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Tea Party Tedesco takes poke at poor children

For those Democrats who helped bring this bonehead to power:

"These kind of values need to be instilled in education," he said.

Tedesco said WakeCounty schools should teach children to fish "and not have the government feed them."

I have a question: How's that whole, "It's not about politics, it's about doing what's right for the students and parents" thing sitting in your stomach now?

Judge demands more information on Titan Cement

A closer look is a good thing:

A judge on Wednesday afternoon put off a decision on whether Titan America should be able to get an air permit and begin building its Castle Hayne plant before a more comprehensive review that will consider the plant's overall environmental footprint is completed.

Judge Donald Stephens asked attorneys on both sides at a hearing in Raleigh to prepare orders that he will consider in making his decision. Those orders need to be submitted by April 23.

Wake School Board's next target: green building plans

This is what happens when the Puppetshow gets a seat at the policy table:

Wake County's environmentally green schools may be costing too much financial green for members of the school board's new ruling majority to keep in building plans.

Chris Malone, chairman of the board's facilities committee, called Tuesday for a financial review of Wake's green building efforts, which have led to features such as waterless urinals, natural lighting and recycled building material.

The Morgan Effect continues: Carter Wrenn vs Art Pope

Carter launches a volley of arrows from his blog at Talking About Politics:

Art’s unrelenting feud with Richard is now rolling into its eleventh year and most of us, by now, are just plain worn out with it. Art’s obsession with Richard is getting to be a bit like Ahab and the whale.

Without blinking Art spent half a million dollars to defeat Richard in 2006 then, after Art’s candidate won, as soon as the fellow got to the legislature he got himself in trouble for making improper sexual advances to a Democratic Legislator; his political career ended a year later after he had a run-in with a tree trunk and was charged with drunk driving.

Burr: $320 million for private companies, nothing for unemployed

For someone who says we need to cut spending, he sure throws those earmarks around:

Deirdre Murphy, spokeswoman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, also fired a volley at Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) for “hypocritically request[ing] millions of dollars in pork spending while delivering empty rhetoric on restricting spending.”

Burr, who is facing a tough reelection, requested $320 million worth of earmarks. His requests include $8.7 million to Defense Technologies Inc. for an intelligence-gathering system and $6.5 million to Hexatech Inc. for next-generation wireless and optical communications systems to equip the military.

30th Brigade returns home from Iraq

Welcome home, folks:

The Guard's 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team made history with its second deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom last year, becoming the first National Guard unit to deploy twice and have its own area of operation.

Gov. Bev Perdue was the first to greet the recently returned troops at Raleigh's RBC Center. She offered the services of the state to the troops should they need them. "You're the best of what North Carolina has to offer and what this country is all about," Perdue said.

Hunter who kills a man is allowed to continue hunting

Apparently Latinos look and act like deer, especially on the last day of the season:

North Carolina could issue a few words of advice on being more cautious to the hunter who shot and killed a man he mistook for a deer.

But the state can do nothing to keep him from going back into the woods with a gun, or even require additional training, officials said following the trial and acquittal of Kyle Keith.

The Morgan Effect: Lanier's strange bedfellows

Elephants do have long memories:

"I've always known Lanier to be a very forthright, ethical person, and I am mystified at this argument," said House Republican Leader Paul Stam of Apex. "I don't see what Lanier allegedly has done, other than serve the public."

Other Republican leaders, including GOP benefactor Art Pope, lashed out at Morgan on Friday, saying he is not trying to clean up government but to keep money flowing to himself and his wife...Pope and other Republicans say they think Morgan filed the ethics complaint against Cansler to try to preserve the cash flow that Morgan and those around him get from the home and hospice care industry.

When friends attack

As much as some of us would prefer to avoid the unpleasantness that very often walks hand-in-hand with Primary elections, that's not far removed from trying to avoid death and taxes. It ain't gonna happen. But what we can do is try to steel ourselves for the inevitable anger, disappointment, feelings of betrayal, and all the other inescapably human reactions to internecine conflict.

We must be able to emerge stronger than we were before the conflict, or we will lose whatever value was gained from the painful experience. And if we do, we stand to lose many other things down the road; things we have worked hard to achieve in the betterment of our society.

Burr skills: "I can drive a car all by myself!"

For simple people, it's the simple things that count:

He drove himself to the event, arrived with no entourage and introduced himself to every worker who shook his hand, though all at the plant had certainly been made aware of his presence.

The bolding in this blog post is Burr's own emphasis. When I saw that, I couldn't help but picture a 5 year-old's first bike ride sans training wheels: "Mom! Look at me! I'm riding my bike! I'm a bike rider! Mommmmmmmmmy!" :)


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