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Martinez strokes Fetzer

Ricky, why don't you two just get a room.

As GOP chair, he's built a considerable network that could come in handy if he wants to run for statewide office - governor, for example. Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory acts like he wants another run at the mansion, but against Fetzer the coveted conservative mantle a GOP nominee must wear would go to the former Raleigh mayor.

Thom Tillis: people "may end up suffering" from budget cuts

Things you say only after you're elected:

Top Republican lawmakers say their plans to balance the state budget next year solely through spending cuts will likely be painful for many people.

House Minority Whip Thom Tillis, a potential candidate to become the next House speaker, said Wednesday that the cuts could lead to "legitimate, sad stories about people who may end up suffering."

Spare us your feigned sympathy. You're only saying this to soften the PR impact when those sad stories start to hit the front pages of newspapers and websites across the state. And you better believe they'll be on this website.

Republican leaders finally admit Etheridge fiasco was engineered

Link via Laura Leslie's Twitter feed:

They also tried to push Democrats into retirement, using what was described in the presentation as “guerilla tactics” like chasing Democratic members down with video cameras and pressing them to explain votes or positions. (One target, Representative Bob Etheridge of North Carolina, had to apologize for manhandling one of his inquisitors in a clip memorialized on YouTube. Only this week did Republican strategists acknowledge they were behind the episode.)

After all the coverage of the incident itself, our state/local news outlets have a responsibility to cover this postscript just as heavily. Especially considering how close this race was.

Republicans confused about why they won

Was it state or national issues driving voters?

“This result is an indication of the desire of the voters of North Carolina for a change in direction in state government,’’ said Berger, R-Rockingham. “We have broken a 112-year dry spell.’’

State Rep. Mark Hilton, a Republican representing Catawba County, said Tuesday night that North Carolina voters reflect the national mood.

If you're unsure why voters chose you, then how are you going to carry out their wishes?

Republicans take both houses of the NC General Assembly

I just received two separate reports (one for each house) listing the current results, and it looks like Republicans have won at least 63 seats in the NC House, and 30 seats in the NC Senate.

I know many reading this are truly disgusted right now, and are sorely tempted to wash their hands of the entire bloody affair, from politics to policy and all points in between. But frankly, way too many people in this country (and state) have already done that, which is why a ghost like Richard Burr is allowed to skate along so easily.

The book isn't finished yet, folks. It's just another chapter. And it's a chapter we're going to have to read very closely, because the well-being of many of our fellow North Carolinians is going to be at risk in the very near future.

GOP vigilantes out in force today

"Who are you, and where are your papers?"

State GOP spokesman Jordan Shaw said his party has put “extra emphasis” on training and posting poll observers for Tuesday’s elections. “We’ve taken steps to make sure every county has poll observers in as many counties as possible. we’ve tried to train as many of these people as we can,” Shaw said. “We’re hopeful they can be vigilant.”

Republicans say the observers remain important because of votes potentially being cast by non-residents or undocumented immigrants. Voters rights advocates say the observers can intimidate voters by questioning them or asking for identification, which is not required.

The ultimate hypocrisy: the lovers of Liberty taking liberties with others. And we're supposed to be the big threat to freedom? Sheesh.

Famous last words

Cutting off your nose to spite your face:

A decision in July by SEANC's political action committee not to endorse General Assembly candidates this fall meant plans were shelved to spend more than $1 million largely benefiting Democrats, according to one of their leaders.

"It will send a message to those politicians that have taken us for granted," SEANC Executive Director Dana Cope said. "We're tired of them treating us like a giant ATM but never caring about our issues."

I hope you remember that when you find yourself standing around for hours in the lobby with your finger up your butt, only to have a page tell you, "Today's not a good day. Come back next month."

As NC suffers economically, Fetzer outsources

For all of you loyal Republican donors, here's where most of your money is being spent:

AMA Group, Alexandria, VA = $1,082,021

Battleground Group, Sarasota, FL = $557,144

Think Printing, Richmond, VA = $430,574

Innovative Advertising, Covington, LA = $91,592

3 (other) Alexandria, VA companies = $167,163

Washington Political Gp., Sugar Hill, GA = $37,008

If that's Tom Fetzer's idea of "boosting" North Carolina's economy and job situation, I'd hate to see what he would do if he stopped being concerned...

GOP accused of running illegal ads

Making fraudulent claims about who's picking up the tab:

The latest financial disclosures show that the North Carolina Republican Party has purchased at least $1 million in television air time, including $19, 138 for Goolsby and $37,255 for Rabon, through the media buying firm American Media & Advocacy. However, the ads being run do not bear a “Paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party” disclaimer, instead they claim to be paid for by the candidate, violating election law and subjecting the GOP possible criminal charges.

Whatever the outcome of Tuesday's election, this is one issue that shouldn't be dropped. Fetzer's been whining to the authorities about other people since day one, and it's time they took a look at him, too.


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