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In the shadow of Voter ID controversy, Charter bill slinks forward

Normal business, or Legislative sleight-of-hand?:

The House Education Committee voted today to allow up to 50 new charter schools each year and to set minimum enrollment and growth standards.

Okay, it's slightly better than the Senate bill, and it's still got Committee work to be done (Finance). But to push this thing forward today, while all eyes were focused on the hugely controversial Voter ID Card bill, smacks of opportunism and a desire to work in the shadows.

County election boards to issue (picture) ID cards

What were the Republicans saying about costly redundancy?:

The State Board of Elections shall provide each county board of elections issuing North Carolina voter identification cards with the necessary equipment, forms, supplies, and training for the production of the North Carolina voter identification cards and shall maintain such equipment.

Oh, that's brilliant. Why utilize the DMV's people and ID card machines when you can buy 100 new machines and equip and train hundreds of people to use them? Idiots.

Virginia Foxx: Tragedy in Japan God's work

Via JW's Watauga Watch:

It is a sign that God is still in charge.

Okay, I'm willing to entertain the idea that 225 million years ago, God looked down upon Pangaea, yawned, and said, "Boring...", and then smacked it a good one so it would break up and spread apart and such. I just don't see the Almighty micromanaging converging plate boundaries.

Civitas & AFP try to monopolize "public" comments hearing

Running bus service to Voter ID hearing:

There are limited numbers of speaker slots and comments will be subjected to a three minute time limit.

The event is free and open to the public. If you are in Wilmington or Greensboro, Civitas and AFP are providing bus travel for $5. There are only 55 spots on each bus, so reserve your seat now!

I know giving them this kind of exposure will probably fill a few more seats. But the General Assembly members sitting on the Committee need to see this, so they'll understand where these people came from and where they got their talking points.

Sunshine Day conference March 17

Securing a future for dialogue on open government:

The schedule for the one-day conference will include:

•11:30 a.m.: Welcome, lunch and keynote address (NCOGC President Rick Willis will provide the welcome, and University of North Carolina System President Tom Ross will deliver the keynote)
•1 p.m.: Covering university trouble and contending with FERPA
•2 p.m.: Access to local government records
•3 p.m.: Using the new state personnel law

Ballot access law survives challenge

3rd party hoop-jumping will continue:

North Carolina's highest court on Friday upheld a state law that forces minority political parties to collect thousands of signatures before election ballots lists their candidates.

The state Supreme Court ruled that the law does not unfairly burden third-party candidates who want to join Republicans and Democrats on ballots.

I'm having trouble deciding if this is good or bad. What say you?

Sword-related crime

This could have ended badly:

Pharmacist Michael Robertson says a man tried to rob the pharmacy Wednesday morning, but Robertson told him they had set off an alarm and police were on their way, so the man fled.

Robertson says the man returned later that day in a lime-green raincoat, drew a samurai-style, 3-foot-long sword and got away with an undisclosed amount of narcotics. Towler was arrested later at his home.

Speaker Tillis, your word now means nothing

Apparently honesty is not on the GOP agenda:

House Minority Leader Joe Hackney asked the House Speaker Thom Tillis if there was anything other than those two bills due to come up during the afternoon. Hackney was assured there was nothing else coming.

Sometime after that conversation, Tillis informed Hackney that House Republicans wanted to reconsider the health care bill veto.

You Republican House members need to sit up and take notice, too. When a person becomes comfortable with telling lies, it's only a matter of time before he begins lying to people he claims are his friends.

Toxic legislation alert: SB 229

Shifting authority from DENR to Agriculture on water quality issues:

AN ACT to transfer the division of soil and water conservation and the Soil and water conservation commission of the department of environment and natural resources to the department of agriculture and consumer services and to make conforming changes.


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