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The real reason Brad Miller's being targeted?

Maybe it's because he's actually been doing his job:

"There's a reason they want me out," Miller said. "I've been a pretty effective advocate too." If I needed proof, he said, I should ask Warren.

The next day, I did ask, and Warren responded with a wholehearted endorsement: "Brad has a long and deep history" with banking and consumer-protection issues, she declared, and "sees the side that families live back home."

Which (of course) scares the bejesus out of the moneylenders in the temple:

EPA gets tough on cross-state air pollution

A step in the right direction:

The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule reduces the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide pollution that power plants in 27 eastern states are allowed to emit. The new, tougher standards will save the lives of an estimated 1,900 or more North Carolinians annually, Regan says, by easing the health complications of these dangerous pollutants.

You better believe there will be a significant pushback from the coal-burners, giving us one more good reason to keep the White House and recover our Congressional majorities. More from the EPA:

Employment numbers under GOP management

The first entry in our loss/win column:

"The two estimates in terms of how many people are going to lose their jobs as a result of this budget, the low figure is about 18,000 and the high figure is about 30,000 depending on who you believe," said Coble.

What's interesting about this is, even if the Republicans' wonky numbers come true, there will still be a net loss of 6,000 jobs in the cut-public-to-spur-private jobs formula. Which doesn't matter to them, because cutting government jobs is (automatically) a win in their book of lies. On to our second entry:

The NC GOP's race-districting

Putting people of color into neat little packages:

It's the same old recipe, just cooks wearing different hats. And it comes with an added bitter mash of racial manipulation by cramming nearly half the state's African-Americans into a handful of bizarrely shaped districts that snake all over the map.

My son asked me the other night how many legal challenges had (already) been filed. At first I said "several", but then he asked for specifics, which I couldn't supply. Does anybody have a quick rundown of the suits to date?

Hood spins until he gets dizzy

Trying to tie a ribbon on cuts to state parks:

Have you ever been to a state park in South Carolina? In virtually every case, I've paid an admission fee. I was glad to do it. For one thing, I feel responsible for paying for the costs I imposed and the benefits I received. For another thing, I know that properties primarily supported by donations and user fees are usually better-run and better-maintained than properties primarily supported by involuntary "contributions" from uninvolved taxpayers.

Aside from the (what should be) embarassing admiration of South Carolina, Hood gets several other things wrong, as well.

The NC GOP, not-so-strict Constitutionalists

Another mask gets ripped off the face of Republicans:

Berger doesn’t want to present voters with a “California-style ballot” with “page after page” of amendments in 2012, because he thinks voters won’t give them due consideration.

But he said lawmakers could also consider brand-new amendments. “It’s my understanding under the rules, it would not have to already have been introduced – it’s something that could be introduced in the constitutional issues session, so there may be any number of others.”

Which can also be described as a "free-for-all". Or a clusterfuck. Whatever the case, it's about as far away from Conservatism as you can get.

Guilford County could be home to the world's largest solar farm

It may not be "free" energy, but it is an unlimited supply:

The company announced last week that Guilford County was one of seven locations being considered for the $1.5 billion project that could use up to 4,000 acres of land and generate up to 400 megawatts of power once complete. Thursday's meeting brought together leaders from Greensboro and Guilford County goverments, the Greensboro Partnership, the Piedmont Triad Partnership, Duke Energy and the state Department of Commerce.


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