings, protests and discussions to urge Congress to defund the Affordable Care Act.

In case you're wondering who thinks that funding extremists who hate Obama is more important than funding healthcare for United States citizens:

Phil Berger ain't very nice

[Cross-posted from BackwardNC]

We are fully aware that we're not gonna make the Billboard Top 100, but a little musical fun seems to be in order. So with apologies to Parrotheads everywhere, we present:

Phil Berger Ain’t Very Nice
(Parody of Cheeseburger in Paradise, Jimmy Buffett)

Tried to amend my extremist nut habits.
Made it nearly half a day,
Bruisin’ hate with our greed, middle class we bleed,
Drinkin' lots of Kool Aid and stalkin' our prey.

But at night I'd have these secret sessions
Some kind of underhanded cheat.
I’m a meanie, I’m a weenie, it’s so sweet,
Love a big warm gun and a huge hunk of conceit.

Phil Berger ain’t very nice.
Scorchin’ the earth with his budget slice.
Not too particular, not too precise.
He’s just a Phil Berger who has his price.

Burr nails it; Tillis fails it

I'm not a member of the Richard Burr fan club, but when you're right, you're right, and Senator Burr got it right this time:

"I think it's [shutting down the federal government to de-fund Obamacare] the dumbest idea I've ever heard of," Burr said. "Listen, as long as Barack Obama is president, the Affordable Care Act is going to be law."

Tricky Thom Tillis, though, was (surprise!) evasive. After railing against Obamacare to incite his extremist base, Tillis showed that he is thoroughly unprepared to be a US Senator with his non-answer:

Now even friendship is racist and partisan

The top story, above-the-fold, 72-point-headline article in today's Raleigh News & Observer: "School to be Apex Friendship".

They're talking about naming a new high school in Apex, NC. Briefly, some folks want the school to be named "Apex Friendship High School" to honor the historic Friendship community where the school will be located; some want it to be called "West Apex High School" instead (they say "Friendship" is "inappropriate" for a high school name...you'll see why momentarily or if you read the full article).

One wonders what all the fuss is about until we see some of the details:

On Tuesday, the groups sat in separate sections, with a largely white contingent urging the board to keep the West Apex name and a largely minority contingent from Friendship backing the new name.


That's Aldona!

DHHS Secretary, control freak and inaugural member of the BackwardNC Hall of Shame Aldona Wos apparently isn't happy that not all of the Perdue administration holdovers (the ones who actually cared and attempted to deliver genuine health and human services) have quit yet.

It seems that she is such an incompetent manager that her department is rife with fraud and waste and she needs 32 -- that's 32 -- more internal auditors to ferret out all the flushing of money down DHHS toilets.

Thom Tillis makes us want to sing!

[Cross-posted from BackwardNC]

We wish we had the talent of the NC Music Love Army, but no such luck. We did, however, come up with some updated lyrics for an old NC folk song so that folks can sing about the speaker.

Hang Down Your Head, Thom Tillis
(Parody of Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley, Various Artists)

Hang down your head, Thom Tillis
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head, Thom Tillis
Poor boy, you're a vile guy
I bet yer still a-countin’
How you caused us strife
You made a big mountain
Of crap in our life

Hang down your head, Thom Tillis
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head, Thom Tillis
Poor boy, you always lie

This time tomorrow
Reckon where you'll be
You’ll be a fund-raisin’
Big bucks in DC

Hang down your head, Thom Tillis
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head, Thom Tillis


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