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A Castle filled with sadness

Danger comes in many forms:

Jackson County sheriffs said that Hannah Kathryn Frey entered her uncle's home before the 24-year-old was shot. Police said 49-year-old James Dennis Eller called 911 after the shooting. Authorities said in a statement that Eller believed someone was breaking into his home in Whittier early Friday morning.

I went through quite a bit of self-examination on whether I should post this and why, but my desire that as many people as possible see and (hopefully) learn from this tragedy won out.

The GOP's contradictory, rhetorical nonsense

We're going to play "see if you can spot the contradiction" again:

“This session is going to be the most difficult I’ve served in,” said Bingham, who is serving his sixth term in the state Senate. “Everything’s on the table.”

“That’s just not in the cards,” Dockham said, adding the GOP-controlled Legislature is not going to approve a budget with a tax increase.

“That’s a non-starter for me,” Brown said of extending the sales tax.

Morally right, politically astute

Rob Christensen analyzes Governor Perdue's behavior:

By proposing to extend the temporary tax hike, she was able to limit the loss of state positions to 10,000, but only 3,000 new layoffs. But she said without the temporary tax hike, another 13,499 people would lose their jobs.

The Republican legislative leadership has made it clear that they will not support a tax increase. So Perdue appears to be setting up the GOP legislators as the political heavies who will have to do the layoffs.

Good. If Republicans want to plunge thousands of additional families into unemployment during a recession, Bev shouldn't act as their proxy. They should be more than happy to take "personal responsibility" for their warped priorities.

NC Independent News closes up shop

It was great while it lasted, guys:

The staff of the North Carolina Independent News regrets to tell its readers that, as of today, NCIN is suspending operations.

As the economy and readership trends have pushed the mainstream media to cut back on government and political coverage, the North Carolina Independent News showed how that gap can be addressed by non-profit, online journalism.

And it might not just be "a" way to fill the gap; it may be the only way to fill the gap.

Democratic legislators flee to protect state workers

Of course this is happening in another state, what were you thinking?

Faced with a near-certain Republican victory that would end a half-century of collective bargaining for public workers, Wisconsin Democrats retaliated with the only weapon they had left: They fled.

Fourteen Democratic lawmakers disappeared from the Capitol on Thursday, just as the Senate was about to begin debating the measure aimed at easing the state's budget crunch.

This act will probably not change the result. But sometimes the act itself has a more profound and longer-lasting impact than the result.

The migration of the Databeest

And the energy grabs keep on coming:

Duke Energy and McCallum Sweeny Consulting have found that a 65-acre site off U.S. Highway 321 would be perfect for a data center. The land has easy access to both Interstate 85 and Interstate 40 and can be connected to a high-voltage electric line.

Details about the employment and investment capacity weren’t immediately available.

Of course they weren't. A lemonade stand would provide more employment and investment capacity for the area, but details like that end political careers.

Faulty control rods at Brunswick nuke plant

A few cracks can make a world of difference:

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy said it had discovered extensive cracking and "material distortion," and likely would recommend that the boiling water reactors using its Marathon control rod blades replace them more frequently than they had been told to previously.

"The design life if not revised, could result in significant control blade cracking and could, if not corrected, create a substantial safety hazard and is considered a reportable condition," the company said in its report to the NRC.

And yes, they're kind of important. That "material distortion" can inhibit full insertion, which is, you know, not good. But when I saw this:

For Republicans, comfort trumps transparency

But in the real world, avoiding press scrutiny raises flags:

"There are people that we want to hear from that may or may not feel as comfortable under your lights," he told reporters. The private setting, he said, is for the special interest people to feel free to have an "open and honest" discussion.

Tillis and others say the meetings are part of their caucus dealings and can be handled in secret.

I was going to make a comment about English comprehension, or how the NC GOP is rewriting the dictionary to reclassify "open" and "closed" as synonyms instead of antonyms. But the black hole of this idiocy is draining my cognitive abilities with every minute that passes...

Toxic legislation alert: SB 48

This diary is the first in (what I fear to be) a voluminous series of reports on specific environmentally damaging legislation put forward by the reckless GOP majority in the General Assembly:

AN ACT to allow the use of risk‑based remediation to ACCELERATE the cleanup of contaminated Industrial sites for the purpose of limiting human and environmental exposure to safe levels, to protect current and likely future uses of groundwater, and to ensure the cost‑effective application of limited public and private resources.

Another overreaching Castle Doctrine bill

The welcome mat might be the last thing you see:

The following definitions apply in this section:

Dwelling. – A building or conveyance of any kind, including any attached porch, whether the building or conveyance is temporary or permanent, mobile or immobile, which has a roof over it, including a tent, and is designed to be occupied by people lodging therein at night.

Bolding mine. According to this bill, the porch is no longer outside the dwelling; once you've climbed the steps and are getting ready to knock, you've already crossed the legal threshold into someone's dwelling.


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