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NC GOP smoking the good stuff

Now that The Old Backward State is a national laughingstock (Colbert, Maher, Maddow, others), the right-wing nut jobs are in the spotlight. You'd think that they'd be embarrassed and trying to find a hole to hide in. Some of them are, but apparently at least one GOP strategist thinks it's all good:

“I think McCrory is going to end up being one of the most popular governors in the country,” [Marc] Rotterman is quoted saying in the It’s All Politics blog last week.

NC GOP Needs Its Healthcare Benefits

Every so often we see new evidence that there's some sort of (at least partial) cosmic justice in the world.

Today the Raleigh News & Observer reports that "hedonistic" happiness can lead to health problems, whereas "altruistic" happiness can offer health benefits. In other words, making yourself feel good at the expense of others by being selfish is bad for you; making yourself feel good by helping others and being selfless is good for you:

A study published this week by researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill and UCLA showed that a “hedonic” or self-gratifying type of happiness – the result of a massage or a tasty meal – made cells in the immune system act like they were under stress, a condition that over time could lead to diseases such as cancer or heart attacks.

BackwardNC launches NC Hall of Shame

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With the Jones Street House of Pain in recess, and the smoke from their General Sherman-style march across the state beginning to clear, we are thankful that the unrelenting daily damage has taken a pause. Of course, the well-intentioned (that is, mean-spirited) laws they passed will continue to hurt people in The Old Backward State every day, but at least they've gone home and have stopped piling on more excrement.

Tillisberger Seriously Miscalculated

You might or might not be familiar with Ann and Jim Goodnight. Dr. Jim Goodnight is the founder and CEO of SAS Corporation; he and his wife have been community activists in Cary, NC and statewide advocates for many causes -- especially education -- for decades. SAS is among the world's largest privately held companies; the Goodnights are billionaires and reportedly the richest people in all of North Carolina (#154 on the Forbes worldwide billionaires list).

The Goodnights are definitely the 1%.

They even hosted a fundraiser for Phil "The Swill" Berger where he reportedly raised more than $300,000.

Another one bites the dust: Laura Gerald

Yeah, you think your boss is bad? Just be glad you don't have Aldona Wos as a boss (yes, she is the same one who specifies the font you must use on your email signature and what you shall wear to work).

Department of Health & Human Services Health Director Laura Gerald finally couldn't take any more of Aldona, not to mention Tillisberger & the McCrony's denial of healthcare to so many people in our state. Ms. Gerald had worked in the Perdue administration and it seems she tried her best to keep on keeping on but just could not carry out their mean-spirited policies:

Why Don't You Gals Have Some Cookies?

Apparently some consultant told DAG McCrony that he wasn't showing enough "human side", so he offered a plate of cookies to the people who have been protesting all day yesterday and today against his LYING SACK OF EXCREMENT pledge to restrict abortion rights after promising he'd do no such thing. No, I'm not making this up.

Liar Pat actually had the nerve to come out of the Governor's MANSION (with only FOUR security guards!!) and attempt to have God bless one of the women who was protesting.

McCrory's gesture was — considering his decision to sign the bill Monday — seen as a bit condescending by those present, who came up with an off-the-cuff chant: "Hey Pat, that was rude. You wouldn't give cookies to a dude."

Why Do They Lie?

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It's become abundantly clear that the Art Pope machine in The Old Backward State can get away with anything it wants. The level of extremism in North Carolina is almost without precedent.

As their scorched-earth policies steamroll ahead unfettered, as they stomp on people they don't care about, and as they literally do whatever they wish, unconstrained by anything including the state and federal constitutions, it occurs to us:

Why do they lie?

Why don't they simply tell the truth about why they're passing these extreme laws? Why do they feel the need to lie? Is it simply habitual? Do they think they're fooling people? Is it an attempt to assuage their consciences?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

It's goodbye to Kieran Shanahan, one of DAG McCrony's Top 5 worst appointees in his Cabinet of Controversy. Showing his usual cluelessness, DAG McCrony claims Shanahanigans is a "friend" but doesn't even know his name:

Alternately mispronouncing Shanahan’s first name as “Sharon” and then “Karen,” the governor said it was a mutual decision.


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