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That's why they have Christian schools ...

And on the 8th day, God said, "Me, I hate Mondays!"

Science is science, and faith is faith. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but matters of faith have no place being taught alongside principles that have withstood repeated scientific challenges and testing. Evolution has met that standard; creationism and its offshoot, “intelligent design,” have not.

I'm still leaning towards the aliens-built-the-pyramids-and-had-sex-with-monkeys thing, but I'm open to other theories if they have merit.

When people talk about water, pay attention

Ignoring the issue will be much more costly than you might think:

“Water is tomorrow’s oil — it’s a very limited precious resource ... extremely vital,” he said. Rogers worries about the reality that this will be a contentious political and economic issue globally. “Most experts consider fresh water to be an increasingly scarce resource here and around the world.”

It's hard to not be cynical about Jim Rogers, when I think of all the coal being burned here. But he's right on target with this water thing, and I hope he'll add some clout to back up those words.

Burr and Hagan split on disaster relief

And if you don't already know the difference between the two, you haven't been paying attention:

A bill that would earmark $6.9 billion dollars for disaster relief failed to get enough votes to move forward in the U.S. Senate Tuesday, with Republican North Carolina Senator Richard Burr voting against and Democratic Senator Kay Hagan voting in favor.

The crop losses from Irene are the worst many of our farmers have seen in decades, yet their Senator keeps whining about offsets:

If that's being "social", I'd hate to see...

Vernon D'Annunzio Robinson switches to fully automatic:

For $50 per person, you will have the privilege of firing a magazine of a fully-automatic submachine gun (generously provided by Class 3 License holder Rob Peetz of Repent Arms). You will also be entered for the door prize, a new AR-15 provided by Eagle Guns.

Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Vern has no new ideas of his own.


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