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Russian intelligence failures led to full-scale invasion of Ukraine


Wagging the Bear:

So certain were FSB operatives that they would soon control the levers of power in Kyiv, according to Ukrainian and Western security officials, that they spent the waning days before the war arranging safe houses or accommodations in informants’ apartments and other locations for the planned influx of personnel.

The humiliations of Russia’s military have largely overshadowed the failures of the FSB and other intelligence agencies. But in some ways, these have been even more incomprehensible and consequential, officials said, underpinning nearly every Kremlin war decision.

Those military failures were (in a large part) brought about by the FSB and GRU, who had sold a fantasy to both Putin and his generals:

New rules on NC election "observers" in the making


When "acting like an adult" is just too hard for some people:

The North Carolina State Board of Elections on Tuesday unanimously approved temporary rule changes for election observers, many of whom are appointed by political parties to monitor the voting process from inside polling sites.

The move comes in response to county elections directors who complained about observers distracting voters during the May primaries. They have shared with the board tales of verbal abuse from observers and instances of observers demanding access to voting machines, filming poll workers, blocking voters from tabulators and following precinct officials in their cars.

Whatever happened to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? Because I guarantee you if this happened to a Republican voter, they would freak out:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is the real Trump Derangement Syndrome: sacrificing all of your previously held beliefs for somebody who deserves nothing but contempt from you. It should be included in the next DSM.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Nothing short of infuriating. Insulin costs about ten bucks (per vial) to make, but they've been selling it for $300+. That's after all the outrage a few years ago when they jacked up the price to near $700. Capping that price would save untold lives every year, but Republicans just don't care.

Hump-Day Handouts: Nazi version

Not even trying to tone it down:

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been accused of “Nazi” rhetoric by his own entourage after he spoke out over the weekend against creating “peoples of mixed race”.

One of the prime minister’s longtime advisers, sociologist Zsuzsa Hegedüs, on Tuesday handed in a resignation letter in which she described Orban’s words as “worthy of Goebbels” – a reference to the Nazi politician who served as propagandist under Adolf Hitler.

And before you say, "But Steve, we've got too many problems here to be worrying about Hungary," Orban is intricately tied to some of the problems of which you speak. If you spoke them...Did I just create a Red Strawfish? Anyway, not only did several elected Republicans go hear him speak at the CPAC conference in Budapest this Spring, they invited him to speak in Dallas in less than two weeks:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Bought and paid for, and not even slightly ashamed of it.


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