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Thom Tillis moves into first place for "lie of the year"

Republicans love to call Obama's statement about keeping your insurance under the ACA the "lie of the year". Of course it's not even a lie, because the ACA was adapted to ensure that people could keep their really shitty plans for a few years if that's what they needed to do to prove that they hate, hate, hate Obama.

Thom Tillis, who thinks that Kay Hagan and Barack Obama are the same person, loves to talk about Senator Hagan repeating the so-called "lie of the year".

But Thom, who's a consummate liar himself, has just moved into first place. Heck, he's probably cinched "Lie of the Decade". Discussing the NC budget debacle, during which he's shown himself to be ineffective and inconsequential (on those occasions when he bothers to show up), here's Thom lying through his teeth:

Put up your Dukes

It seems that John "Duke" Wayne's family and Duke University are arguing about who has rights to the Duke name.

As part of a long-running legal tussle, the Durham university and John Wayne Enterprises have been fighting over “Duke” trademarks and whether the family of the star of countless classic westerns can brand their bourbon with the name they want.

Seems to me that both parties ought to be much more concerned about the damage being done to the "Duke" name by those other folks.

Tillisberger to throw 12,000 kids out in the cold

or in the heat. But either way, the NC GOP wants to stop after-school child care subsidies for 12,000 kids from low-income families.

Sen. Jeff Tarte, a Republican from Cornelius, said the goal is to shift the focus to early childhood development..

Oh, well the way Jeff tells it, this must be a good thing. Unless, of course:

Child advocates say the change could put children at risk by forcing parents to choose between work and leaving their children in potentially unsafe situations.

Oh, that doesn't sound good at all. But that's just those bleeding-heart "child advocates" talking. Let's hear from an actual parent, who would need to pay more than $1,000 more per month, something she can't possibly afford.

NC budget: theater of the absurd

After opening the budget conference as a public meeting, the NC GOP participants predictably played to the cameras.

A day of scheduled budget negotiations got off to a rocky start Wednesday morning after House leaders insisted on hearing from outside experts on education spending.

Senate negotiators responded by walking out of the meeting. They returned an hour later, but the good feelings of compromises reached last week on Medicaid funding were long gone by then.

In another display of absurdity, the NC GOP -- those would be the folks who stomped all over the less fortunate citizens of our state with their original budget -- stole lines from the Democratic party.

He said the Senate budget, which would eliminate Medicaid eligibility for thousands, would shortchange the needy.

Guvnor Pat gives Tillisberger a good laugh again

More accurately, in this case, Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat provided major guffaws for Bergodaca by demanding that the NC Senate take a vote on the House budget, which is the budget that Guvnor McClueless has endorsed.

Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday demanded the state Senate take a vote on a education spending plan he supports a day after the chamber’s GOP leaders dismissed the legislation outright.

“I’m very disappointed that the Senate is not taking action on a House bill that was voted unanimously by Republicans and Democrats,” the Republican governor said. “I firmly believe the Senate needs to vote on that.”

The laughter of Sens. Berger and Apodaca reportedly could be heard all the way from Wilmington to Asheville.

Guvnor McCorporation has completed his ALEC assimilation

Look who is the keynote speaker at the annual ALEC convention!

Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat is not very smart, but apparently he's a quick study when tutored by Governor Pope and the Tillisberger. He got himself a major gig at the ALEC convention, where he'll tell them his delusional version of how great things are in North Carolina.

And they'll lap it up, of course. Because they're not into facts and reality.

Rabid anti-gay "Pastors 4 NC"

The good folks at Right Wing Watch note Jeremy Hooper's column that advises that a group called Pastors 4 NC is holding an event with a lineup of speakers that constitutes "one of the most anti-gay crews imaginable".

Here is a list of invited speakers:

Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Executive Vice President, Family Research Council
Benham Brothers, Benham Companies
Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Vice President of Church ministries, Family Research Council
Dr. Rick Scarborough, President, Vision America
Randy Wilson, National Field Director, Family Research Council
John Graves, Esq., Vision America Action
Dr. Ron Baity, President, Return America and Pastor, Berean Baptist Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Rev. Dean Nelson, Co-Frederick Douglas Foundation
Dr. Mark Harris, Pastor, First Baptist Church Charlotte

Even less charter school accountability

We know that charter schools take public funds, yet don't need to meet the same obligations or standards of accountability as public schools.

Recently the NCGA tried to remedy one little piece of that: the Senate passed, and the House was about to pass a bill that would require charter schools to disclose the same salary information as public schools. That is, charter schools that take public money would have to obey public records laws.

Makes a lot of sense, right? That's why, at the last minute, Rep. Charles Jeter introduced an amendment to block the disclosure of the names of the charter school employees.

The dance of legislation, NC GOP style

During the current legislative short session, it's become quite apparent that the NCGA is barely controlled chaos run by just a few powerful people.

Yeah, I know, it's been that way in North Carolina for as long as anyone can remember. But consider:

  • Budgets are developed by a very few people behind closed doors then rolled out all at once to other legislators, the media and the public.
  • Bills are put on and taken off legislative calendars with no notice. Most legislators have no idea what to expect each day when they report to work.
  • Most legislators don't have time to read the bills they're expected to vote on.
  • Public input is scarce.
  • Lobbyists and special interest groups get notification about bills that legislators don't get. Often they get to participate in drafting the bills.
  • Committee meetings are called with no notice, often at odd hours.
  • Legislation is gutted and completely replaced with unrelated legislation.
  • Parliamentary tricks are used to cut off debate and quash amendments that might improve bills.

Vouchers: Unintended consequences won't please the Skipper

Skip Stam, fresh from his anti-gay bigoted rant, must be stewing over the results of his baby: school vouchers.

Skip doesn't care that vouchers siphon money from public schools that already don't have enough resources.

Skip has no problem with the fact that tax dollars will go to religious schools, thus violating the principle of separation of church and state and the NC Constitution.

But the Skipper must have forgotten that there are religions other than his own. The first round of vouchers have just been awarded, and as expected, religious schools lead the pack.

Parents could identify a top school of choice when they applied for the program. The overwhelming majority of those who chose picked religious schools. Most of the 440 schools requested are Christian, but two of the top three are Muslim.


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