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Words vs. actions

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The Jones Street House of Pain has declared war on lots of folks:

  • They have a War on Women
  • They actively pursue a War on Gays
  • They declared War on the Environment
  • They're Waging a War on the Poor
  • They are at War with Public Education

But the war they really don't want you to know about is the War on the Military.

Every politician claims that they support the military. Ask any of the right-wing extremist kooks in the legislature if they support our military and you'll surely get a hearty affirmation. But then we have to look at their actions:

DAG McCrony hires an advisor

DAG McCrony is clueless, but apparently someone told him that his approval rating is continuously dropping and more people realize he's a clown.

So he decided to hire a political advisor.

But he can't even do that right. That must have been SOME conversation:

[DAG McCrony and his senior aides discuss hiring a political advisor]
"We need someone who's good at turning around negative images".

"I know -- how about Jon Felts? He worked for George W. Bush *AND* for the American Banking Association. Bush and bankers had their share of troubles, but everybody LOVES them now!".

"Great idea. BONUS: He worked for Karl Rove and Danny Quayle too! And everybody LOVES them!"

"Give Felts a call. We'll pay anything. The state has plenty of money and that 'reducing the size of government' stuff is just rhetoric".

Justin Burr Completely Misses the Irony

[cross-posted from BackwardNC]

The NC House chambers now have some very nice art on the walls. That's kinda cool. The art depicts some of North Carolina's natural beauty. Justin "Profiting from My Elected Position" Burr was the driving force for placing this art in the Jones Street House of Pain.

He apparently is totally clueless about the bitter irony of legislators looking at paintings of North Carolina's natural beauty while they pass laws that will destroy that same natural beauty.

Tillis Leaves Early Again

He's supposed to be the leader of the House, but he leaves early to attend ALEC meetings and according to John Frank's tweet, he leaves early to go collect his quid pro quo money from the payday lenders.

From @JohnFrank House Spkr @thomtillis leaves session early, ahead of major abortion-related bill debate, for #NCSen fundraiser in #CLT #ncpol #ncga

And he wants to be your US Senator.

Renee Ellmers: Pants on Fire

Be forewarned that the lie density of this email from U.S. Rep. Renee "Pants on Fire" Ellmers is so high that it can induce severe nausea.

Virtually every item she includes in her propaganda piece is a nauseating lie, or at least (charitably) a disingenuous casting of aspersions on others for things that are her fault (also known as a lie).

Let's hope she challenges Tillis in the GOP primary for the US Senate race. Neither is fit to hold office, and both have no regard for truth or ethics. It would be a blast to watch them fight it out using their sleazy tactics.

Ellmers. Pants. Ablaze.

What North Carolina needs

North Carolina is a great state with many assets. Like any other state, it has problems, issues and concerns. People have legitimate differences about how to address challenges such as:

  • ensuring free and fair elections
  • reducing unemployment and creating good jobs
  • finding an equitable way to raise the money needed to deliver government services
  • improving our educational system
  • ensuring a healthy business climate
  • preserving a healthy environment for future generations

Of course, there are many more, and there are various ways to address these challenges, and reasonable people have different philosophies and approaches.


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