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NC's anti-abortion bill scrutinized

Mother Jones pokes under this rock of a bill:

What's more interesting is what North Carolina's bill doesn't say. For example, it doesn't make any distinctions for pregnancies that are the result of rape or incest. So a 16-year-old girl who's been impregnated by her stepfather would have to go through the same waiting period, and hear the same information about adoption, as any other woman. (Note: the bill defines "woman" as "a female human, whether or not she is an adult")

Hat-tip to underwoodchamp for the sweet Tweet.

NC Conservation Network public alert

SB 781 would undo hundreds of critical protections for our natural areas by creating a mountain of red tape for state agencies. Essentially bringing many key protections down to the federal minimum requirements; a move only big polluters can love.

Go here to tell your government how you feel about this irresponsible bill.

Water usage skyrockets as drought looms

Consumer-driven society freaks out over potential restrictions:

“In the past several weeks we’ve been slammed with water customers irrigating lawns,” said Harold Blizzard, Craven County manager.

“We’re just not able to pump it fast enough,” said Blizzard. “The demand is so great our elevated water storage tanks are unable to fully recover overnight from the previous day's usage.”

This is not what they had in mind when they said "It's time to prepare for drought conditions."

NC GOP goes after low income folks, again

Requiring community service for those receiving food assistance:

The bill itself requires that those receiving food assistance or other payments perform at least four hours of community service in their first four weeks of receiving the payments.

I guess there's not enough "shame" already associated with needing Food Stamps to feed your family, so let's pile on some more. In addition to the striped jumpsuits with a "U" for unemployed, we now need some that have an "H" for hungry. Just when I think Republicans have bottomed out, they hit a new low.

Careless and reckless: Great analogy for NC GOP behavior

The last time I heard a story like this was in my high school's cafeteria: thing I know we were running 80-90 miles an hour, and I was running along behind Don trying to keep up," Bingham said. "And I thought, well, since he knows where the curves are, surely I can stay on the road. But anyway, there were several places we hit over a hundred miles an hour. God, I was glad to get to his house.”

The analogy part: I wonder how many Republicans in the General Assembly are uncomfortable with the speed and direction of their out-of-control colleagues, but are afraid of what will happen if they try to slow things down?

GOP to micro-manage Budget spending

Trying to take over even more Executive Branch functions:

He (Tillis) said that Republicans in the House and Senate plan to more actively track budget spending than they have in prior years. "Another reason why we’ll do it is to make sure money is not being spent just because it was budgeted but because there was a true purpose, with the object of having even more reversions next year.”

Translated: "Those spending numbers detailed in our Budget mean nothing, because we're going to continue to blindly cut as the next two years proceed."


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